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Top things to do in Guanacaste…

Top things to do in Guanacaste…

November 12, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Bay is formed by the conversion of Playa Grande and Playa Ventanas. It is an area known for its beautiful beaches, which attracts millions of visitors each year. You have a variety of places you can stay; hotels, condos, privates homes all great options, for all types of budgets. Within the tourist area, you will find many restaurants with a wide range of international cuisine and a very active nightlife. Here you can also go surfing, as it is famous for having awesome waves. Tamarindo Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag Award on a consistent basis, this award recognizes the commitment to the environment by providing a clean and safe place for visitors.

National Park Rincón de La Vieja

The National Park Rincon de la Vieja has an area of nearly 35,000 acres. It is a volcanic mountain of 9 cones and a lagoon called La Jilgueros. The park can be accessed through both Liberia and Upala Buenos Aires. The Volcano has two distinct sectors: Las Pailas and Santa Maria. The first includes a set of trails that take you to various points of the volcano, including the path to the summit, and the path to Las Pailas; the trail to the falls La Cangreja and Escondidas, the path to the White River pool, and the trail to fumaroles and mud volcanoes. The second sector, Santa Maria, includes a set of paths among which are: the path to the waterfall enchanted forest, the path to the Pailas sector, the path to the pails of cold water, and the trail to the hot springs.

National Park Marino Las Baulas

The National Park Marino Baulas is located on the Nicoya Peninsula and includes several attractions that will catch your eye as Carbon Beach, Ventanas and Langosta, the Morro and Hermoso hills and mangroves San Francisco and Ventanas. It is a place of special importance because in this sector spawns the leatherback turtle, hence the name of the national park which translates to ‘The Leatherback Marine National Park.’ The leatherback is the world’s largest sea turtle and is in danger of extinction. Costa Rica protects these turtles to keep their populations the healthy and growing number of individuals.

Samara Beach

Samara Beach is a bay about 4 kilometers long, with clear sand, gentle waves and an area of mangroves. It is recognized as one of the safest and most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. On the horizon is Chora Island, right in front of the Punta Indio, where one can spot an area of coral reefs. The vegetation of the area is landlocked, so you can appreciate trees like the manzanillo, coconut palms, and creepers such as beach bean plants, among others. This beach, like Tamarindo, has received the Blue Flag Award for its commitment to the environment. In addition to its beautiful beach, the town of Samara offers many attractions and water activities such as surfing, fishing, snorkeling, diving, etc.

Nosara Beach and Guiones Beach

These beautiful beaches are characterized by their size and clear sand, in addition to its strong waves. Nosara Beach has a length of 3 kilometers and forms a beautiful mangrove in the Nosara River. One of the most outstanding tourist attractions in the area is Nosara Point, formed by a set of rocks where the waves break. Both Guiones and Nosara beaches have a good tourist offer that will allow you to enjoy horseback riding and boat trips through the estuary. Their strong waves make these beaches an ideal place for surfing, thanks to their beautiful landscape they have become a home for yoga and spiritual tourism.

Hornillas y Miravalles Volcano

Miravalles Volcano is located in the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountain Range, at an altitude of 2028 m.s.n.m. It is protected within the Protected Area. Near the town of Guayabo, several places offer hot springs of a yellowish color, laden with volcanic minerals to help you relax. In addition to its natural attractions, the Miravalles volcano is also used for geothermal energy, because it is one of the 7 active volcanoes of the country. In the Hornillas sector, you can walk by a volcanic crater where you can see hot mud, fumaroles, and Sulfur Rivers while enjoying the healing benefits of these minerals.

Llanos del Cortez Waterfalls

Costa Rica is a country rich in natural beauty and because of its many rivers, you can find beautiful waterfalls. One of the most beautiful in the country is the series of waterfalls, Llanos del Cortez. They are located near the town of Bagaces on the way to Liberia. To enter the place, one must detour on a dirt road for a few kilometers, and walk through a transitional forest. Among the peculiarities of this waterfall is the white sand beach that is formed by the sedimentation of the river and the pool of clear water to enjoy the sun and nature.

