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Best Places to live in Costa Rica

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North Pacific Region - Guanacaste

Guanacaste is known as a surfers paradise, with the most acclaimed surf spots on the coast and beautiful translucent beaches. As soon as you get to the region you will fill the relaxed lifestyle and friendly people. During the peak seasons, from December to April this is a hot spot for local and foreign tourism due to the number of bars, restaurants, and condos located close to the beach. It is important to note that the greater Tamarindo area, including Hacienda Pinilla, Langosta, Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Flamingo, Conchal to Catalinas in the north is one of the best bases for an expat. Known as one of the coastal areas with the best schools since they have a wide variety of learning styles. For example, CRIA School which utilizes the US recognized system, US-based learning, English Language, coeducational, nonsectarian school. Also, La Paz School which focuses on IB certificate, known as a dynamic and community-based school. All with knowledge about foreign families and advice on adapting to a new country. North American families traveling to Guanacaste seeking to relocate will have unconditional support from the different schools and also begin to create ties with other families in the same situation. According to the study financed and led by The Canadian Work Ministry and the International Migration Organization (OIM) titled “LA POBLACIÓN EXTRANJERA EN COSTA RICA”, out of the 20,178 inhabitants of Guanacaste, it is known that 13.9% are foreigners. Due to the rapid growth and development of the area, the foreign population has increased. There is also excellent access to prime health care system and the international airport located in the main city of the region called Liberia.

The Southern Zone

Moving to the Pacific side, on the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, you will find some of the most beautiful pristine beaches. This region is also known for having a diverse and complex ecosystem, it’s lush forests and beaches create the perfect scenery. A paradise for surfers, adventurers, and an ecological/sustainable lifestyle. The area is full of eco-lodges, yoga retreat centers, meditation areas, and the community is known for its sustainable habits. The perfect place to escape from modern cities and emerge into a peaceful surrounding.Dominical,Uvita, and Ojochal are the preferred areas for North American and European communities. This area is known as Costa Ballena, which refers to the hot spot for whales mating. Bars, restaurants, farmers markets, schools, and health care is pretty accessible here. You will have all the amenities at the tips of your fingers while enjoying the beautiful nature daily.

The Central Valley

The Central Valley, Costa Rica’s capital city San Jose. The most acclaimed cities for expats are Escazú and Santa Ana,Atenas, San Ramon, and Grecia

Escazu and Santa Ana are known as the modern area of San Jose, an upscale suburb which has become very popular for foreign. There are new growing business centers and commercial centers scattered around both towns. Education is abundant, you will find public schools and some of the most famous private schools like Blue Valley and PanAmerican School. There is a brand new Texas Tech campus located in a modern commercial center called Avenida Escazu which also offers restaurants and entertainment. Temperatures can vary between 70 to 80 degrees up to 60 degrees at night making it the ideal climate to enjoy outdoor activities. Regarding Real Estate in the region, you will find tons of gated communities with modern amenities as well as apartments or single homes both for rent or buy.

Atenas and Grecia are two picturesque rural towns located between the Pacific Coast and the center of San Jose. An ideal place for those looking for nature, here you will be surrounded by green sceneries. In these, you will find traditional “Tico” families and lifestyle. According to National Geographic, Atenas is known as one of the places with the best climates in the world. Both towns have temperatures of 82 degrees to 60 degrees at night providing a chilly climate due to the elevation of the town. Elevations here vary between 3000 – 5000 feet above sea level, providing an impeccable climate all year long. Real estate is rapidly growing and thus are business centers in the area, which attracts plenty of expats.

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