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Costa Rica – A Surreal Experience

Costa Rica – A Surreal Experience

September 17, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

A few years ago, Costa Rica was declared as the country with the best nature in the world. The abundant and exotic flora and fauna found in this amazing country is the main attraction for anyone visiting the country. Costa Rica, also known as the jewel of Central America due to its beauty, opens the doors to tourists all over the world, generating around US $2,600 million per year with tourism services. The biodiversity found in this small country is really varied. Tropical rainforests, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls… are some of the beauties to explore. Due to several private and public initiatives Costa Rica offers protected areas such as National Parks and Refugees for the conservation of its treasure, the flora, and fauna. In these conserved areas animals coexist in the natural habitat, creating a surreal experience.

Further in the country, in the tropical rainforests, you will find atypical landscapes. Most of Costa Rican highways are built in the mountains. In High hanging bridges of great length cross the rainforest creating a totally inexplicable experience, making you feel part of the forest. You can also do canopy from tree to tree in a superman style while feeling the cold fresh breeze in your face, looking at the waterfalls and rivers from a different angle. In this trip, you will be able to see monkeys, toucans, sloths, morpho-butterflies and more. Costa Rica has active volcanoes that are open to the public. The blue-greenish crater of the Poas Volcano will dazzle you as well as the volcanic sand near the Irazú volcano.

The white sand beaches, the translucent turquoise ocean and the contrast with the green rainforest make of Costa Rica a natural paradise. It is even more overwhelming getting to know the volcanic sand beaches, where the sparkling black sand mixes with an also transparent ocean. These beaches have the same corals, the same contrast with the forest. If you are laying on the beach, sunbathing and having fun, keep your eyes on the horizon… If you are lucky enough you can even see whales from the beach. Animals behave in such a peculiar way in these areas that you can be amazed by the different situations and stories.

One of the most acclaimed spectacles that happen during the months of July till October is the turtle “arribada”. Plenty of tourists travel tons of kilometers just to have this experience. It consists of thousands of turtles that gather on the beach in search of dry sand to lay their eggs while others struggle to hatch, it happens massively and simultaneously. This is a great opportunity for the bigger predators in search of food. As it happens in Nancite beach, part of a wild refugee in Santa Rosa, Guanacaste where jaguars wait till the arribadas to hunt the turtles. In this place, animals that are in danger of extinction in other parts, live in a natural habitat and hunt naturally. The balanced ecosystem allows all the animals that coexist to have a good diet. A surreal experience found in Nancite was how two male adult and strong Jaguars are able to share the same prey at the same time. It is known that these animals fight for the food and for the territory, it’s amazing to see how two of the strongest and more competitive animals in the jungle are able to share the food. This is due to the abundant food that the area provides. This is just one example of the magical secrets kept between the beach and the jungle.

A country full of nature of all kinds, different habitats that are conserved for the animals and plants to coexist in the most natural way. While visiting Costa Rica you’ll be amused by the different colors that a sunset can show, surprised by the number of animals you’ll see in such a small radius, intrigued of the way that we live within the forest and the beach. Visiting Costa Rica will show you a total surrealistic experience, where the most incredible natural phenomenon happens daily, this is why our country has the privilege of having the most beautiful nature in the world.

Nauyaca falls: a majestic waterfall system

Nauyaca falls: a majestic waterfall system

September 8, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

We all know that Dominical has paradisiac beaches and the best views in the South Pacific, but there’s a not-so-hidden treasure called the Nauyaca Waterfall. This is one of the main attractions here… This activity is also a great way to alternate between the ocean, sand and constant heat by spending an amazing day within the forest and the fresh translucent water that falls from the Barú River.

The name of this waterfall makes reference to a venomous snake that inhabits the area and is well known by locals. This well-known waterfall is located only 20 minutes away from Dominical beach, or if you are coming from San José it will take you 3 hours and a half. Known as a natural beauty, this waterfall attracts tourists and locals all year round. Nevertheless, the dry season is the best time to visit, since the hiking trails are less messy rather than during the green season.

