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Let’s talk about financing in Costa Rica

Let’s talk about financing in Costa Rica

March 19, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

A very popular hobby among those who like to browse the internet or peep in to magazines is to daydream about the wonderful joys and places that they would love to own or experience…

Walking with your couple to the market to buy exotic fruits for breakfast.

That sunbath in the company of scarlet macaws in Uvita.

Dining in some sophisticated restaurant on a tophill enjoying the city lights.

Showing your children the march of the leaf cutter ants towards their dwelling under the shade of a kapok tree.

Receiving some extra money from the rent of your apartment in Costa Rica.

The fact is that when we´re back in reality our wallet tell us a different story. Good news is that more and more sellers are starting to include financing options to smooth the way down to the prospect´s goal. The formulas are different but what they have in common is that makes easier to the client the first step towards ownership.

The first possibility is always to appeal to the bank: A mortgage over the property you’re buying is always a valid solution, however, sometimes in Costa Rica is difficult for a foreigner to be subject from a local bank to credit. Interest rates tend to be higher compared to options back home. This rates are around 9% in United States dollars for a long term loan.

Another approach is to knock the door for private financing. Options are broader, terms are more flexible and the possibility to offer collateral Real Estate in the United States or Canada is also part of the game. Yet, this alternative might be better for those who are familiar with this instruments and also have enough leverage for this operations.

Last but not least, owner financing is also available for many of our listings. A scenario where both parts of the property crossroads help each other to round up a good business is possible. Rent to buy options, the chance to move in a spectacular home with a downpayment and then paying the rest under the most convenient terms for both parts, is definitely the most exciting formula when financing is needed.

Don’t wait more for the good times to come, they might be already reachable with some help, here in Costa Rica.

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