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Art Guzman was born and raised in Costa Rica and very much appreciates the beauty and lifestyle of his own country.

Art loves travelling around Costa Rica and has travelled extensively due to his involvement in Real Estate since 1999 when he founded his company.

"Travelling around Costa Rica is really the best part of my job. I feel blessed just by being born in Costa Rica, a country of incredible energy, abundant natural resources and amazing topography... Not to mention that the most unbelievable wildlife on earth lives here with us.

In addition to all of the above wonderful natural elements, Costa Rica provides a stable democratic tradition and a pushing economy where it's people are welcoming, mostly educated, clean and very conscious about the environment... making this little spot on earth a true paradise for those who appreciate peace and a quality lifestyle"

"When I was a kid I lived in San Ramon of Alajuela. It was and still is a constant growing town, however, back in the days it was a very peaceful and healthy rural lifestyle... We used to go to rivers and swim into the natural pools, climb a tree to hang a rope around the longest branch and then do Tarzan style swings into the water! We would pick up guavas and tangerines from the trees and do all kinds of expeditions into the country."

He moved to San Jose at age 13 to finish High School in Saint Judes, a private bilingual high school. Art's English verbal and writing skills are superb considering the fact that English is not his mother language.

Art attended the Business School at University of Costa Rica with formal studies in economy, finances, accounting, human resources, and specialized in Marketing, which is one of his passions.

He started in Real Estate at a family construction company and worked there for three years. "My uncle owns a small construction company and needed help selling their developments so he hired me to be his "sales manager".

I learned about the product we were selling, the construction process, the right staging, then design the message and marketing campaigns to drive potential buyers.

The market niche we targeted required a lot of help with the financing and qualification process so I got to meet with the bank's appraisers, executives and regional managers to obtain the bank's support for our products and customers. I would assist our clients in getting financing to purchase the homes from the first meeting until closing. It was a great school!"

In 1999 Art founded his own real estate company and started attending to formal training at the Costa Rica Real Estate Association Board (CCCBR), their seminars and conventions in different parts of the country. Art received an award for representing a condo development at the Premio al Desarrollo Inmobiliario Rene Frank organized by the Camara Costarricense de Corredores de Bienes Raices (CCCBR) in November 2007.

Art also was a consultant for the Real Estate Brokers Association (Camara Costarricense de Corredores de Bienes Raices) for helping with the design of their first Multiple Listing Service in Costa Rica in 2006.

Arturo Guzman lives in Santa Ana with his wife and 3 kids:

"My three children were fully bilingual before they were born... We have two boys and a little princess and they are our biggest blessing.

They attend an American School in Escazu and are involved in outdoor and art activities in both school and after. The weather is phenomenal for their sports development. Being surrounded by beautiful mountains and temperatures of 60-85F year around and have this environment to raise your children is truly a privilege."

A few years later Art's real estate brokerage company became the first International office for an American real estate franchise which meant Art was able to further is real estate knowledge by attended various training sessions in both Costa Rica and the U.S.

Art's real estate brokerage company was given many awards by the American master franchise over the years including:

  • President's Honor Group in 2011
  • Listing Proficiency Award in 2011
  • President's Honor Group in 2010
  • Listing Proficiency Award in 2009

In 2009 Art participated in the organization of a Trade Mission in association with an American company from Florida. The program included briefing in the American Embassy, cocktail dinner with the US Embassy representatives, real estate developers, government and business people.

Art's role was securing the sponsorship of transportation both air and ground, lodging, real estate meetings, breakfasts, lunches and diners with different groups and developers at the time as well as private real estate showings to the delegates.

Art's academic background, accumulated professional training and formal experience are his best allies when dealing with sophisticated or complicated negotiations. Art's always thinking of creative ways to reach a win-win result where all parties are satisfied.

"I select my Real Estate inventory in Costa Rica very carefully, I make sure I understand the property intimately and then obtain the necessary documentation to back up the offering. I strive in making sure our inventory is priced correctly and I prefer not to list a property if we can't reach an agreement on price expectations, as my role as professional is to educate both buyers and sellers by following the market's trends, search for comparisons and actual sales in the market to then provide with fair advise and successful price strategies."

Costa Rica Realtor Arturo Guzman - Happy Customer Testimonials.

Email received: Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 11:04 AM:

"With great dedication Art Guzman, our broker, was marketing our house. The result were promising showings, and recently we were able to sell our house. Art was literally taking us by the hand, and leading us through the very complex process of negotiations of the sale of our house. Every step for us was smooth and easy thanks to his outstanding skills. In a very short time we were able to close the deal, and could do the next step in our life. We highly recommend Art, and thank him very much for all his great work."

Marita and Eb D.

Email received: Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 1:54 PM:

"We have known Arturo since 2003 and have bought two properties and sold one through his company. I doubt that anywhere in Costa Rica you would find an agent more competent than Mr. Guzman.

We first met through an expat's website and Arturo took us to see some properties. The first day we saw only condominiums and were a little disappointed because we were interested in a private home. I noticed, however, that Arturo was really listening to what our needs were and the next day, the first private home we viewed was the one we bought that visit.

That is the key to his success, learning and responding to the client's needs. When we listed our home, exclusively with Art, friends told us we were crazy, list with multiple agents they said, sell it yourself. Our home sold in a few weeks, our friends's homes are still on the market.

To sum up Arturo Guzman is the consummate Realtor, fulfilling needs and then making sure that everything goes smoothly right up to closing"

Gary Chanowich.

Email received: Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 7:11 PM

Thanksgiving time 2005 I and my wife visited Costa Rica for the first time. We had read a very interesting article in the Travel Section of New York Times. Prior to the visit I had been looking for a Realtor to give us an orientation of the condominiums available in the Central Valley or more precisely the Escazu- Santa Ana area.

We found and contacted Art and the day after arrival Art took us around and had arranged for us to see a number of attractive places.

Next day we had narrowed this down to three that we visited again. The same afternoon we left for the Arenal area and experienced an earthquake late that night. We had prior put in a bid for the beautiful condo we later bought. At 2.30 in the morning Art called us in the hotel room and asked if we were still interested, and if so he would go and check out the apartment, which he also did and found no damage. Beginning January 2005 we came back and closed the deal.

We had no intention to act this fast, since we knew very little about the country, but with Art's way of presenting and understanding our needs and also inhaling the beauty of the country our decision was easy to make.

We have visited and spent time a great number of times in our place, but also had the condominium rented for periods of time. Nobody could have done a better job arranging this than Art. We live far away in New York and it feels very good knowing that we have a friend and professional realtor to lean on.

I highly recommend Art to anybody who plans to look for property in this great country. You will be in good hands."

Kjell Wikestam, NY.

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