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Envision Festival – Dancing, Beach, Music, Yoga and more!

Envision Festival – Dancing, Beach, Music, Yoga and more!

February 21, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Each year Uvita hosts one of the most acclaimed festivals in Central America: Envision.

A 5-day festival held at the beach that will change your life! International music, yoga, surf, workshops, and much more activities to discover. Each day you will have around 80 options of different things to do in one same place! A festival for all types of cultures known to wake up the human potential while learning from others in a sustainable community.

Envision festival is based on 8 pillars: Music, Movement, Art, Health, Community, Permaculture and Spirituality. Nourishing these pillars at the beach and the jungle will fulfill your body and mind.

There are several stages decorated meticulously with colorful sculptures. The festival has an amazing sound system accompanied with holograms and lights that will wake up all of your senses. Physical expression is key in Envision. Yoga classes at dawn or during the sunset, workshops, dancing classes… Explore your body, be free and conscious of movement helps you liberate day a day burdens. Throughout the festival, you will find different kinds of art to express yourself. Big canvases ready for everyone to join and blast their artsy side and share with the community. Freedom to express through art is part of this experience. There are mindful workshops for everyone to be part of, you will be able to explore different mindful practices through food, activity, medicine, and culture. The festival also focuses on the development of different sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems. Thinking long term and helping the ecosystem through these practices will also help to fulfill our souls and portray the responsibility we have for helping the planet. Something really nourishing about the festival is that you will have the chance to share with local people and give back to the community.

The vast majority of attendants take their own tent and find a space within the jungle or beach, under the trees to take cover from the sun. You also have the possibility of staying at hotels, hostels, villas, and suites. If you are looking to rent a place you must plan ahead!

Since this is a sustainable festival that incentives good practices, there are some policies to follow, for example, no single-use plastic. Keep this in mind when bringing your eating props like forks, knives or cups. The food sold in the event is completely organic, totally delicious and with tons of options and flavors for everyone. Fresh and local! In town, you will also find grocery stores and organic supermarkets if you need any other supplements.

Since the festival lasts 4 days, we recommend you to come prepared! Bring all your energies and positive attitude, ready to dance and be part of the beautiful community. This year Envision will start on February 28th thru March 3rd. Get your tickets, you will remember this transformation experience for the rest of your life!

What to bring:

  • Sunblock
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Comfortable and fresh clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Bug repellent
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Medicines
  • Flashlight

Top 5 beach spots in Guanacaste

Top 5 beach spots in Guanacaste

February 19, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

The Northern Pacific coast has a great variety of wonders to discover. It is well known for its strong culture and extense beautiful beaches limiting north with Nicaragua. Guanacaste is one of the most prominent provinces of the country known as the Gold Coast.

Below you will find our must-visit top 5 beach spots in this region:


Playa Avellanas is known as surfing beach town, having some of the most famous breaks along the beach. There are about 5 surf breaks with almost perfect conditions. If you are a starter you will be able to surf here but there is also a spot called Little Hawaii for experienced surfers. Avellanas has clear waters with some rocky areas so when there is low tide small pools are formed in the shore. Beautiful vegetation allows to have plenty of shadow below the trees but you could also rent a beach umbrella and chair to relax. It is well known for a beachfront restaurant with incredible ocean views named after the diva that walks every day through the beach, Lola: a pig. Lola is one of the main attractions in Avellanas, we at Properties In Costa Rica are very fun of her!

Right between Langosta Beach and Avellanas Beach you will find an elegant development of 4500 hectares called Hacienda Pinilla including a J.W. Marriott and a professional golf course for those looking for some activity.


Tamarindo is the most famous beach town in the region combining natural beauty and ample amenities. It has become one of the busiest towns in Guanacaste, rapidly growing and attracting tourists from all over the world. You will find the main strip of Tamarindo full of hotels, backpackers hotels, camping spaces, condos, shops and some of the best restaurants in the area. If you are looking for a luxury vacation there is a beachfront five-star hotel and plenty of luxury villas scattered around town. There is no need to rent a car since everything is walking distance. It is a great place for amateur surfers and for those who would like to try their first surfing class!

Playa Grande

Playa Grande, which means “big beach” in English, is famous for the most consistent surf break in the region. Despite being 100 meters away from Tamarindo, it is a much more calmed beach with fewer crowds. Eco-tourism and surfers are the targets of this area since the beach is part of Las Baulas National Park, one of the most prominent site for turtle nesting. The goal is to protect these turtles and keep them coming to lay their eggs. Nesting can be watched but not alone, always with a guide that will make sure that the conditions are fine for turtles to nest while people watch. There is a big estuary in Playa Grande which has labyrinths of mangroves that can be explored in a kayak or stand up paddleboard and you’ll be able to find tons of animals, sometimes even crocodiles!