Come prepared! Bring your snacks and refrigeration for the entire day, sunblock, insect repellent, comfy clothes, a bathing suit, and good sneakers.

Now, let’s start the journey…

Once you get to the area, there is a big sign indicating the entrance and the parking space. Here you’ll have to pay a fee to enter and you can either choose to go by yourself, with a guide or booking a tour such as horseback riding or escalating. The waterfall entering hour is from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm during Monday to Saturday and on Sundays at 8:00 am till 2:30 pm. Everyone must go out of the park at 4:30 pm, this is a way to regulate the number of people that enter as well as making sure that there’s still daylight to get out. This enough time to enjoy the waterfalls at it best.

Once you’ve paid the entrance, you are ready to start walking the 6 km through the majestic rainforest. Most of the way to the waterfall is beneath trees in the shadow and passing through several paddocks where you’ll be accompanied by some cows, butterflies, and nature’s sound. Each time you get closer the sound of the water falling gets more and more intense, this is a great signal that you are about to arrive.

The majestic waterfall will be right in front of your eyes after walking for several minutes. The entire set of waterfalls measures a total of 80mts wide and the first fall you’ll see is one of 20mts tall with staggered falls. The temptation to get into the crystal clear water is a lot and inevitable to refuse! You’ll be there feeling the water spray from the falls and the refreshing climate. If you are lucky you’ll be able to experience several rainbows that form from the water, humidity in the rocks, and the sunshine. Take a break, eat your snack or prepare the picnic in the rocks, swim in the fresh water, enjoy the view… You can also take a quick walk to the biggest waterfall, almost 45 meters high with a free fall in a much smaller pool. It is beautiful to admire the waterfall and swim underneath the waterfall. There are also smaller pools with rock formations that simulate seats in the water and slides to relax and enjoy this experience.

The Nauyaca waterfall is one of the most famous in Costa Rica, this is by its natural beauty and the height of the falls. It is said that the water from the waterfalls helps the human body by passing on positive energy, and this one is not the exception. Once you are here, you’ll feel like in a wonderland paradise. If you are near Dominical, this is a great activity for families and large groups.

Give it a chance, visit this wonderful waterfall!



September 1, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

Grecia is one of the most sought-after ¨pueblos¨ or towns for expats in Costa Rica. It is located in Alajuela where the perfect climate, impressive views, and world-class amenities attract thousands of locals and expats. This farming and mountain town is a true spectacle!

The Juan Santa María International Airport (SJO) is located only 35 minutes away, while San Jose is approximately 45 minutes away from Grecia. Also, within less than 1 hour you will be enjoying the translucent warm ocean in the closest beaches of the Pacific Coast.

The normal temperature in this town can vary from 82 degrees to the 60’s degrees at night, this chilly climate is due to the elevation of the town. Elevations vary between 3000 – 5000 feet above sea level, providing an impeccable climate all year long. As in most of Costa Rica, it consists of two seasons, 6 months of dry climate and 6 months of rain or green season which keeps the magnificent mountains and views completely green.

Don’t be fooled by its size… Despite having only 76.000 inhabitants, Grecia has everything to live comfortably. Each year more expats and locals opt to move to this magnificent town, this is why it’s a quickly growing community. Throughout the streets, you’ll find several big supermarket chains such as Palí and Perimercados. Restaurants for fine dining or typical food are some of the best in the country, but fast-food like McDonald’s is also an option you could get here. There is a shopping mall called Plaza Grecia with plenty of department stores, cinemas and a food court with a great variety of food to choose from. Amenities in the area also include national and international banks.

During Friday and Saturday mornings, you will be able to get the freshest vegetables and fruits in the Farmer’s Market. This is an event that attracts people from all over the country. Locals have a space to sell their goods like jams, fresh herbs, homemade cheese, ¨chilitos¨, and more. It is also a good option to have breakfast since some people sell the typical ¨tortillas con queso¨ or tortillas filled with cheese, crepes, freshly baked bread and more. Grecia has everything you are looking for.

