Helpful reminders when living in Costa Rica: Regarding your Corporation

Helpful reminders when living in Costa Rica: Regarding your Corporation

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Corporate Tax:

This yearly tax is due on or before the end of January of each year. INACTIVE corporations pay about $200.00 per year and ACTIVE (commercially active, declaring income, sales and activity) is about $300.00. You can pay this online through BANCO DE COSTA RICA or you can physically go to the bank and deposit the amounts, just with the corporate ID number. Your corporate ID number is called “Cedula Juridica” in Spanish and usually begins with the numbers: 3-101 or 3-102 depending on if it is an SA or an LLC.  It is important to keep this tax current, as if you do not, your corporation will not be able to do anything (transfers, received certifications, receive assets, etc.).

Education and Culture Stamp:

This is a stamp that should be paid to the  tax office yearly, on or before December 31st. The Tax is based upon the amount of the capital stock of your corporation. As such your first step is to determine the capital amount with which your corporation was registered. This can be paid online through your bank account in the Payment sections, “Taxes or “Impuestos” or handled directly by an accountant.

Helpful Reminders When Living in Costa Rica

By Kristi Penland
Attorney at Law / Abogada
Uvita, Osa, Puntarenas

* These are helpful reminders made intended to assist with yearly items. Such items, laws, amounts and contact links and numbers are based on current information at the time of writing this document and therefore all items are subject to change. Any links or professional services referenced in this document are entirely separate from our offices and are intended to help, but is left up to the receiving Party to decide to use such services or not. Furthermore, this may not be the entire realm of information on any given subject;

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