When living in Costa Rica: When Deciding to Build on Your Property

Helpful reminders when living in Costa Rica:
When Deciding to Build on Your Property

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Once you have made the decision, then of course you need to find a proper architect and builder. It is important to get good references for your builder as well as see the homes already built. It is important to have a contract with the builder or construction company prior to building. You will need to have building permits submitted to the local Municipality for approval. All of these documents will be related to the property itself as well as the plans for building and payment of the permit. This may be done by your construction company or Architect and should be discussed prior to signing the contract.

Remember that all building requires a building permit and depending on the size or location of the construction, environmental permits may be required as well. Environmental permits are very important and should be obtained upon requirement. If you are going to remove trees, move dirt to make the building site or build a home that is larger than 500 square meters or are building in area that has jungle, rivers, creeks or streams nearby, then you should consult with a certified engineer on the subject to ensure that you have all of your environmental permits in place prior to performing any of those tasks.

Helpful Reminders When Living in Costa Rica

By Kristi Penlan
Attorney at Law / Abogada
Uvita, Osa, Puntarenas

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