Cavernas de Barra Honda

The Barra Honda National Park, in addition to offering several trails within the dry forest, also features one of the most beautiful caves in the country. It is a cave located a few kilometers from Nicoya and 450 meters high; therefore, in order to visit, one must descend several meters on a vertical ladder. The cave system of Barra Honda combines ancient coral reefs that emerged from the normal lifting of the tectonic plates and the stalactite and stalagmite formations. Although the cave system has not yet been fully explored, one of which is open to the public (Velvet sector).

 Santa Rosa National Park

Located in the northern part of Guanacaste, Santa Rosa National Park protects a very important area of dry forest, characterized by being unique in Central America. It also has two sectors: Murciélago and Santa Rosa, each has beautiful beaches rarely visited, among which are: the Hachal, Danta, Coquito, Santa Elena, Blanca Naranjo and Nancite. The park is recognized for its wildlife; thus, in the vicinity, there is a biological station that monitors animals such as white-tailed deer, howler and white-faced monkeys, sea turtles, reptiles and amphibians, among others. On the other hand, the park has great historical importance for the country, because here is where we find Casona de Santa Rosa, where the Battle of Santa Rosa occurred, and the Monument to the Heroes of 1856 and 1955.

Reeds and archaeological site El Farallon

The Reeds sector and its surroundings are rarely visited by foreign tourists but it is an area rich in tourist attractions. The city of Reeds is located in the plains of Guanacaste, on the road to Liberia. Some of the activities available in the area are: rafting on the Corobici River, hikes in the Pelado Volcano, and visit the archaeological site El Farallon which has great historical importance for the petroglyphs located on the stone wall near a river. It is a place that surely allows you to connect with the history of our people.


Why is Guanacaste so popular…?

Why is Guanacaste so popular…?

November 1, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Guanacaste has become one of, if not the most popular attraction Costa Rica has to offer. It is a tropical paradise filled with beautiful sandy beaches, lush mountain ranges, and exotic volcanoes. Visitors of this region are drawn by the diversity of incredibly appealing scenes, wildlife, and culture that Guanacaste provides.

Located on the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Guanacaste has risen to the top as Costa Rica’s favorite vacation destination. The peak season for visiting Guanacaste is between December and April, this is Costa Rica’s dry season. Although, Guanacaste is unique in Costa Rica for its dryer, tropical climate. Guanacaste does still experience a rainy season, but it is still the driest part of the country. That means more time sunbathing on white sandy beaches or adventuring through lush rainforests. The dry tropical climate and proximity to both beaches and mountains make the ideal location for travelers seeking anything from sun and relaxation to mountain adventure to nature and birding tours. In fact, Guanacaste vacation tours are some of the best in the country. Guanacaste extraordinary natural diversity, great climate, stunning beaches, and vacation tours make it the ideal vacation destination for you and your whole family.
Guanacaste is home to world-class vacation destinations, hotels, and all-inclusive resorts. It is also easily accessible thanks to the Daniel Oduber International Airport located in Libera, the capital city of Guanacaste. Every year tourists from all over the world flock to Guanacaste to experience the pristine beaches, abundant rainforests, and a variety of boutique, eco, 5-star and romantic Guanacaste hotels.

In Guanacaste, there are plenty of activities to do. From surfing to ziplining, to scuba diving you can fill your need for adventure. Active Volcanoes allow you to once again experience the natural beauty that is one of a kind. Waterfalls and national parks can also be part of your adventure in Guanacaste. With 400 miles of coastline and plenty of activities to enjoy, Guanacaste is sure to provide an experience of a lifetime.

Crocodile Bridge; a stop on your way to paradise…

Crocodile Bridge; a stop on your way to paradise…

October 23, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

The Costa Rica crocodile bridge is 73 kilometers (45 miles) from San Jose, about a 1 hour/20 min drive. You have to pass this bridge if you are going to Jaco, Manuel Antonio, the South Pacific or the Osa Peninsula if you plan to drive on the Costanera Sur (Route 34). The crocodile bridge is in the small town of Tarcoles, about a 20-minute drive north of Jaco.

