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Take a trip to a small town called Nosara

Take a trip to a small town called Nosara

July 19, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Nosara, best known as the “no shirt no shoes” town, is the ideal place to surf and to practice yoga here in Costa Rica. Considered by National Geographic as one of the best 20 cities around the world to do surf, and according to Tripadvisor, the number 1 traveler’s choice, reviewed as the best place to go on vacations inside Costa Rica, without any doubt Nosara is a magnet for tourists.

Home to the oldest expat community in the country, Nosara will give you a very North American vibe, although you will also have the chance to live a 100% the Costa Rican experience. Everyone speaks Spanish but you’ll also find a lot of native English speakers too.

It is located on the Pacific Coast, more specifically in Guanacaste. The town consists of five beach towns: Playa Nosara, features the most calm vibe, it is not very crowded, you can enjoy paddle boarding or kayaking on its river mouth, Boca Nosara. Playa Garza, best known for its light golden sand, is a perfect spot to do some snorkeling due to the crystal clear waters, it is also considered a key spot for fishing activity. In the Garza town you can be able to relax too, and grab a bite at their local eateries. Playa Guiones, takes it all! Featuring white sands, It’s the most visited beach by tourists and it’s the place where surfers want to be, from beginners to experts. There’s also a variety of bars, restaurants and cafes, as well as yoga, pilates and surfing schools. Playa Pelada, has periods in which you could surf but the tide here is not very consistent, however, this beach is visited by swimmers, tourists interested in snorkeling or diving, if you find a boat or maybe a fisherman willing to give you a ride you can spot whales when in whale season (mating), turtles and dolphins. Playa Ostional, located in the Nosara – Ostional Wildlife Refuge, best known for its dark sands that welcome hundreds of thousands of turtles that come to nest at the shores. Many tourists come during May and November to see this awesome Mother Nature’s phenomenon called in Spanish Arribada (Arrival – English).

Nosara is also considered the safest beach in Costa Rica, people who live there try to go out of their way to make sure it stays the same way, so if you feel like walking at night on the beach it is safe to do so.

Whether you are planning to live in Nosara or visit, this place will really melt your heart. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful sunsets and while you do, make sure to share all your memories with us, using the hashtag #Propertiesincostarica on Instagram or Facebook or tag us on your photos, @propertiesincostarica on instagram.

Standing Up Paddle Boarding in Costa Rica

Standing Up Paddle Boarding in Costa Rica

July 11, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Standing up paddle boarding, best known as SUP, is a surfing derivative sport that has its origins in Hawaii. Many surfers practiced SUP, way before it became “famously known”, when waters were waveless in order to stay in good shape and physical condition and also many photographers practiced it while trying to get the right angle for a good shot. Over the past couple of years it has become the ‘it’ water sport everyone’s talking about.

Costa Rica is considered one of the best spots to do paddleboarding and there’s a variety of places in the country where you can practice it. Don’t worry if you are beginner, there’s place for everyone.The most talked about advantage Costa Rica has to offer is the weather, since it is warm enough all year around, waters tend to be mild, making any water activity enjoyable.

The Pacific Coast offers calm waters were beginners can find an opportunity to learn safely. A few of the places where you can practice SUP are: Tamarindo , Peninsula Papagayo in Guanacaste and Gulf Dulce at the Osa Peninsula. There’s plenty of paddle boarding schools with rental equipment available, so if you are a beginner maybe you could save an extra buck and instead benefit from renting any gear you need and try out a couple of lessons and see who it goes before. In addition, there’s also Lake Arenal, a place where beginners can practice too due to the calm waters and enjoy the sightseeing of Arenal volcano.

There are lots of options for surfers or more experienced paddleboarders too. Try out Manuel Antonio, one of the hottest beach destinations the Southern Pacific Coast has to offer. Tamarindo , also has a couple of beaches where you can enjoy some waves as well.

If you are looking forward to enjoy a relaxing time in Costa Rica, a new trend offered by hotels and paddle boarding schools is the practice of SUP and combining it with yoga. Many online packages feature yoga lessons on the paddleboard or even yoga retreats, SUP and accommodations. Try and search around Nosara and Tamarindo for this specific type of deals.

At Properties in Costa Rica, we are thrilled that you choose our country for your next adventure, so don’t mind sharing with us pictures from your future trip, just tag us on Instagram or Facebook, @propertiesincostarica and don’t forget to use the hashtag #propertiesincostarica. See you soon!