Real estate in Grecia is highly affordable. Expats tend to choose Grecia for this reason: they can pay less for a living while having quality homes. Big residences have been constructed with amenities like pools, restaurants, parks, multifunctional courts, and more that attracts more and more buyers each time. There are some bed and breakfasts and hotels for tourists that look to spend some time in the beautiful mountains. It’s proximity to the city, the great health care both public and private, the perfect climate and quality homes makes Grecia a top choice for many.

Located on the foothills of the ¨Cordillera Central¨ Grecia is a magnificent place to explore. The wonderful views of the Poas Volcano will draw your attention and convince you to drive one hour up to the National Park to see the impressive crater. On your way, you can stop on La Paz Waterfalls and refugee to explore some of the flora and fauna in the area. A great one day trip that you can enjoy with the entire family, this is an experience that must not be missed!

Nevertheless, local sites in Grecia are very popular and recurrent. Since rivers and streams flow throughout this town, Los Chorros is the main attraction. This is a group of medium and small size waterfalls that create natural pools with clean crystalized water. A great idea for a picnic day!

Another important site is the impressive cathedral ¨Catedral de la Mercedes¨. Located in the center of the town, it magnetizes visitors with its red color assimilating a brick construction. It was built during the 1980’s, with gothic architecture and steel imported from Belgium. The contrast between the red color gothic architecture against the green gardens and mountains create a splendid scenery.

Grecia is a splendid place to live. The ¨ticos¨ lifestyle can be appreciated in each corner and the magnificent nature characteristic of Costa Rica is present with the mountains, rivers, and waterfalls nearby. The convenient location, the great views, quality homes, low cost of living and the world-class amenities makes Grecia a prime choice to live in!

A Complete Guide to Manuel Antonio

A Complete Guide to Manuel Antonio

August 25, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio is one of the most famous areas in Costa Rica, a “must visit” location. Despite being the smallest national park in the country it’s so rich in fauna and flora that it attracts foreign and national tourists all year round. Below you’ll find a great guide to the Manuel Antonio National Park as well as some tips as well as what to do in town.

One of the most visited and acclaimed national parks. It has an opening and closing schedule from Tuesday to Sunday, from 7AM to 4PM and they only let in a certain amount of people. A good recommendation would be arriving early, especially during the peak seasons, otherwise, you will have to wait in line for people to leave the park. There is a fee to enter with a cost of US $ 16 for foreign. There is also the option to visit the park with a tourist guide for an additional charge. This is a really good option since some of the most beautiful animals could be sleeping or hiding, and guides have a special eye for spotting them. Their equipment also allows you to take professional photographs and sight even the smallest animals and insects with details. They also have tons of knowledge about each species and historical knowledge about the park.

Come prepared!

Bring your own beverages and snacks. Once you enter the park, there are no kiosks or ambulant sellers to provide you with food or drinks. Bring sunblock, even though you’ll be waking under the shadow of trees, there are some parts where the light still comes through and you’ll get sunburned unevenly.

There are several maps placed through the path in order to show you the way to bathrooms and beaches, as well as park rules that must be followed or you’ll be fined. The correct disposal of trash is very strict in the park. There are several recycling bins throughout the park as well as regular trash cans to dispose of waste correctly. It is very important to follow the trails that were specially created for humans to prevent accidents.

Keep your eyes open, you’ll be walking through the forest and all kinds of monkeys, sloths, butterflies, toucans, snakes, sloths, iguanas and more animals will appear on your way. Inside the National Park, you’ll find several beaches to spend the rest of your day and relax after walking through the astonishing forest. White sand beaches mix with the green trees and turquoise ocean. The sea is really calmed and has an unavailable temperature all year long, great for swimming and snorkeling. The translucent water will allow you to see the colorful fishes swimming by your toes. If you are lucky enough, you will notice a sea turtle or a sea ray dancing with the movement of the small waves.