The entire river watershed covers over 2000 kilometers (1242 miles) and empties into the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, Tarcoles River begins at the point where two different rivers meet creating the border of the Carara National Park. Unfortunately, the Tarcoles River is contaminated and polluted. Despite the contamination, an abundance of wildlife depends on the river for survival due to its key location. Furthermore, the river also helps irrigate agricultural lands and generates electricity. The government and local community have implemented programs to clean up the river but it has already had many years of contamination and it will take a long process to clean. It is considered an unsafe place to swim obviously. It is best to check it out from a distance, especially because of the large amounts of crocodiles in this river.

You’ll know you have reached the bridge when you see lots of cars, a hotel, a small market, several souvenir shops and lots of people walking around. You can walk onto the bridge and make sure to use the handrail. One should be very careful when you walk on this bridge because there is no dedicated pedestrian lane and cars drive fast. The best side to see the crocodiles is on the left (coming north from San Jose). When you look down slowly, you will be blown away by the number of huge crocodiles laying right under the bridge.

The amount of American crocodiles in this river is simply amazing. So much so that this river is considered to have the highest population of crocodiles in the world. And these guys are massive. Thanks to the large numbers of these reptiles, the crocodile bridge is a fascinating stop and people love to see these animals.



October 9, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Every year on October 12th, Costa Rica celebrates Dia de las Culturas, also known as Columbus Day in the United States of America. In Spanish speaking countries and communities, it is often known as Dia de la Raza, the Day of Race. This national holiday marks the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s first journey and the discovery of the Americas.

Since 1994, Costa Rica has changed the name of the official holiday from Dia de la Raza to Dia de las Culturas (Day of Culture). This change recognizes the mix of cultures that has contributed to the development and culture of Costa Rica. A diverse fusion of European, American, African and Asian influences shape Costa Rican, and Latin American, culture. Therefore, Dia de las Culturas is now a celebration of the heritage, colonization, and cultural diversity that is found throughout Costa Rica.

This celebration in Costa Rica is a lively event. The province of Limon celebrates this day in the week prior to the 12th with a colorful carnival full of dancing and cultural demonstrations. Throughout Costa Rica, you may see dancing and singing, but for the full Dia de la Culturas experience, Limon is the place to be. A good time is pretty much guaranteed, and it’s all in the name of history and the merging of cultures. Expect to see people lining the streets to watch and cheer on the “beauty queens,” marching bands and brightly colored costumes, along with very colorfully dressed and extremely coordinated dance troupes.

If traveling in Costa Rica during this time, tourists and locals go out into the streets and are greeted by a colorful mix of streamers, dancers, and celebration. It is important to note that Dia de la Culturas is a national holiday. Government offices, the post office, and public schools will be closed.

Volcanoes; one of Costa Rica’s main touristic attractions

Volcanoes; one of Costa Rica’s main touristic attractions

October 1, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for having many different attractions, but its greatest unknown appeal maybe its variation of Volcanoes. Costa Rica sits on the lower half of Central America, in between Nicaragua and Panama. Central American land is fairly new compared to the landmasses to the north and south. Millions of years ago, a multitude of eruptions formed Costa Rica which lies in the ring of fire. There are over 200 identified volcanic formations in Costa Rica, with less than half currently showing volcanic activity. The Volcanoes here have played an important role here in the disenrollment of the country’s landscape. Due to the many eruptions of the past 1000 years; Costa Rica is rich in minerals and has fertile land which led to dense forestation. Diverse ecosystems and a large number of numerous amount of animal species is also a result of the volcanic process. Costa Rica currently has 5 active volcanoes and 1 inactive volcano that attracts visitors from all over the world: Poas, Irazu, Turrialba, Rincon de La Vieja, Tenorio, and Arenal.