Best activities Tamarindo

Best activities Tamarindo

July 5, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Discover a few of the best activities Tamarindo has to offer:

Surf: Probably no activity is as popular as riding waves on Tamarindo‘s long stretch of beach measuring more than a kilometer long. If you’re a beginning rider, it might be frustrating to make your way through the crowded surf during the day. One of the best resources out there for novices is Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, known as maybe the top surf camp in all of Central America. There expert surfers like founder Joe Walsh will give you hands-on lessons and have you riding waves in less thank a weeks time. More experienced riders can always find less crowded waves in the morning, but might also want to head to nearby Playa Avellana for even bigger waves.

Tours: For those who want to take it easy, tours are offered to trek around the Playa Grande estuary north of town. Here you’ll have a chance to see the wildlife – crocodiles, monkeys, birds, and more – that inhabit the nearby area, as a professional guide takes you around Tamarindo‘s biodiverse neighbor. If you’re in the area anytime between October and March, look out for leatherback turtles, as Playa Grande boasts one of the world’s most popular nesting sites for the magnificent reptiles.

A sunset cruise is another great option after a day on the beach. A variety of companies, including Antares Sailing Adventures, offer catamaran tours that are often referred to as “booze cruises” because of their open bars. But the tours also offer guests the chance to snorkel, kayak, and swim far off Tamarindo‘s coast.

Horseback riding: Riders have the option to stroll down the beach or go into the lush mountains tucked behind the town. Normally, tours on the beach will only last a few hours and take place around sunset for a postcard image moment that is perfect for couples. Longer tours take place going into the tropical forests east of town. Other places offer tours through the small Guanacaste pueblos nearby that will give you a better feel for the amazing culture and history of Costa Rica’s second biggest province.

Zip lining: You’re not really Costa Rica until you’re screaming at the top of your lungs while flying through the jungle canopy on a zip line. Tours are offered just a 20 minute-drive from the center of Tamarindo in the heart of Costa Rica’s beautiful jungles. Most operators will offer pick up service to your hotel or home. A normal tour will last around two hours as professionally trained local guides lead you through the set of lines, where from above you can look down on the country’s impressive greenery and active wildlife.

Buying a Property in Costa Rica

Buying a Property in Costa Rica

June 28, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become the ultimate destination for many Americans, Canadians and Europeans that want to avoid cold weather but still wish to enjoy the perks of living in a country that’s politically stable with a growing economy. Many come to find peacefulness in a beach-like environment and many others come to retire somewhere around the Central Valley to enjoy life in the city.

Today, I would like to suggest a few things to take into consideration when pursuing your dream of buying a property in Costa Rica.

Once you have decided you want to buy a property, the first and most important thing you should do is find a real estate company that’s well known and has a good reputation. The realtor plays a key part in all this process: It is most likely that he/she will have a better knowledge about locations, paperwork, contracts, questions on legal or financing you might have. Also, keep in mind that it is very likely that an agent could get you a better deal on the property you want.

Don’t worry, if you are reading this, it means you are in the right place. Properties in Costa Rica is an established company, that has 18 years on the market and there are many agents, myself included, willing to go the extra mile for you and eager to help you on your adventure of buying a home in Costa Rica.

Another key point to take into consideration is the location: It is very important that you let the agent know what locations you’d like best. If you don’t know your way around Costa Rica yet, just let the agent know specific details of what do you expect of the area where you’d like to purchase your property. Tiny details do help on finding you the perfect place. The real estate agent can also give you a better understanding of property’s value around the area you are interested in.

Once you’ve found a right property for you, it is important that you get in contact with a home inspector, so that if there’s something that needs repairing or isn’t safe you’ll be aware of it. Any remodeling or drastic change will affect your pocket; so financially speaking I think hiring a home inspector is the best way to go. Don’t be shy to ask as many questions as possible about the property you want to buy.

If you are buying a property in a Condo or a gated community be sure to ask about the maintenance fees or what are the costs of the municipality taxes. These municipal taxes are not as high as in the States, so for many Americans this might seem great, specially because automatically they make the comparison with taxes paid back home, It is truly a humongous difference.

When you finally find a right property for you and decide to purchase, remember to read carefully the contract before signing anything. If there’s something that you don’t understand very well, ask the seller, or you can even find support in professional help, find yourself a lawyer, maybe asked about the clauses on the contract so that everything is crystal clear for you before signing. Your lawyer can also help you afterwards on registering the property.

