How Much Does it Cost to Live in Costa Rica?

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An important factor that determines the cost of living for foreigners in Costa Rica is their lifestyle. If you are used to a wealthy lifestyle, you’ll spend more than someone accustomed to living frugally. Either way, you will still find Costa Rica to be a bargain.

San Jose’s cost of living ranks close to the middle when compared to 118 cities worldwide. The cost of living in Guatemala City or Panama City is about 14% higher than in San José. Corporate Resource Consulting firm that compares costs of goods and services rates San José among the least expensive coast-of -living cities in the world. It is second to Quito, Ecuador in the Americas in terms of affordability.

In most areas housing costs less than what it does in the U. S. and hired help is a steal. Utilities (telephone service, electricity, and water) are cheaper than in North America. You never need to heat your home or apartment since Costa Rica’s climate is warm. You need not cook with gas, since most stoves are electric.

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