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35 Acres Low Priced Pristine Rain Forest ID CODE: #3806

35 Acres Low Priced Pristine Rain Forest

  • Land size: 35 acres (14.164 hectares / 141,640 m2)
  • Sales Price: US$112,000
Pristine rain forest property with a view of Caribbean sea. This 34 acre pristine rain forest must sell by May, therefore the owner is selling for a very reduced price. More Information...
    Priceless Beach Front View      ID CODE: #3789

Priceless Beach Front View

  • Land: 280 m2 (3,000 sq.ft.) / Construction: 200 m2 (2,150 sq.ft.)
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Sales Price: US$330,000
Strategic located 3 minutes from National Park, 2 minutes from Tortuguero Village and 20 steps from Caribbean Sea. More Information...
School Buses Converted into Designer Tiny Homes ID CODE: #3855

School Buses Converted into Designer Tiny Homes

  • Sizes: Studio One | Bedroom 1 Bath | 2 Bedroom 1 Bath | 2 Bedroom 2 Baths (with up to 4 beds)
  • Prices: Upon Request
These tailor-made designer homes are taking the tiny house concept one step further into the extraordinary! Living the Costa Rican Pura Vida lifestyle in the coolest and most adventurous way! Start enjoying life, nature and your land faster than you ever dreamed of! More Information...
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