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May 19, 2011

Properties in Costa Rica

With the so called “green-movement” becoming more and more a part of everyday lives it is without question a part of the developing and construction sector of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a country that is known for having some of the most lush tropical biodiversity on the planet that almost everyone can agree is worth protecting. For this reason it has become a destination for ecotourism family adventures and vacation home real estate.

Well it turns out you do not have to be living in a vacation home or visiting Costa Rica and staying in an ecolodge to experience living green. There are more and more technologies making their way into the market for everyday living and building. The new science of biomimicry is one of the fastest growing trends that architects feel will take living green to the next level. The biomimicry is basically designing homes and other parts of society around some of the concepts of nature.
Costa Rica is the perfect country to take on the new challenges of developing in a sustainable and green form as the country has a number of sources of clean-energy, a booming ecotourism market, and the desire to be carbon neutral by 2020.
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