A great idea would be to unfold a towel and have lunch under the shadow of the trees. Be careful! Monkeys and raccoons have a great smell and are very curious, they might approach your picnic site to steal food or personal items with their small hands. These animals must not be fed on purpose, they’ll come back for more with their entire herd. Don’t be afraid if you open your eyes after a nap in the sand and you find a sloth right above you, they are sleepy animals worth of admiring.

Outside the National Park, there are also several beaches that could be visited. Also with white sands and turquoise ocean where animals will approach you no matter what. Here you will also have locals selling typical beach snacks such as “Ceviche” and “Granizados” to cool up your day. There are several spots to rent aquatic toys like paddle boards, kayaks, snorkeling equipment or even you could parasail. Right next to the beach there are some restaurants to have lunch or dinner. If you are traveling on a low budget, here you’ll find hostels, cheap hotels, camping sites, or you can even visit the beaches and park for the day. But, if you are looking for luxury and comfort, there are very good hotels and private houses with beautiful ocean views ready for you!

The picturesque town of Manuel Antonio offers great dining options and perfect stays. Locals will receive you with a smile and guide you through town as you ask. The National Park is a surrealistic experience where you will have fun or relaxing surrounded by the incredible animals that inhabit this place.

Definitely, Manuel Antonio is a place not to be missed!

Get to Know Guanacaste With all the Comfort!

Get to Know Guanacaste With all the Comfort!

August 18, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

The North Pacific region, commonly known as the Gold Coast, is one of the most emblematic regions of Costa Rica. In this region, you can see a strong Guanacastecan culture which attracts hundreds of foreigners and nationals. Its plains, farms, beaches, and mountains are the excellent combination. If you are planning on moving to this region or a dream vacation, I will recommend you three of the most exclusive and impressive residences to visit. Here, nature, beach, and luxury combine creating the perfect lifestyle.

Las Catalinas

  • One of the newest developments, located beachfront of the white sand beaches called Danta and Dantita. The project was designed with colonial colorful houses with a specific distribution order for the luxurious lifestyle to mix with nature and wildlife. Likewise, its streets have panoramic views, enhancing the beauty of the place and creating a feeling of relaxation at all times. It has a beautiful beach club that includes an infinity pool with a restaurant overlooking the sea.
  • On the beach, there is also a restaurant that opens onto a playground for children. Equipment is provided for activities ranging from boogie, surf, and exploring the area with snorkeling and kayaking. Likewise, it is a great place for lovers of hiking and mountain biking since it has 25 km of hiking trails and 25km bike routes.

Reserva Conchal

  • It is considered one of the most recognized resorts, golf and spa development of 930 hectares in the North Pacific. A luxurious residential located beachfront of Playa Conchal, one of the most acclaimed beaches in this region. The name “Conchal” means shell, this is because of the unique texture of the sand that is made from thousands of millions of little-crushed pieces of shells. It is composed of a large luxury hotel and different condominiums with private houses for rent or sale. It is one of the most sought-after areas for rentals during the high season since its proximity to the white sand beach and turquoise water that provides great comfort. In addition, there is a private access to the beach club that offers different restaurants, poolside service, access to the fitness center and the wellness spa, in which they implement the most innovative relaxation techniques. The beach club and shared area are great for New Years and Christmas most eccentric and elegant celebrations. It is also well known for other events such as weddings and massive corporate events. The delicacy of its construction and decoration blend perfectly with the beautiful beach. A place not to be missed.