Poas Volcano National Park is the most accessible Volcano, located in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica. It peaks at 8,885 ft (2,708m),  it is one of Costa Rica’s largest and most popular Volcanoes. Only 1 1/2 hour from San Jose, it is a quick trip with incredible vegetation along the way. You are also able to identify both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans when summiting. The last eruption was in 2017, but you have to go back to 1910 to find its last major eruption.

Irazu Volcano is the tallest in the nation, reaching 11,260 ft upwards of 3,400 m., located in Cartago. Here the main attraction is the Diego de la Haya crater, which features an amazing 300-meter green lake. There is also a park (Prussia) with walking trails among beautiful forests.

Turrialba is also located in Cartago and is currently the most active volcano in Costa Rica. It is known for its constant release of white smoke and ash. It is also known for its high density of natural beauty filled with impressive wildlife. The summit peaks at 10,919 ft (3,328m).

The Rincon de La Vieja is located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. This Volcano has 9 craters that form part of the Rincon de La Vieja National Park. Of the 9 craters in this national park, Santa Maria crater is the highest, peaking at 6,385 ft (1916 m). The most activity lies in the Mountains of Guanacaste, where the Von Seebach crater is currently the most active of the 9 craters. Hiking up this steep summit is not easy, but definitely worth it.

Tenorio Volcano is also located in the Guanacaste region and is part of the Miravalles Protected Zone. The max peak reaches 6,286 ft (1,916 m), which smoothly transitions from dense forest to a cinder cone. Surroundings of this Volcano are made up of a blend of forest, hot springs, and geysers.

Arenal Volcano is inarguably one of Costa Rica’s most popular Volcanoes. In 2010 Arenal went into a resting phase and declared inactive. In the past 50 years or so, Arenal had been one of Costa Rica’s most active Volcanoes. Today, Arenal still is one of the most visited volcanoes. It is located in the Alajuela province about 90 km northwest of San Jose, and it peaks at 5,358 ft (1,633 m).

Champions of the Earth award

Champions of the Earth award

September 25, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has always had a culture that not only respected nature, but that felt it a requirement to always protect it. In September 2019 Costa Rica was recognized by the United Nations and given the highest possible environmental honor; Champions of the Earth award.

The Central American country received this accolade due to its strong commitment to combating climate change and preserving nature. Costa Rica has come up with a devoted plan to decarbonize its economy by the year 2050 (in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals). As a nation that always felt responsible and within their actions to conserve the environment, Costa Rica has recently instilled strong governmental policies to continue its mission to protect our planet. Being able to implement these type of principles within their political and economic beliefs; has shown the world that it is achievable to have this type of sustainability.

Costa Rica and the UN hope to influence other nations to imply similar approaches in regards to protecting our environment. As most of the world seems to be heading in the wrong direction, continuing to uncontrollably release deadly emissions that rapidly cause devastating climate changes; Costa Rica is putting great efforts to make sure the effects of climate change are slowed down.

Although this is a great step that few have taken, and maybe many will take; what many of us don’t know is the greatest single cause of climate change and the greatest individual threat we have to our planet is: ANIMAL AGRICULTURE. Yes, this may be a huge surprise to all of us. The animal agriculture industry accounts for more greenhouse gases than the exhaust of cars, trucks, trains, boats combined; the whole transportation sector. When it comes to resource consumption and depletion; 55% of our water use is consumed by raising livestock for consumption. The meat industry alone wastes nearly 2,500 gallons of water to produce just 1lb of beef! Yes, these facts are staggering, but what can we do as a society and inhabitants of this conflicted world…? It is simple, the answer is to reduce meat consumption. Veganism has so many positive, impactful results in countless ways; first and foremost to save and protect animals from abuse. Another is the influence it has on improving your overall health. Why not choose to act with kindness compassion and love.

Mijael T.