Playa Conchal is one of the most acclaimed beaches in the Pacific region, located in Northern Guanacaste and 30 minutes away from famous Tamarindo. The name of “Conchal” means shell because of the unique texture of the sand, made from thousands of millions of little-crushed pieces of shells. This golden paradise offers crystal clear water that maintains an excellent temperature all year round. Right at the corner of the beach, you will find rocks which create pools for snorkeling. Rent a kayak and explore the small islands around, or if you like adrenaline rent a jet-ski for more speed. If you would like to enjoy a luxurious vacation you will find Reserva Conchal, a beachfront resort community with outstanding private amenities for owners and renters. There is also an all-inclusive West In Hotel and a brand new W Hotel.

Las Catalinas – Playa Danta & Dantita

Playa Danta and Dantita are two hidden white sand beaches full of vegetation and marine life. Located on a bay with calmed waters it has perfect conditions for snorkeling. Scuba diving in this area is a great attraction, you can book a tour to Punta Cacique and explore the oceans beauties finding animals like octopuses, white tip sharks, starfishes, manta rays and plenty more. There is a beachfront restaurant to enjoy a quick lunch or a romantic dinner by the sea. At Las Catalinas you will find a tour office right beside the beachfront restaurant which includes equipment for kayaking, snorkeling, beach games and more. The famous mountain bike trails and hiking trails here are something you must not miss!

Luxury living in Guanacaste

Luxury living in Guanacaste

February 16, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Located in Guanacaste you will find Hacienda Pinilla, a Premium complex with 4500 acres of land, private beach access, and a unique lifestyle. A privileged location only one hour and ten minutes away from Liberia’s International Airport and very close to the famous beach town of Tamarindo.

Located inside this exclusive compound you will be bathed with luxury and entertainment. Be ready to enjoy amenities such as an 18 hole oceanfront golf course, surfing sites (more than 8 breaks), tennis courts, hiking trails, horse stables, a beach club with tiki bar, gymnasium and wellness center, soccer field, plenty of restaurants, a luxury hotel such as the J.W Marriot, and much more.

The town of Pinilla and Avellanas is known as surfing beach town with incredible sunsets all year long. In the area, you will find several popular extense white sand beaches. The water temperature here is unparalleled to other beaches. It also has villas, hotels, and hostels within small groceries stores and local taverns that surround the iconic soccer court in the middle of the town. Avellanas beach is known for surfing sports and an iconic beachfront restaurant called Lola’s. It is perfect for a lunch break, offering vegan and vegetarian options as well as pizza, sandwiches and typical food. The place is named after a big pig that takes a walk through the beach during sunset, sometimes you can watch Lola refreshing in the ocean.

This area is one of the most desired locations in Costa Rica. The compound consists of separated single homes and different condominiums within kilometers of forest that lead to more than five different beaches if you are looking to rent or to buy you will find villas with high-end finishings and top furniture in each of the selected properties. Most of the architecture is Spanish Colonial, including some new contemporary and modern homes. The benefit of being part of the exclusive Hacienda is to be able to explore, be active, surf, visit the beautiful beaches and trails, and relax in the beach club.

You will find supermarkets and restaurants inside the compound. There are beachfront properties, ocean view properties, golf view properties, properties right next to the beach club and much more! You will certainly be able to enjoy all the modern and exclusive amenities that this private community has to offer.

5 reasons why Costa Rica is attractive to expat families

5 reasons why Costa Rica is attractive to expat families

February 15, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Uprooting the family and moving to a new country can be an arduous task if you don’t put some serious planning in first. There’s the kids’ schooling to think about, the cost of living, possible language barriers and whether or not you’ll settle into the new culture.

Making sure you’ve considered each of these points before packing your bags can help you decide whether you’ve made the right choice. So, to help any prospective expats make up their minds, this article looks at Costa Rican lifestyle and education to healthcare and more – all with the help of a seasoned expat who is very familiar with life in Costa Rica.

  1. Laidback lifestyle
  2. While doing your research, it would be near impossible not to come across the phrase ‘Pura Vida’. Like a national motto, it appears everywhere, from bars and restaurants to much of the country’s street art. Roughly translated, the phrase means ‘pure’ or ‘simple life’, and it’s an intrinsic part of Costa Rican culture.

