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Nowadays the HOT areas for real estate are Escazu and Santa Ana. This is because these two cities are very close to San Jose and they have all the commodities and amenities that buyers are looking for.

With the construction of the new Highway to Caldera, questions are starting to arise on whether this two places are going to continue being the top choice for buyers or if there will be new places that will become more attractive for investors. The new highway will make more accessible to some places that were considered hard to visit. Among those places we find Brasil de Mora and Ciudad Colon, also San Rafael de Alajuela is being considered as a possible blooming place.

Brasil de Mora and Ciudad Colon have a very warm and nice climate that is very appealing to buyers. Even with the actual highway, these towns were considered too far away to live there and to work in San Jose. Going to San Jose and do some errands is going to be just minutes away with the new highway and, as a plus, people will be able to get to the beach in a snap.

The same seems to be the matter with San Rafael de Alajuela. It is a nice, country like place with a warm mild weather. Besides, the international airport is so close and the beach will be easily accessible from here.

Now properties in these areas are well priced and the potential is amazing. This is why now it is a great moment to start looking for properties in these areas. It is predicted that prices will go up in these areas drastically when the highway is finished. So, why not taking a look at these towns and decide whether one of them is right for you to live or invest there?



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