Soccer the most popular sport in Costa Rica

Soccer the most popular sport in Costa Rica

September 20, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Soccer in Costa Rica has been a tremendous influence on the lifestyle and the culture this country is associated with. Costa Rica has been playing this amazing game since the late 1800s. With help from British folks, Costa Rica regulated their “futbol” culture and even established their first official National Team. Soon Costa Rica became practicing different types of organized sports that included baseball, basketball, horseback riding, and a few more.

Like many other countries around the world, Costa Rica started to build a unique love and embracement for the game. By the early 1900s, Costa Rica as a nation began supporting, preserving, and encouraging the sport. Later, in the beginning, stages of the 20th century; after several unsuccessful tries to form a national federation, Costa Rica became part of the National Soccer League. This later helped formed the soccer league that Costa Rica has today. It also, as stated before helped build the country’s culture.

Costa Rica has participated in many world cups. In 1990, they reached the second round after a stunning victory over Scotland. Costa Rica finally reached its peak In 2014, the “Ticos” went as far as the quarterfinals of the World Cup. Here the country was riding a magical carpet, the whole world was stunned. Costa Rica had reached the FINAL 8 of a tournament, that players work their entire lives to reach. Costa Rica eventually lost in a penalty kick shootout versus The Netherlands. Even so, this World Cup proved Costa Rica could compete with the big soccer nations. It even leads to the signing of Keylor Navas (Costa Rica goalkeeper), by Real Madrid.

Costa Rica continues to improve its soccer brand, through their youth system, and of course their culture. Costa Rica’s confidence and strength as a nation are demonstrated by their national soccer team. Costa Rica hopes to continue this pattern for years and decades to come to hopefully one day, shock the world again.

Celebrating Costa Rica Independence Day

Celebrating Costa Rica Independence Day

September 12, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica celebrates its 198th year of existence and independence on September 15th. Costa Rica shares this anniversary with Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras. On Sept 15, 197 years ago, the Central American Congress signed the “Act of Independence” in Guatemala deliberating these nations from Spanish rule. It actually took about a month after the act, for the news to reach Costa Rica. There was luckily no fight for independence since Spain was morally and physically depleted due to other wars. Actually; Spain had felt like all the Central American land had become a burden to keep and maintain, so it was a relief for the Spanish Empire to withdraw their rule over these lands.

Costa Rica became completely independent from the Central American Republic in 1838. Like many other nations, Costa Rica has a unique way of celebrating this special day. First off, government institutions and businesses are closed, and people often take advantage of the day off. There is an annual Torch Relay that spans about 5 days that starts in Guatemala and ends in Cartago, which is Costa Rica’s colonial capital. Kids often participate in the “lantern parade” the night before; by lighting torches made out of paper, and decorating them in unique ways. Also, parades with folkloric dances and traditional costumes are done by school children; who prepare for this months in advance. Traditional Costa Rican food like; tamales, empanadas, Casados (rice and beans, meat, salad), fried plantains, and fried yuca are served by vendors at these events.

Costa Rica for nearly 200 years has been creating a culture that uniquely defines them. Today, Costa Ricans use September 15, as a way to remind and share the traditions that have made this country such a special and beautiful place.

Golfing in Costa Rica

Golfing in Costa Rica

September 2, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Picture yourself watching a stunning sunset in the evening and catching the sounds of birds and the Pacific Ocean; well, strangely enough, this could be a reality in one of the many golf courses around Costa Rica. Whether it is in your condominium or a luxurious beach resort, golf courses around Costa Rica offer magnificent views of the trademark nature in Costa Rica.

The most renowned Golf Courses is nested in the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica: Guanacaste is Home of the three most famous Golf courses, Hacienda Pinilla, Four Seasons and Reserva Conchal Golf. All them famous for its scenery. They are a must-play when in Costa Rica.