Either way, your real estate agent here in Properties in Costa Rica will guide you through all of the process and clear any doubt you may have.

Rentals in the Central Valley

Rentals in the Central Valley

June 22, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

I’m most certain that looking forward to moving to Costa Rica might sound like one of the greatest adventures in one’s life, and it actually is. However, be smart when it comes to renting a property so that you get to enjoy first, instead of having trouble with the place you choose.

The first thing you should consider when moving to Costa Rica, is the area you want to live in: for someone who has never been to the country, this could be tough but hey! Cheer up! That’s why we are here for.

Make sure you find real estate agent you can trust and once you do, talk about what your expectations are. Tiny things such as “waking up to a mountain view”, “being in touch with nature”, “proximity to grocery stores”, “having a nice garden do matter”, so be sure to mention this kind of details.

Another thing to consider is San Jose’s ever-lasting traffic: People in Costa Rica live life very stress free and this perhaps will be one of the things you first notice BUT, and this is a big but, when it comes to traffic things might get a little tense. The driving is a bit rough and there is really no way to sugar coat it, there is always a traffic jam so be smart on the location you pick to move in. Ask the agent who is helping you if there are alternative routes to get to what you will soon be calling home. Maybe being close to work or school could save you hours stuck in traffic.

Even though Costa Rica is really safe, it is still really important to check if the neighborhood you are moving into has 24/7 security or if it is considered a good area by locals. There are a few areas, as in any other country, that’s best to keep away from. Most expats search for areas such as Escazu , Santa Ana , Heredia , Grecia. So maybe try and look for options around these neighborhoods.

Make sure you mention if you are looking for a long term rental or a short term rental. Furnished or unfurnished . Do know that if you are committed to a long term rental and you don’t stay the full year you lose the fully security deposit.

Once you have found the perfect place to call home for a while, the process of renting isn’t complicated at all. Make sure you read the leasing contract very well, in it you will find your obligations as tenant and the obligations of the landlord. Also, if you are not fluent in Spanish, ask your real estate agent for a contract in English, they should provide it for you.

It is important for you to check the condition in which they are giving you the property: it should be flawless but if it’s not, be sure to let the owner know so that he can fix it or so that he can keep in mind the state in which things are. Dirty walls, for instance, is something you should notify to the owner or the agent before you sign the contract, so that you get a response before you move, maybe the owner isn’t willing to paint the property but can lower the rental price a bit. In addition, if once you already moved in something inside the apartments stops working, let’s say it’s a broken sink, notify to the owner the issue, he is in charge of fixing it.

Some people jump at once to the idea of purchasing a property, which is OK when you know the area and neighborhood you want to live in, but if you have never been to the country, it may be best to take it slow and rent first to see how you like living in the area. Don’t forget that at Properties in Costa Rica , we are really eager and happy to help you on your new adventure and on finding a place that is right for you!

4 Hidden Spots in Costa Rica

4 Hidden Spots in Costa Rica

June 11, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

If you are planning to visit Costa Rica and you are not into the crowded very touristy places, you have got to read this.

I’m a firm believer that every place holds hidden treasures that are special because not many people can be found in them. That secrecy gives tourists a sense of freedom and a chance to discover a place entirely, no rules apply, no tourist guides, no time restrictions.

Discover with me this 4 hidden spots Costa Rica has to offer:

