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Naranjo is a tico town by all definitions of the words. Located in the Canton of Alajuela Province, steeped in history and tradition, with roughly 50,000 inhabitants who you will find chatting in the streets, sitting in the park for afternoon down time, and selling fruits from the back of pickup trucks parked on the side of the road. Naranjo is home to the oldest oxcart making factories in Costa Rica, as well as about 100 factories for handcrafted wood furniture. This center for the arts is the area where most expats call home. Surrounded by green areas and beautiful mountain views, the town of Naranjo is made up of a few import stores for appliances and cheap furniture, as well as a beautiful central area marked by the Catholic church, parks, the central market and the bus station. Expect fresh fruits on the corner, and the delicious smell of fresh bread from local bakers.

While modern amenities are available including a well-equipped public hospital, private medical centers, and a few grocery stores, for the most part your needs will be met in a Costa Rican way. The weather is warm at 3500 feet above sea level, but usually not hot. One of the key parts of this area, and why it is so attractive to Expats, is that you can enjoy of a calmed town located only about 1 hour away from San José. In the city you will find fun activities like the Opera House, museums, and Central Stadium for concerts and big sporting events.

You will not hear English spoken very often in Naranjo except in the Cultural and touristic center of Sarchí, but wherever you find your slice of paradise in Naranjo, you will be welcomed by friendly locals, a few happy expats, and never ending pura vida! Come explore it with us!

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