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August 30, 2011

Properties in Costa Rica

If you are thinking of moving to Costa Rica or just shopping for a real estate investment you might want to look at it as more of an investment in your children.

There are plenty of people that are in their day to day jobs that dream of moving to tropical paradise surrounded by nature. Have we ever wondered why this might be. Well it turns out it is only “natural” to want to be surrounded by the very life system that gives you life. This is ultimately important for kids and many adults need to break the barrier of being detached from nature.

In Richard Louv’s book “Last Child in the Woods — Saving kids from Nature-Deficit Disorder” he talks about the damaging affects of raising children in a world where they have more “screen time” than “stream time”. Kids grow up so detached from nature he says that they have much higher risk of health problems such as obesity and attention disorders. He also argues that this detachment from nature could have a devastating affect on future generations and the functioning of societies.

For those that have moved to Costa Rica and found themselves in a tropical paradise surrounded by nature like on the ridges of the Dominical area surrounded by jungle with views of the Pacific I can assure you that their stress level has dropped. If you decide to move down to an area of Costa Rica surrounded by nature and you have your children experience the beauty of the tropics you will be opening them up to the natural world at an early age which will be nothing but beneficial to their future health.

Richard Louv did the study of the affects of kids lacking nature but it would be interesting to found out how those that decided to make the move to Costa Rica just how much their health mentally and physically has improved.

If your looking for the perfect Oasis in nature let us know and we can make your dream a reality.

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