    Put simply, Pura Vida is a way of life that involves recognising the good, being thankful for what you have, and not dwelling on the negatives. And it’s this attitude that so many people fall in love with when visiting the country.

    James Kaiser, an expat who lived in Costa Rica for five years and still visits regularly, had this to say: “Many people cite the cost of living as a reason to move to Costa Rica, but ultimately it all comes down to culture. The beauty of living in Costa Rica is not real estate or food that cost half as much as in the U.S. It’s experiencing a new culture.”

  3. Natural beauty
  4. If you feel like you’ve spent too long in the grey sterility of city life and want to get back to basics and reconnect with nature, there’s nowhere quite like Costa Rica to get back in touch with la madre Tierra.

    Boasting some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, as well as 6% of the planet’s biodiversity, Costa Rica is a rich landscape of nature reserves, beaches and tropical ecosystems for you to explore. In fact, in 2015, the Corcovado National Park was named the world’s best national park.

  5. High-quality healthcare
  6. Since the abolition of Costa Rica’s army in 1949, the country has invested substantial sums in education, healthcare and pensions, spending more of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on education and health in 2012 than the UK.

    This has significantly improved the lives of Costa Ricans and is why the country now enjoys the highest life expectancy in the whole of South America. These contributions to national infrastructure have also led to a boom in one of the country’s growing industries: medical tourism.

    More than 40,000 Americans a year travel to Costa Rica to take advantage of its low-cost, high-quality private healthcare, and this new industry raises millions in tax revenue for the country’s public healthcare system, which is now ranked number one in Latin America.

    Permanent residency entitles expats to full access of these services and means relocating to Costa Rica shouldn’t pose a problem for retirees or those with pre-existing conditions. However, if you’re planning on taking advantage of the country’s many world-class dentists, optometrists or cosmetic surgeons, you may need a suitable health insurance policy to cover the costs.

  7. Plentiful education options
  8. It’s always important to consider schooling when moving with your children to a new country, and you should always be able to justify the disruption to their education.

    Moving to Costa Rica can afford your children plenty of opportunities and is often easier when they’re younger, because it gives them more time to acclimatise to their new surroundings and learn the lingo. Expatriating before your children are in high school also means they have longer to explore the untamed wilderness of Costa Rica and get used to the way of life.

    The public schooling system in Costa Rica is free and ranked twentieth in the world according to the latest Global Competitiveness Report, so you needn’t worry about spending money on a private education. Nonetheless, many expat families do enrol their children in private schools as they offer smaller class sizes, put a greater emphasis on using English and are a great way to meet other families who’ve emigrated from abroad.

  9. Deliciously affordable cuisine
  10. One of the biggest expenditures for a family is the weekly shop, so before moving to a new country, most families want to know how much of their budget will be eaten up by a trip to the supermarket.

    For US and European expats this can be a tricky one, because if you don’t want to give up your home comforts, like chocolate or branded products, you’re going to have to pay a large premium for buying the same things in Costa Rica. Instead, the best thing to do is either look for Costa Rican substitutes or abandon imported goods altogether and embrace the local cuisine.

    Most Costa Rican food comprises a mixture of rice and vegetables, and an excellent example of this is the national dish gallo pinto. This is traditionally eaten at breakfast time and consists of rice and black beans.

    Costa Rican food is generally very healthy and with an abundance of inexpensive, locally-sourced fruit and veg, it’s easy to feed a family of four a week’s worth of wholesome meals on a modest budget.

    With plentiful healthy food options, countless national parks and an internationally renowned healthcare and public school system, there’s no reason why Costa Rica shouldn’t make your list of prospective destinations to settle down with your family.

Where to Eat Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Costa Rica

Where to Eat Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Costa Rica

February 2, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Given that many people around the world have been transforming their eating patterns due to health issues, self-consciousness, animal empathy, or good taste, Costa Rica is becoming part of that change too.

Vegan and vegetarian food in Costa Rica is much easier to find than people think. The base food of the country is rice and beans, and since we are talking about a Tropical country you will be able to find plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables almost anywhere. Most restaurants have been adapting to the market’s demand, serving dishes for every type of diet: ketogenic, vegan, vegetarian, celiac…

Below you will find a list of our recommended restaurants which offer vegan and vegetarian options in San Jose:

RAW Co. Juicery & Food (San Jose, Santa Ana)

  • A new and modern space to eat clean, organic, healthy, fresh, and delicious! Their special product is cold press juices with original flavors using 100% natural fruits and vegetables. All the food is homemade, from the garden to your table. Some options of the menu include avocado toasts with tofu, cauliflower rice risotto with mushrooms and other vegetables, veggie sandwiches with gluten-free homemade bread, soups, super-bowls with açaí and fruits, gluten-free pancakes, and more to discover. They even offer a detox menu and meal plans combining vegetable juices and special dishes.