  1. Playa Zancudo: this beach is located at Puntarena’s province. What’s so cool about thisplace is that you get to enjoy at the North side of the beach a calm, wave-free water, perfect to do some snorkeling or to just relax and take-in all your surroundings. You also get waves on the Southern side of the beach , great for those looking forward to doing some water activities, such as surfing, water skiing, boogie boarding, you name it. Get to experience tranquility and enjoy this isolated beach town. There’s also a chance you might see some monkeys and even crocodiles near this place.
  2. Barra Honda National Park: if you are into exploring, this would be an ideal place tospend your afternoon. This often forgotten National Park has a large amount of caves for you to visit. There are 42 caves in this place but only 19 have been explored. You can also appreciate a diversity of rock formations, such as stalactites and stalagmites. The Park is located at the Nicoya Peninsula . There are some caving and bats tours available, so if you are concerned with getting lost, don’t be.
  3. Mal Pais – Santa Teresa: Mal Pais used to be a well kept secret destination butnowadays, many young tourists visit this place because it is considered one of the best Pacific Coast beaches. It’s starting to attract many surfers. However, it makes the cut on this countdown due to the fact that it is a beautiful and relaxed place you must visit. Santa Teresa gives you the opportunity to get to enjoy some international cuisine and maybe do a little yoga or my ULTIMATE FAVORITE, horse back riding at the beach . Oh! And if you are not into surfing don’t worry, the town services are available and close by. If you are not quite into surfing but interested in trying it out, there are also lessons offered. Take into consideration that you can reach Nicoya Peninsula by taking the ferry at Puntarenas. If you are planning on taking a road trip from the Central Pacific to Mal Pais, this would be the easiest way to go.
  4. San Gerardo de Dota: is a small town located next to the Savegre river, a quiet, relaxedoption if you want to get away from all the chaos, just two hours away from San Jose. Around the town, there is a wide variety of options to stay from hotels to villas, that allow you to enjoy mountain and forest views. The main attraction in the forest I think would be the variety of birds around the area, including hummingbirds and woodpeckers. There is also a chance to fish some trouts within the Savegre river. Nature enthusiasts really would love this place. There are one-day tours available for this outing.

Whatever place of these top 4 you decide to visit, make sure you take lots of pictures and remember to relax and have a great time. Don’t forget to share with us your special memories by using the hashtag #propertiesincostarica . Dare to discover Costa Rica!

Enjoy some whale watching in Costa Rica

Enjoy some whale watching in Costa Rica

May 31, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is best known for its beautiful volcanic beaches and its rainforest wildlife: many people come visit to enjoy some stress free vacation and while they are at it, they oftenly get to see monkeys, butterflies, sloths and even some exotic birds, all interacting at their natural habitat. But there’s also a marine wildlife to be enjoyed at this lovely country: you can be able to see turtles, a variety of fish, dolphins and whales! Yes, whales!!

When I first arrived at Costa Rica, I was amazed by the fact that one could be able to see whales. I had an idea in my mind that whales only lived at Antarctica because of the cold waters. Little did I know that when waters start to cool too much during winter, two huge migrations of whales take place. Costa Rica offers the longest season for humpback whale watching in the world: there’s approximately nine months out of the year were you can spy on these amazing, magnificent mammals. How is this even possible? As I mentioned above, two huge migrations of whales occur: we get whales migrating from the north, more specifically from Alaska or even California and then we get other migration from the Antarctic zone to the South. Northern humpback whales can be seen in Costa Rica from December through April, while Southern whales arrive late in July and stay until November.

Whales usually spend their time in Costa Rica at the Southern Pacific, more specifically at The Osa Peninsula and Gulf of Dulce, but also at a beach town called Uvita known for attracting whales close to shore and Dominical (Whale Coast). If you are planning to see them, there are some paid tours offered at Uvita. Usually snorkeling time is included too, so you might get to see some turtles, rays or even dolphins.

Do not worry if you are at Guanacaste or somewhere at the North Pacific: although tours to see whales are not very common there, many ocean tours often detour to popular zones where humpback whales are mating at the migration season.

A great advice if you want to ensure your whale watching tour trip, would be to book it while the Annual Whale and Dolphin Festival is taking place at Uvita. It usually starts in September, at the peak of the “whale season”.

Some other tips to make the most out of this experience would be to bring waterproof clothes or maybe a light blanket because it does tend to get chilly and also to avoid sea sickness: keep in mind that you will be inside a boat for a few hours, so do not skip your breakfast since an empty stomach could worsen the sickness. A pair of binoculars could be useful too (though not strictly necessary), sunglasses to protect your eyes, sunblock, and lastly and most important thing YOUR CAMERA! Be sure to keep it ready to shoot because you will never know when you will spot a whale soaring into the air!!

At Properties in Costa Rica , we hope that you make the most out of your time in this great country, so do feel free to share some of your memories with us, using our hashtag #propertiesincostarica on Facebook and Instagram. Have fun!

Four places to visit at  Costa Rica’s Central Valley

Four places to visit at Costa Rica’s Central Valley

May 23, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

If you are planning to come to Costa Rica or if you are already here, don’t think for a second that beautiful beaches is all this country has to offer. There are also some great places to visit, that will surely look great in the pictures you will definitely want to take.

So today, I made this sort of countdown about places to go to in the Costa Rica Central Valley. Hopefully you will fall in love with this places too.