Hacienda Pinilla

  • Located in the area of Playa Avellanas and Playa Langosta you will find this elegant beachfront development of 4500 hectares. It has 3 of the best beaches found on the Gold Coast with direct access in different sectors. It mixes elegant properties and details with nature. Upon entering the property you will see forests and land for sale, as well as the different direct accesses to the beach. Further on, precious residences begin to appear, most maintain a colonial hacienda style making reference to Guanacaste’s finest folklore. There are also modern houses and small condominiums. Like other exclusive residential areas, it offers fine dining and contains a large luxury beach club with food service, gym, spa and daily activities. For surfers, the three beaches located within the complex have unmissable waves and are recognized for it. It is a quite renamed place especially during the high season, in which the beach club is used for end of the year and Christmas celebrations, weddings and private parties.

The Pacific coast has a great variety of wonders to discover. These 3 projects are very luxurious and can give you all the comfort and satisfaction of knowing one of the most beautiful regions in Costa Rica in the best way.

Sea turtles offer a unique and natural spectacle in Costa Rican shores

Sea turtles offer a unique and natural spectacle in Costa Rican shores

August 7, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

Between the months of July thru October, you’ll be able to observe one of the most beautiful natural phenomena: the nesting of turtles. Every year, hundreds of turtles come to the beaches of Costa Rica to lay their eggs, while others are born and start hatching from their eggs towards the sea simultaneously.

Biologists and scientists have different theories about why turtles nest and hatch massively and simultaneously. Many believe that they have a photographic memory of the beach and the stars, that’s why they return each year to the same place to lay their eggs. Others believe that this happens massively to prevent big depredators in the area.

Some turtles arrive at the shore during the sunset, but it is not until night when the sky is clear and the moon’s first quarter lights up the beach when this process takes place.

They crawl with great difficulty through the sand up to more than 20 meters away from the shore, which prevents the high tide from taking the eggs. Once positioned, they start digging in a hole of almost the same size as them and approximately 75 centimeters deep so that the eggs receive the heat and humidity necessary. It is a very harsh process where sometimes while hatching, you can see the turtle crying. Each one leaves between 100-150 eggs at least, that are born 45 days later. After expelling all the eggs, the turtle covers the hole again with sand and crushes it with its fins, making sure that the grounds are secured. Once the process is over, the turtle returns to the sea, and leave the eggs behind, never knowing their offsprings.

Once these little turtles are born, they come out of their eggs and climb among themselves to unearth the hole where their mother left them. Here begins their way to the water, full of obstacles. Some eggs never hatch, others have a difficult time coming out of the hole and can’t make it through. Also, once they are out, they can be eaten by larger predators such as dogs, crabs, birds, and even man. Others are eaten on the road, some can not stand the currents and are dragged to the beach again and again without being able to reach the sea.

The whole hatching and nesting process can be sighted by tourists, on a regular basis. Most of the National Parks in which this type of event happens offer tours to watch these turtles. You can go to Ostional National Park, Guanacaste which includes the beaches of Nosara and Guiones, one of the most famous places for the show. Also in Guanacaste, Las Baulas National Marine Park, consisting of four beaches: Playa Grande, Playa Langosta, Playa Ventanas and Playa Carbon. Another famous place in the Caribbean is the incredible Tortuguero National Park. One of the most touristic areas for this magical experience. It is important to be aware that these animals also spawn on other unprotected beaches or where there are no nearby refuge centers. It is essential to be aware of this and not bother in the process of both spawning and returning to the sea of small turtles. It is in its nature and is the normal cycle of this.

Be ready to walk on the beach during dawn, sometimes you can watch small quantities but sometimes you’ll be lucky to find thousands of turtles leaving their eggs. Nevertheless, this wonderful gift from nature is something worth watching. This is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone, children, and grown-ups. Something not to be missed!

Famous People That Love Costa Rica

Famous People That Love Costa Rica

July 28, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

There is no doubt that Costa Rica is a paradise chosen by many tourists internationally. What does impress, is the number of stars and celebrities that visit our country every year. Those who come, fall in love and are usually recurrent in their visits to different areas of Costa Rica. They not only choose our paradisiacal beaches, they also take refuge in the mountains and volcanoes, where they can have all the privacy while getting to know the most beautiful corners of our country.