Árbol de Seda (San Jose, Barrio Escalante)

  • This restaurant is located in a beautiful neighborhood full of restaurants, stores, and nightlife. They have a very complete menu, offering all kinds of dishes with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. It is a great alternative if you are looking a place for large groups and with people who do eat meat. Arbol de Seda offers a homemade fresh taste with plates like veggie burgers,, sandwiches, falafel wraps, veggie bowls, soups, gluten free bread, pizzas…

Búlali (San Jose, Escazu)

  • This shop, cafeteria and restaurant is located in a modern commercial center in Escazu. Conformed of beautiful architecture and an outdoor terrace, Bulali offers local, handmade, organic, eco-friendly and grass fed food. 100% national coffee and chocolate are served in your table, fresh fruits on deserts will surprise your palate. They create a “season menu” combining fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and organic ingredients. One of our recommendations is to try the “UNO + UNO” lunch option, where you can combine half sandwich with half portion of salad or soup or you can pick half portion of salad and half soup.

LuvBurger (San Jose, San Pedro)

  • They are known as a plant-based fast casual whole food company. They use 100% fresh organic ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors nor preservatives. LuvBurger’s goal is to make a transition from fast-unhealthy-food to fast-healthy-food. On their menu, you will also find soups, salads, and breakfast options. Try the “COCO BACON” burger, where they use honey smoked coconut strips as bacon!

If you are looking to try typical Costa Rican food, you could include:

  • Gallo Pinto: Rice and beans
  • Patacones: Crunchy plantains topped with guacamole, mashed beans, and pico de Gallo (tomato, onion and red pepper salad). You can ask for these ingredients on the side as well.
  • Casado: It comes with meat, but you can ask for a vegetarian option. It consists of a dish full of rice, beans, salad, plantains, tortilla, Pico de Gallo and sweet plantain.

Eating vegetarian and vegan food in Costa Rica it is always easier Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a top option in this country. The caring and conscious love for animals and nature make Costa Rica an easy country for those who are looking for empathy for each other, for us, and even for other species.

Marbella Beach

Marbella Beach

January 29, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

With an extension of 1.5 km of clear water and thin sand, Marbella beach is described as a paradise for surfers, fishers, and lovers of the sea. Considering the sudden urban growth of Guanacaste, the town of Marbella is the ideal place for those seeking for a remote and quiet place, but yet with natural beauty. Although its popularity is increasing, it offers one of the least crowded beaches in the area.

Marbella beach is located 30 minutes by car from the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, one of the key nesting sites for sea turtles in the Pacific Coast. The nesting season runs from July to December, time when national and international tourists visit and appreciate this incredible natural phenomenon. Hundreds of thousands of marine turtles return each year to this beach to lay an average of 80 eggs, being the main attraction for tourists and a natural spectacle with great impact on the ecosystem.

It is quite common to find tourists of different nationalities looking for a bit of solitude in Marbella beach. The bright green color from the lush vegetation contrasted with the intense turquoise color of the sea creates a beautiful scenery. Sunbathe laying on the sun while watching a family of spider monkeys jumping from tree to tree. Sloths are very common in this area as well, so keep your eyes open for these sleepy animals in the top of the trees. You will also be able to observe different types of birds, including toucans and magpies.

For those looking for adventure, luxury, and the ones that are on a budget, there are all types of lodging in Marbella beach. There are camping areas, options of hostels and B&B. You will find different categories of Hotels with different price ranges according to the amenities as well as beachfront houses and villas for rent. There are many lots available to build your dream home. The mountains of Marbella are the highest point around, that’s why it also offers the best views!

The extense and beautiful beach is also well known among surfers. Since winds blow against the sea there are more leisured waves, the main feature of the best surf spots in the world. Its conditions mean that only the most qualified and experienced surfers can tame the waves that can become quite big for some months.

You can access the beach by bus car boat or walking, there is a ramp and path to facilitate the access of wheelchairs. If among your plans you are visiting an exotic place in Costa Rica, without a doubt Playa Marbella responds perfectly to that description. The perfect climate and relaxed atmosphere will make you fall in love at first sight.

