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Costa Rica – A Surreal Experience

Costa Rica – A Surreal Experience

September 17, 2018

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A few years ago, Costa Rica was declared as the country with the best nature in the world. The abundant and exotic flora and fauna found in this amazing country is the main attraction for anyone visiting the country. Costa Rica, also known as the jewel of Central America due to its beauty, opens the doors to tourists all over the world, generating around US $2,600 million per year with tourism services. The biodiversity found in this small country is really varied. Tropical rainforests, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls… are some of the beauties to explore. Due to several private and public initiatives Costa Rica offers protected areas such as National Parks and Refugees for the conservation of its treasure, the flora, and fauna. In these conserved areas animals coexist in the natural habitat, creating a surreal experience.

Further in the country, in the tropical rainforests, you will find atypical landscapes. Most of Costa Rican highways are built in the mountains. In High hanging bridges of great length cross the rainforest creating a totally inexplicable experience, making you feel part of the forest. You can also do canopy from tree to tree in a superman style while feeling the cold fresh breeze in your face, looking at the waterfalls and rivers from a different angle. In this trip, you will be able to see monkeys, toucans, sloths, morpho-butterflies and more. Costa Rica has active volcanoes that are open to the public. The blue-greenish crater of the Poas Volcano will dazzle you as well as the volcanic sand near the Irazú volcano.

The white sand beaches, the translucent turquoise ocean and the contrast with the green rainforest make of Costa Rica a natural paradise. It is even more overwhelming getting to know the volcanic sand beaches, where the sparkling black sand mixes with an also transparent ocean. These beaches have the same corals, the same contrast with the forest. If you are laying on the beach, sunbathing and having fun, keep your eyes on the horizon… If you are lucky enough you can even see whales from the beach. Animals behave in such a peculiar way in these areas that you can be amazed by the different situations and stories.

One of the most acclaimed spectacles that happen during the months of July till October is the turtle “arribada”. Plenty of tourists travel tons of kilometers just to have this experience. It consists of thousands of turtles that gather on the beach in search of dry sand to lay their eggs while others struggle to hatch, it happens massively and simultaneously. This is a great opportunity for the bigger predators in search of food. As it happens in Nancite beach, part of a wild refugee in Santa Rosa, Guanacaste where jaguars wait till the arribadas to hunt the turtles. In this place, animals that are in danger of extinction in other parts, live in a natural habitat and hunt naturally. The balanced ecosystem allows all the animals that coexist to have a good diet. A surreal experience found in Nancite was how two male adult and strong Jaguars are able to share the same prey at the same time. It is known that these animals fight for the food and for the territory, it’s amazing to see how two of the strongest and more competitive animals in the jungle are able to share the food. This is due to the abundant food that the area provides. This is just one example of the magical secrets kept between the beach and the jungle.

A country full of nature of all kinds, different habitats that are conserved for the animals and plants to coexist in the most natural way. While visiting Costa Rica you’ll be amused by the different colors that a sunset can show, surprised by the number of animals you’ll see in such a small radius, intrigued of the way that we live within the forest and the beach. Visiting Costa Rica will show you a total surrealistic experience, where the most incredible natural phenomenon happens daily, this is why our country has the privilege of having the most beautiful nature in the world.

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