Starting with a very popular couple that is seen really often in Costa Rica: Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady. The famous Patriots player and the Brazilian top model of Victoria’s Secret travel with their children. They bought a private residence in Santa Teresa some time ago, in a secluded location further away from the beach in order to have total privacy. They are usually seen at the beach during the mornings when Tom can surf calmly. Gisele also participates in different yoga classes in the area and has been invited to fashion discussions and events in San Jose. Recently, In their social media profiles, they are seen enjoying the area of San Carlos and doing activities such as canopy and horseback riding with the entire family. If you visit Santa Teresa, keep your eyes wide open for this popular couple, they tend to be there a lot!

Other celebrities that have been seen in the Mal País area several times are the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Mel Gibson, Mathew McConaughey, Matt Damon, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. All opt for private transport and places of maximum discretion to spend their holidays in peace. However, they do not deprive themselves of visiting the beach towns and the restaurants at night. Matt Damon was found several times dining at beach bars with his entire family. Miley and Liam were photographed spending a whole day on the beach in their beachfront penthouse, surfing and sunbathing. Undoubtedly, this beach has a great attraction for tourists and famous people think so too.

Bono, the emblematic singer of U2, secretly visited the country on several occasions. Very rarely the press realizes that celebrities of such high level are here. On one of his vacations, after spending several days on the Pacific coast they hired an ATV tour and his wife suffered a minor accident. She was transferred immediately to a private hospital in San Jose, and there the press was waiting for them there. The hospital had total discretion and tried to make them feel comfortable by prohibiting the press’s entrance. They did not realize that many of the patients were fans of him and his music. Several were able to take pictures with Bono, but he decided to stay in the room accompanying his wife.

In 2017 Costa Rica received the famous Kardashian family. They arrived on a private flight, in which they were then transferred to one of the most luxurious mansions of Papagayo, in the Pacific Coast. The penthouse is surrounded by nature and has 8 private suites, a spa, marble bathrooms, several pools, staff, security and a fantastic ocean view. They also visited the San Carlos area, the Arenal Volcano specifically. They bathed in rivers and thermal waters and went rafting. They used private transportation to travel around the country, they used small planes and helicopters, always with their security. Each day, they had a photo session in which they showed incredible landscapes and their glamorous lifestyle. You can imagine, a vacation in the best Kardashian style!

It is said that Keylor Navas, the Real Madrid goalkeeper, has promoted the country among his colleagues on the team. On these previous days, the French player, Raphael Verane, decided to rest after winning the world cup on the beaches and mountains of Costa Rica.

Oftenly, these stars try to go unnoticed. After all, they seek to rest and be able to spend quiet vacations, get off the radar for a while. They use private transportation and stay in luxury homes away from the crowds, but always trying to know every special corner that Costa Rica has to offer.

The famous reaffirm that our country is a natural beauty

July 25th, A Day to Celebrate!

July 25th, A Day to Celebrate!

July 21, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

194 years have passed since the province of Nicoya was annexed to our beautiful country. A gift, a jewel that makes Costa Rica a more attractive country for locals and foreign people. In addition to expanding the national territory, the annexation benefited our country in many ways, both in terms of trade and tourism.

How did this happen? It’s a short story with a great happy ending.

Nicoya is a region located north of Costa Rica, on the Pacific side and borders Nicaragua.

In 1812 Nicoya it was an independent territory managed in civil and administrative matters by the general captaincy of Guatemala, as well as all of Central America.

In this same year, the province of Costa Rica, (belonging to the general captaincy of Guatemala) did not have the maximum population to attend the summit of Cadiz, where the independence of the Central American countries was generated. It was then when Nicoya decided to join Costa Rica temporarily so that they could complete the amount of population required and thus be a participant in the independence of the Central American countries.

Nicaragua showed great interest in the rich region of Nicoya as well. However, Nicaragua was going through a stage of internal conflicts and national problems. On the other hand, Costa Rica has always had a better connection and relationship that was forged years ago, the people felt more identified with our country.

