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Manuel Antonio Quepos

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Manuel Antonio is located on the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica. The area is known for having some of Costa Rica's most beautiful beaches. Manuel Antonio neighbors the local fishing town of Quepos. The Manuel Antonio area which is one of Costa Rica's most sought after areas for coastal living has not always been what it is today. The natural beauty of Manuel Antonio results from the perfect position it has in the tropics. It is located just below the tropical dry forest belt putting it in the upper section of the tropical moist forest. This allows the area to get enough rain to stay green all year but also plenty of sunshine. This is why the area is so affluent in animal and plant biodiversity.

The name Quepos comes from one of the most fierce Indian tribes that has ever lived in the Americas, around 900 AD. Their name was Quepoa and they owned the area when the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon arrived in 1519 looking for the Fountain of Youth. From the years that followed the arrival of Ponce de Leon the area was visited by European pirates and other Spanish explorers. It was not the pristine natural beauty that attracted the explorers. The Quepoa tribe were often dressed in riches of gold and dye and so the explorers were looking for the source of the gold. Then in the year 1920 the area was discovered by the banana companies and now present day it is the sport-fishing enthusiast and nature lovers who have adopted the area. It was in 1972 that the area of Manuel Antonio decided to make their best investment in history. This was making the final part of the peninsula a national park which today is known as the Natinoal Park of Manuel Antonio. It is here that Costa Rica can boast of having some of the most beaches lined with lush rainforest. By protecting these forests and beaches the area has attracted tourist from all over the world.

Manuel Antonio has also become one of the most sought after places for a vacation home in all of Costa Rica. Its geography allows properties and homes to have some of the most spectacular views of the deep Pacific surrounded by rainforest in an area where you can still find more monkeys than people.

With an interesting history and natural beauty Manuel Antonio is making a new history with modern luxuries blended to perfection with a tropical paradise. The area is home to some of the country's best restaurants. You can eat from some of the finest chefs in all of the country who have come from all over the world to call Manuel Antonio home and open up small unique places to eat. Some of the places are La Hacienda or the famous Kapi Kapi just to name a few. The list goes on of places to eat. The area is filled with a social environment of foreigners that are calling the area home full-time, allowing visitors to take a peak into the life of coastal living.

In Manuel Antonio you can find some of the most luxurious coastal living in all of Costa Rica surrounded by some of the best beaches, restaurants, and just a few hours from San Jose.

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