New Hotel Opens in Guanacaste

New Hotel Opens in Guanacaste

January 23, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

During the last months of 2018, the new W COSTA RICA hotel was inaugurated in Guanacaste. Strategically located inside famous Reserva Conchal, a 2,300-acre nature reserve that features real estate development, a West In Hotel, professional golf course, and a wildlife refugee. W COSTA RICA came to redefine the experience of a luxury resort for travelers who yearn to experience the characteristic adventure of the country. It seeks to translate through design, details and in a modern way the history and culture of both the country and the region.

While entering the property you’ll notice that the pathway is marked by the typical trees of the region called “Indios Desnudos” which leads you to a bright red semi-circular arrival area. This was inspired by the cultural activities that are held in the country where bulls run around a circular area called “plaza de toros”. Since the beginning, you will find all the allusions that are made to the culture and you will feel attracted to this new fun and sophisticated hotel.

The hotel counts with a wet deck decorated with colorful oxcarts, including a hot tub, a beautiful pool, and a wet bar. The beach club, known as “Zona Azul Beach Club” is located right below. There is an integrated zip line that goes from the Wet deck right down to the beach club, placing you in a 10-minute walk away from the beach. On Zona Azul you will find an infinity pool with enough space for sunbathing within luxury details. Enjoy a meal in any of the 5 restaurants located in the Blue Zone offering different international tastes like Italian, Japanese, Greek, Californian and Costa Rican. At night this area turns into a sophisticated bar with cocktails and access to the beach.

The innovative design of this outstanding hotel is astonishing, adding up to the natural ecosystem where it’s located, Conchal Beach. In Reserva Conchal, you will find beautifully built neighborhoods with exclusive amenities and unique styles. The three private neighborhoods mix within the lush forests and blend with the impressive ocean views. Some of them are already built but there are still lot sites to build your dream home. Sustainability is one of the main goals of the complex since they focus on economic social and environmental development. For example, the beach club, hotel and golf course located in the development are carbon positive, compensating %25 above the total carbon emissions.

With the grand opening of the new W hotel, Reserva Conchal is full of opportunities for tourists and locals, offering you an exclusive lifestyle full of nature and luxury.

Eating and Dining in Tamarindo

Eating and Dining in Tamarindo

January 15, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Tamarindo is one of the most visited towns in Guanacaste. It is very popular for its beautiful beaches, excellent surfing spots, boutique stores, nightclubs, yoga studios, schools, and all the different possibilities for lodging! Tamarindo has a lot of variety of foods with more than 100 restaurants. The City is truly a mix of different cultures and thus this cultural diversity is reflected in the food as well. Local dishes are less expensive and worth a try, Gallo Pinto (rice and beans) is the traditional breakfast, Casado is the main dish for lunch, Ceviche and Coconut water are served fresh along the beach and town.

Here you will find some places that are well known for its unique services.

Please note

Pangas Beach Club

A beachfront restaurant located right next to the Tamarindo estuary. It is secluded from the center of town so you will be able to enjoy a peaceful meal right next to the ocean. If you are looking for a romantic dinner the place is elegantly decorated and illuminated by the moon. It is also perfect for large groups with a variety of dishes including fresh seafood, meats, pasta, salads, as well as vegan and vegetarian options. The place is always a good choice for watching the sunset with a cocktail and an appetizer. This restaurant/beach club is merged with Las Mareas Villas which are private luxury villas with full access to Pangas, located right across the street. In their Facebook page, you’ll find a weekly calendar with the schedule and announcements of the activities they host. Pangas Beach Club is also an amazing venue for private events like weddings.

Wok and Roll

Conveniently located in the center of town, Wok and Roll is one of town’s favorite Asian restaurant. With a unique fusion of Korean, Thai, Vietnam, Japanese and Mongolian food this is a top choice for most locals. You will find remarkable dishes and flavors in this popular restaurant. They have an oyster bar with fresh and tender oysters and a sushi bar. It’s a family restaurant with choices for everyone, Wok and Roll even offers a children’s menu. The place is nicely decorated, with a modern Asian twist that makes this place one of the most visited one in the main strip. The sushi rolls here are one of the most acclaimed in Tamarindo!