For this reason, Nicoya decided to call his people to an open town meeting and that is how on July 25, 1824, they decided to join Costa Rica, by their own decision on a democratic basis.

The annexation not only contributed on economic means for its rich commercial side. By acquiring this land people could also benefit from its beautiful and extensive beaches, its plains and farms so characteristic of this region. In addition, a very important contribution was the cultural side.

The cultural richness of the Guanacaste is unique! They spread throughout the country their typical dances and costumes, the marimba which is now known as the national instrument, the “bombas” which are oral expressions that recount aspects of everyday life and can be romantic or humorous, or a combination of both.

In present day, July 25th is declared as a national holiday so that all Costa Ricans can celebrate that this amazing region is part of our country. In different parts of the country, there are parades with people wearing traditional dresses. People dancing to the rhythm of the marimbas with masks and “tortillas” or other typical food. “Topes” are also very common, in which people parade with their horses and typical farmer clothes throughout the town. All of these manifestations of joy are more strong in the Guanacaste province.

Nicoya, rich in traditions, rich in landscapes, rich in its people. It’s a gift for Costa Rica, and it’s even more satisfying knowing that the process to join our country has been democratic and by its own decision. Definitely, July 25 is a day to celebrate that Nicoya is part of our small but rich country!

Actions speak louder than words…Costa Rica adventurous  activities

Actions speak louder than words…Costa Rica adventurous activities

July 7, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

No wonder why Costa Rica is world famous for its natural beauties. From beaches with clear waters and white sand to hanging bridges in the middle of the jungle, a country that has everything an adventure lover is looking for. Regardless of your preference and the level of adrenaline, you’ll find an activity here!

Let’s start with those who look for more tranquil activities…

Horseback riding: Horseback riding on the beaches of Tamarindo or on the slopes of the Arenal Volcano, is the perfect setting to enjoy the cool weather of the mountains or watch a beautiful sunset on the beach.

Cableway through the jungle: You will also find the option of a Cableway which goes through the rainforest and makes it a unique adventure for bird watching. No need of walking, just relax in this car while passing through nature.

Butterfly farms: If you are looking for something even serene, Costa Rica has plenty of butterfly farms, where it is common to admire the Morpho butterfly with its beautiful blue wings. Most of these farms also include snake sanctuaries as well as trails through the forest.

Hiking: If you are looking for outdoor activities, hiking along Río Celeste is one of the options I have to recommend. A path that surrounds the turquoise river and ends with a viewpoint of an impressive waterfall is a plan you will not regret. There are plenty of hiking trails along the mountains and beaches. Manuel Antonio National Park also offers a path surrounded by trees to get to the paradisiac beach. Keep your eyes wide open through this trail to appreciate the animals in their natural habitat: monkeys, sloths, toucans, birds, butterflies, iguanas, are some of the most viewed here.

Hanging Bridges: Another option for lovers of the outdoors are the hanging bridges of Monteverde, perfect to appreciate the jungle from more than 50 meters high. Almost at the same height as the treetops! Birdwatching is a privilege here. You will also be able to appreciate how the rivers mix with the marvelous green forests from above.

For fans of adventure, and adrenaline…

Rafting: Rafting, is a bumpy ride by the rapids of the rivers. Our famous Pacuare river has level 4 rapids, which make it a demanding physical activity. Although the majority of the route perfect to enjoy the scenery with the canyons where the river flow is calm or see the foothills of the Talamanca mountain range. An experience of which one will remember the rest of life.

Canopy: In different areas of the national territory, you can find the option of a canopy, where you can feel the adrenaline rushing through your body while launching as Superman through the jungle. A great activity for large groups on a sunny or rainy day. Riding through natures gift while having fun on the zip lines.