    1. Arenal Volcano National Park think it is safe to say that Arenal is the most popular of all volcanoes in Costa Rica, located at Alajuela province, it used to be the most active volcano in the country with 41 eruptions per day. Nowadays is not possible to see Lava coming out its crater because right now it is going through a resting phase but there is still so much to do around the Arenal Volcano National Park. Visit Lake Arenal, Costa Rica’s largest river, and the base of the Volcano. There are some activities done in this river such as fishing, or stand up paddleboarding. No matter what you decide on doing, take in, for just a minute, all the beauty around you.If you want to live a great adventure, this is a place to visit. Whether you are into hiking or a more laid back activity such as horseback riding, there’s no problem, there’s plenty of everything for all taste. Do make sure you find yourself a bilingual guide so that you don’t missed out on anything. Be sure to visit La Fortuna Waterfall, this is very near Arenal, you can get here only by foot, so you can either take a 15 minute hike or horseback. Do bring your swimming suit with you so that you can get to swim in a crystal clear water natural pool. There are also the natural hot springs Arenal has to offer. You can relax and enjoy a nice time taking a warm bath in this therapeutical natural waters.


    1. San Jose Central Market or Mercado CentralIf you want to get a taste of Costa Rica’s food and also get a chance to hang out with locals and get a sampling of the authentic urban culture of Costa Rica, this is the place to visit.This marketplace was founded in 1882 and since then it has experienced many remodelations throughout the years. Do be advised, this is a crowded place with lots of shops and eateries. Perfect place to buy some souvenirs for sure.Be sure to try some typical dishes such as Casados or Gallo Pinto and also some typical Costa Rican sweets.


    1. Lankester Botanical GardensLankester Botanical Gardens is located near one the most beautiful central regions of the country, the province of Cartago.If you love orchids, this a must go to place. Lankester Botanical Gardens was founded in the 1940’s by a british orchid enthusiast named Charles Lankester, he dedicated his life to the creation of one of the most comprehensive orchid gardens in Central America. You can visit any time of the year, but in March and April most of the orchids are in bloom, so if you happen to be in Costa Rica at this time of the year, take a visit to this place. There are guided walks offered at the main desk every 30 minutes but I honestly would recommend you to go by yourself and take the time to appreciate the wide variety of plant species there is.The place is really clean and well maintained. There is a Japanese Garden too, you can walk through a beautiful bamboo path. There is also some areas for doing picnics so you can bring your food basket and blanket and enjoy. This is a pet friendly place!


    1. The Ruins of Ujarras.Ujarras town is located at Cartago province. This town offers a truly good experience of Costa Rica’s history and its culture. The Ruins of Ujarras is the place where the oldest church in Costa Rica was built. The legend states that indigenous Huetar Indian fisherman found a box with an image of Virgin Mary on it, which they were unable to remove from the location. Because of this, Nuestra Senora de la Limpia Concepcion was built on the site. Over the years, it is believed that the spirit of the Virgin Mary cautioned locals of a devastating flood and performed several miracles for the villagers. There is a beautiful garden surrounding the ruins, so you can spend the afternoon here.


There is so much more that Costa Rica has to offer and also so many things to visit but for now we will just leave you this four places to go to. We truly hope you fall in love with this country and don’t forget to think about us when you do visit, we would love to see all the pictures you take, so don’t forget to use our hashtag #propertiesincostarica on Instagram and Facebook so that we can check out all the memories you make. Pura Vida!

Enjoy a Stress-Free Lifestyle in Costa Rica

Enjoy a Stress-Free Lifestyle in Costa Rica

May 15, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to plenty of properties and whether you want a beachfront condo , a beautiful villa on the banks or even a plot of farmland to call your own, you will find a wide selection of homes to choose from.

Not only that, but the country has so many activities to keep people of all ages busy day and night that you will never run out of things to do. When you combine the variety of living arrangements available together with the great fun as well as the friendly people living in the country, you will find that a move to Costa Rica is like living a dream vacation every day of your life. Everyone can use a vacation, but when you can live one every day, you really have it made.

The Lifestyle

The locals are friendly and helpful. Whether you’re a tourist in the area, or someone looking to move here, you can find that pretty much everyone is ready to help. The markets are always bustling on mornings, but provide a gentle, not rushed flow of people through the aisles. You can grab fresh fruit, veggies and even meat during these times.

The atmosphere as a whole is laid back, inviting and refreshing. Without having to worry about the hustle and bustle of normal life, you can slow down a bit and take in the area, the people and all that life can offer you.

