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It might seem funny, but if you want to start a business in Costa Rica you must find a way to provide delivery "EXPRESS" service. That's right! If you start a restaurant (fast food or gourmet), a drugstore or an office supply or a movie rental store, your business will most likely succeed if you have "express service".

Why is this? Even though Costa Rica is a very small country and there are plenty of restaurant and store chains all over the country that provide very good service, people hate to leave home to go shopping.

Imagine it is Saturday evening and the whole family is watching "Dancing for a Dream" and it is drizzling outside. Mom doesn't want to cook and everyone is hungry. What is the logic solution: call express and relax.

You would see children jumping of happiness if they hear the honk of a motorcycle around noon in front of their house. That means that pizza, fried chicken or hamburgers have arrived.

The delivery is always full service. The meal will come together with the drinks and forks, napkins, ketchup and mayonnaise, parmesan cheese and dried hot chili pepper in tiny bags!

It is also very convenient. A mother might be home alone with her two little children and need medicine for one of them. The drugstore that gives the express service will definitely get the sale.

You can even rent movies and have them delivered to your door and they will even go and pick them up!

This is the way Costa Rican people solve their problem of transportation. Not everybody have a car and sometimes people live up in the hill and far away from the bus stop.

Restaurants like KFC and Taco Bell loose a lot of business on Soccer Sundays because they do not deliver.

If you move to Costa Rica , you will enjoy this service also, and then you may decide if you prefer to go an pick up your purchase at the store or if you prefer to lay back while you wait for your goods to be delivered home by a "moto."

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