Scuba Diving: Costa Rica offers a new world to discover under the sea. Iconic places to scuba dive are Isla del Coco, Isla Uvita, Cahuita, Isla Murciélago, Isla del Cano and more. The marine diversity found on our territory is infinite. You will come across giant stingrays, hammered sharks, dolphins, turtles, fishes of all colors as well as different kinds of sharks like bull shark, white tip sharks, whale sharks, hammered sharks. Diving in Costa Rica is a total adventure and you will find options for this along with the Pacific coast as well as on the Caribbean side.

Surf: Costa Rica is famous for Surfing since most of the beaches have a perfect swell. It is well-known worldwide by its perfect waves to such an extent that we have hosted the Surf World Championship. Beaches like Nosara, Playa Grande, Hermosa, Santa Teresa, Salsa Brava, are some of the most popular places to practice this sport. For starters, you’ll find a surf shop in each beach town, where locals can teach you how to surf like a total pro!

Bike trails: The best bike trails are definitely in Costa Rica, you can take advantage of miles of roads and most of the cities and towns rent the necessary equipment. Most Costa Ricans have a fervor for this sport so there are several places where this sport is done and practice among severals are Manuel Antonio, Ciudad Colon, Cartago, Atenas, Las Catalinas and much more.

A picture is worth a thousand words and that is the image that the more than one million visitors who come to Costa Rica take to personally experience their encounter with the wonderful nature that surrounds this country. If something has Costa Rica is that it has activities, tastes, and needs for all lifestyles.

Explore Beaches and Mountains in Costa Rica

Explore Beaches and Mountains in Costa Rica

June 23, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

Despite being a very small country, Costa Rica has natural wonders that attract tourists from all over the world. Beaches, volcanoes, wild refuges and waterfalls are several of the attractions that can be enjoyed in the country, which makes this small piece of land a hidden treasure when talking about natural biodiversity.

The perfect place for a well-deserved vacation.

Costa Rica has some of the most paradisiacal beaches in the world. With infinite options, having more than 200 different beaches throughout the Pacific and Caribbean coast, white sand and transparent waters with warm temperature all year long make these beaches a desired destination for tourists, as well as fishing fanatics and surfers. Diving is a very common activity where you’ll be able to appreciate whales, sharks, turtles, giant rays, colorful fishes, and corals.

Places like Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio, and Dominical are very popular in the Pacific. In the Caribbean we have Puerto Viejo, with its unique style attracts visitors to its beaches, and to get to know its music and its folklore. Sometimes referred to as a surrealistic experience, these beaches are surrounded by nature that makes its presence all the time.

If you are more of a cooler weather and a fresh air person, the perfect choice lies in the mountains. Costa Rica has a rain forest that represents 2% of the world’s natural biodiversity, with more than 800 types of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Active volcanoes, such as the Arenal, are perfect for a ride on the slopes of the volcano or to relax in the hot springs.

For those who love adrenaline, you can rappel in one of the many waterfalls in the country or explore the jungle in a canopy ride in the best Tarzan style, satisfying all your expectations.

With more than 11 Conservation Areas, walking through the forest is the perfect method to appreciate the flora and fauna of the National Territory without any problem. Breathing fresh air, listening to nature and having wide open eyes for the fantastic creatures that appear on the trails is one of the most magical tours this beautiful country has to offer.

Costa Rica has two seasons, the dry (December to April) and the rainy or green season (April-November). Although these two seasons are not well defined, characteristic of a tropical country, rains arrive unannounced and it is quite common to feel the breeze during the afternoon and nights.

If what you want is to enjoy full-time sun you are better off coming during the dry season. With temperatures ranging between 26-30 degrees, it is ideal for vacationing, cooling off in the sea, or chilling with coconut water under the shade of a palm tree.

Being located between North America and South America, Costa Rica serves as a migratory route for different types of animals, from birds to whales. In any activity, nature will be present making this experience unforgettable. The climate, its spectacular beaches, and friendly people with its ‘Pura Vida!’ make Costa Rica the perfect place to vacation.

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