In the wonderful Hacienda Pinilla resort. Ancient and imposing trees such as the “Guanacaste” (national trees), “Matapalo”, and “Pochote” surround the course and make it comfortable for species like birds, monkeys, iguanas, deer, and many other animals that can be seen from time to time. Spread over 4,500 acres, this rolling landscape was used previously for a cattle ranch for more than 40 years, giving the property a rustic but well cared for aesthetic. Containing about three miles of pristine beaches, this property also offers the greatest views of the ocean to see while you enjoy your golfing.

The Four Season Golf Course is a world-class court with incredible and majestic views of the pacific and the Bahia Culebra. International rated as among the 100 best golf courses in the world.

The visitors will enjoy Crystalline waters,  plants, birds, monkeys, and animal species.

The Westin Golf Resort Course in Conchal is surrounded by lush vegetation and blue waters as well. Robert Trent Jones Golf Course is an 18-hole, par 71-course with one of the most beautiful landscapes in Costa Rica being a  Family and all-inclusive resort allows family gatherings and several activities for kids too.

In the Central Valley of Costa Rica, you can also feel free to visit the Valle del Sol residential for some golfing. The Valle del Sol Golf Club is an 18-hole, par 72 championship course that has the best views of the Central Valley mountain landscape. The atmosphere over here is more tranquil and chill as opposed to the constant sun in Guanacaste. Designed to take advantage of all of its surroundings, the course has little streams in every hole and also an excellent cart path where you can also indulge in the numerous trees that refresh the air.

It is important to note that the larger resort courses located in the Guanacaste section of Costa Rica are best geared for experienced golfers, while the other courses centered in the capital are better suited for novice golfers. More broadly, over the past years, the sport of golf has had a greater presence here in Costa Rica seen as it has hosted several international events such as the PGA Latin American Tour, currently working on hosting the Latin American Amateur Championship (LAAC) in 2022. Next time you plan to visit Costa Rica, remember, feel free to visit and play in one of the many fabulous courses around the country and have fun while enjoying the picturesque nature of the location.

The picturesque corner of Alajuela, San Ramón

The picturesque corner of Alajuela, San Ramón

August 31, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Known as the “city of Poets”, San Ramón is an incredible but small city located in the province of Alajuela. The biggest impression from this little town is the extensive amount of emerald green mountains and trees that flood the place and give it the most amazing natural atmosphere. Just an hour and a half away from the Arenal Volcano and hot springs and less than an hour away from the capitol San José and Pacific Ocean beaches, San Ramón is a very peaceful provincial city that has been growing and that welcomes foreign travelers all year round.

Upon arrival, you will be able to see the abounding culture that exists in this town, mostly embodied in its people’s slow-paced life focused on forging strong community bonds. Normal to the life of the Ramonenses is thus the Farmers market, where many people join together and sell fresh fruit, vegetables, and even cattle.  As well, the fact that many of the country’s greatest literary and political figures were born here also gives it an important role in the enrichment of Costa Rica as a whole, hence San Ramon’s label, “city of poets”. Take for example famous poets Felix Angel Salas Cabezas and Lisimaco Chavarria Palma or ex-presidents Jose Figueres Ferrer and Rodrigo Carazo.

In the heart of San Ramón, you will find an incredible catholic church, and just north to it you can discover a museum where you can learn about the town’s rich history and important figures who have built it.  One of the most captivating characteristics of this “tico” town would have to be its climate. With no need for air conditioning or fireplaces, the weather in this town stays between 70°F to  75 °F all year long, making it perfect for coffee to be cultivated by the many farmers who live in the area. Apart from coffee, the city is also famous for its three cigar factories; in fact, if you wish to take a break from your agricultural adventures you can pay a visit to one of these factories to see how the people of San Ramón make their living.

More broadly, if you’re looking to settle down in a traditional and environmental city filled with authentic people and also want to get to know what it feels like to live the “tico” lifestyle, San Ramón most definitely checks all of your boxes.

The Real Estate in this area is moving fast for its good prices and accessible location to many amenities. San Ramon provides the best of what Costa Rica has to offer a good pace of life, combine with incredible nature, landscape, scenery and a Pura Vida Lifestyle you will enjoy!

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