La Bodega

An organic store and cafeteria, ideal for breakfast or a quick healthy lunch. It is a small boutique with few tables that serve fresh ingredients and homemade food, mainly recommended for small groups. You will find baked goods like brownies, banana bread, cookies, carrot chia muffins, bread, and more ready to go or to sit and enjoy while drinking a local coffee. Do not miss the seared tuna-mango-avocado tacos on homemade tortillas, the most acclaimed dish of this restaurant! In the store, you can buy organic and artisans goods like energy bars, coconut oil, honey, and kombucha which are all prepared in La Bodega. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available in their menu. In this beautiful cafeteria, you’ll be able to eat healthy but delicious!

Patagonia Argentinian Grill & Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurants in Tamarindo. This BBQ and Grill is located right across Tamarindo beach, in a corner of the main strip. A beautiful place to enjoy an Argentinean wine and a fine dinner with family and friends. They serve imported meat cuts but and also have vegetarian options, seafood, pasta, and pizza. We highly recommend making a reservation before going since they tend to have high demand. Our recommendation: Meat empanadas!

What to do know about Dominical.

What to do know about Dominical.

January 14, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Dominical is one of the most visited beaches by local and foreign tourists both during summer and the green season. This beach is located in the province of Puntarenas and is also known as Costa Ballena, which includes Uvita beach as well. There are uncountable rivers that run through the jungle and up to the mountains, creating natural pools of waters and waterfalls. This area is rich in biodiversity and ideal to visit if you would like to balance between the salty ocean and the fresh water from rivers.

Surfing! If you are an expert you will enjoy it to the fullest. It is a well-known surfing spot for professionals worldwide. If you are not an expert or would like to learn, you can book some lessons and start surfing the crystal clear waves on this beach.

Visit the Río Baru / Baru River! This River runs directly into Dominical Beach. It is a place with plenty of activities like stand up paddle board, swimming, kayaking, hiking while appreciating the flora and fauna… You can enjoy a good picnic or bbq right at the side of the river, bathe in the clear waters or simply admire the scenic beauty. Here you’ll be able to watch monkeys, sloths, different kinds of birds and butterflies, and maybe some otters.

Nauyaca Waterfall is another main attraction of this area. The entire set of waterfalls measures a total of 80mts wide. There are several falls starting at 20mts tall and the main one measures almost 45 meters high with a free fall in a much smaller pool. The temptation to get into the crystal clear water is a lot and inevitable to refuse!

Whale watching is definitely one of my favorites, each year the Pacific humpback whales from the southern hemisphere travel from Antarctica to Costa Rica and arrive around the end of July, August, September. It is definitely a must see, please make sure you picked the best time to see whales in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica  a vacation spot for stars and Celebrities in 2018

Costa Rica a vacation spot for stars and Celebrities in 2018

January 5, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Many actors, soccer players, NFL superstars and others came to enjoy different areas of our country. Zac Efron was one of the most sought-after celebrities that came this past year. He stayed in the country for 2 weeks during late October and early November. Efron was seen on several occasions with friends and his brother Dylan in the southern Pacific coast, in a luxury private property in Osa. The Efron brothers and his friends also practiced extreme sports in waterfalls and visited Alta Gracia Auberge Resort in Perez Zeledon and went horseback riding there. This is the second time that the High School Musical star visits Costa Rica, last time he enjoyed the Papagayo Peninsula with friends surfing and sailing.

The Australian actress Margot Robbie, best known for her performances in Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Legend of Tarzan, came to the country during July 2018. She spent some time at the beach with Tom Ackerley her husband and British film director, surfing, sunbathing and relaxing before starring in the new Quentin Tarantino film “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” with a cast that includes Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The French soccer player Raphael Verane also came to Costa Rica during 2018 after winning the world cup with his team. The Real Madrid player came with his family and enjoyed the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Coast. His Spanish teammate Dani Carvajal was also seen in the country. He went fine dining in San Jose, exploring Tortuguero in the Caribbean, and waterfalls in San Carlos.

It is no surprise to see Tom Brady and former supermodel Gisele Bündchen in Costa Rica since they own a house in Santa Teresa and constantly shares pictures of their trip in social media. They are in love with our country and claim to want to retire here. They usually spend their vacation at the beach in their private ocean view home, but this time they also decided to explore San Carlos while horseback riding. Giselle and Tom are current visitors of the country and they even spent Valentine’s in Santa Teresa, a surfing and yoga paradise.

Most of these superstars choose to be very inconspicuous about the place they stay and tend to share pictures of their trip after leaving the country. Costa Rica is the perfect place to mix adventure and adrenaline with a rustic or luxurious relaxing vacation. Mountain or beach, Costa Rica has to offer real experiences and there is no doubt that celebrities love Costa Rica not only for its flora and fauna but for the adventure traveling as well.

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