Beachfront land in the Caribbean

ID CODE: #3618
Sales Price: US$1,150,000
  • Land: 11 hectares (27.182 acres)
Beautiful, beachfront, property,public ,,private,amazing ,opportunity,CaribbeanBeautiful, beachfront, property,public ,,private,amazing ,opportunity,CaribbeanBeautiful, beachfront, property,public ,,private,amazing ,opportunity,Caribbean

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Beautiful beachfront property with public and private use. An amazing opportunity to own your project in the Caribbean properly marked to delimit its boundaries.

It extends in a rectangular space of 200 meters wide by 650 meters long, limited by the beach of the Caribbean Sea at one end and the channel Caño Palma in the other.


The property is divided into three parts with different characteristics. 

1. With a total area of 2 hectares, the first 50m from the water's edge of the Caño Palma canal is a public area, this fragment of the property is only for public use. The following 150m from the limit of the area of public use, are state-owned but can be used privately to build Caribbean homes and eco-tourism facilities prior to obtaining a right of use.


2. In this central fragment of the property, you can build a project like hotel rooms, a restaurant, social areas, swimming pool, and more amenities. This second part has a total area of 5 hectares.

3. A total of 2 hectares the third portion offers two zones:

  1. Maritime-terrestrial zone, with a width of 200m and length of 150m. It can be used for eco-tourism development after obtaining the right of use by MINAE.
  2. Public Zone, corresponds to the current beach on the Caribbean Sea and is a place for different species of turtles to lay their eggs.

Parque Nacional Tortuguero, Northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

This land measures a total 112.955 m2, (11 Hectares approx.), Extends in a rectangular space of 200 meters wide by 650 meters long, limited by the beach of the Caribbean Sea at one end (East) and the channel Caño Palma in the other (West).

It is formed by the right of possession on two surveyed levels and a right duly registered as private property before the Public Registry, with its respective registered map.

Among the rights and documents, most important to yield, there are the following:

  • Commercial name SH Kumarah ‘s (Design), duly registered in the Intellectual Property Registry, and from which we attach a certification.
  • Environmental Viability, granted by SETENA, whose term is currently in force, we attach a copy of Resolution Number: 2150-2013-SETENA, in which the Viability and its current validity are recorded.
  • Study of the Hydrogeological Condition and Possibilities of Exploitation of groundwater
  • Geophysical Study of Electrical Resistivity for the project.
  • Geotechnical study.
  • Complete study of the ENVIRONMENTAL VIABILITY:

    • Evaluation of the Importance of Environmental Impacts.
    • Impact Evaluation and Environmental Management Plan (PGA).
    • Among others.
  • Executive Summary of the Project, EsIA Report.
  • Description of the Total Construction Project of the Hotel – Luxury Boutique.
  • Complete Feasibility Study of the Hotel and Spa.
  • Totality of the Constructive Plans of the Hotel and Spa project, and Electromechanical plans of the Cabins.
  • Environmental Impact Study, Plano: Areas of Influence.
  • Environmental Impact Study, Plano: Areas of Protection.
  • Environmental Impact Study, Threat Map.
  • Environmental Impact Study, Vegetation Map.
  • Environmental Impact Study, Map: Geological.
  • Environmental Impact Study, Map: Geomorphological.
  • Environmental Impact Study, Map: Hydrographic Network.
  • Environmental Impact Study, Map: Location Loca Topográfica.
  • Environmental Impact Study, Map: Regional Location.
  • Environmental Impact Study, Map: Flood Zones.
  • Environmental Impact Study, Map: Zones of Life.
  • Environmental Impact Study, Map: Access.
  • Inventory of Forest Species
  • Act of Reception of the Electrical Distribution Network, in the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE), receives from the company SH CR Hotels and Resorts, a 50 Kva Transformer self-protected with its respective assembly, seire ERA0708599569, which was installed in the land that is offered for sale.
  • Proposal for a Wastewater Treatment Plant.
privateCaribbeanBeautiful, beachfront, property,public ,,private,amazing ,opportunity,CaribbeanBeautiful, beachfront, property,public ,,private,amazing ,opportunity,CaribbeanBeautiful, beachfront, property,public ,,private,amazing ,opportunity,CaribbeanBeautiful, beachfront, property,public ,,private,amazing ,opportunity,CaribbeanBeautiful, beachfront, property,public ,,private,amazing ,opportunity,Caribbean


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