You will quickly find that living a laid-back lifestyle is easily done in Costa Rica. Even if you are working, the environment around you can help keep your stress level low and your productivity level high.

The Climate is Wonderful

The average temperature in Costa Rica is 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows you to get the most use of the beaches and other great outdoor fun. Yes, you may run into some rain if, especially if you live inland, but don’t let the ran dampen your fun. With such a great year-round climate, you will have plenty of time for not only surfing, snorkeling, boating or soaking up some sun on the shore, but you can also enjoy other exciting outdoor experiences such as bungee jumping, parasailing, hiking or biking or taking a trip through one of the rain forests or even a day hike to check out a volcano.

Moving Can Be Done Easily, For Anyone

Moving yourself and even your family can be handled quite easily, even if you need to have a few things shipped over. Most people arrive in Costa Rica with a few bags that they bring along on their flight. While you can find accommodations that are partially, and occasionally even fully furnished, you will most likely find that you’re going to need some of your own personal household things. One thing you will want to do is compare the price to ship with the price of purchasing new or used before you schedule anything.

Another thing to consider, besides basic household goods, will be whether you need to ship your own car. If you will live in a large city, you’ll find ample public transport, and will most likely be able to walk or even take a bicycle to most local places you need to travel. If you live rurally or plan to trek off to the mountains or travel frequently to Panama or Nicaragua or even from one side of Costa Rica to the other, a car may be a good thing to have. You may find numerous cars for sale when you arrive, but be sure to have any car checked out thoroughly before you buy one. You may find that it is less expensive to have your own car shipped over but be sure to speak to local mechanics and check with parts supply stores to make sure your car is one that can be easily repaired if anything goes wrong.

You will need paperwork to import household goods as well as a motor vehicle. Some of the basic paperwork that will be necessary includes:

  • Passport
  • Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Original Bill of Sale
  • Driver’s License
  • Signed authorization from vehicle owner if you are bringing a car that is not in your name. This must be notarized by the Costa Rican consulate.
  • Bill of Lading
  • Emissions test certificate
  • Itemized list of goods (for household and personal items) Be sure to include all serial and model numbers for electronics or appliances.

More information on shipping a motor vehicle to Costa Rica can be obtained from

Moving to Costa Rica is an exciting adventure that many people only dream of taking. Whether you are planning to visit for a while or you are making a long-term move, you can find a great place to live including vacation rentals as well as beautiful family homes during your stay. You will also be able to partake in some of the biggest adventures of your life while being able to live stress free in paradise.

Southern Nicoya Peninsula

Southern Nicoya Peninsula

May 6, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

The southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula is home to many lesser known marvels of nature that are both exciting and pristine. The northern beach of Playa Blanca, a short distance from the ferry that arrives in Playa Naranjo from Puntarenas, has sugar-white sand and clear waters.

A little further south in the town of Rio Grande, 7 miles north of Paquera, the Campinas Waterfalls, three separate waterfalls cascade down a smooth rock face into a cool pool below. It is a short walk from the parking areas and is a well-kept secret for the locals to enjoy. Also in Rio Grande is Playa Pajaros, a sandy beach along the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Nicoya. There is no development, no buildings, no cables and very few people on this lovely beach.

In the town of Paquera, where the other ferry from Puntarenas docks, the locals enjoy the long, uncrowed beach of Playa Organos. It is situated directly in front of Isla Tortuga and the islands block the large Pacific swells making it a safe and fun place to swim and play in the waves. The offshore island of Tortuga is visited by over a dozen tour boats a day as well as by local tour operators. It has white sand, clear waters for snorkeling and the tour companies provide tropical picnics with delicious drinks. The guests can snorkel, swim, kayak, jet ski or just relax in a hammock in tropical paradise.

The Biological Reserve at Curu is open to tourists to see the domesticated rescued animals as well as observe the wild animals around them. Several walking paths weave through the tropical forest and a 4 mile long private beach is there for the visitors.

Heading south past Tambor, one arrives at the Tango Mar resort with a quiet, uncrowded beach and a picturesque waterfall that drops into a large pool and then the sea.

The town of Montezuma is well known for its local crafts, waterfront bars, Tarzan and Jane waterfall and its Bohemian attitude. It is a laid back place surrounded by natural beauty. The trip up the creek to the waterfall is rewarded by a spectacular sight and a large swimming pool beneath the cascade.

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