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Tennis a Sport For All

Tennis a Sport For All

February 17, 2021

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Ever since the first Tennis courts started appearing back in 1941, the sport of Tennis here in Costa Rica has little by little become a sport now practiced by thousands of kids and adults. Even though soccer has always been reigning in terms of popularity, one of the events that facilitated this shift in Costa Rica’s sporting selections is the rise in gated condominiums, country clubs, and hotels over the last decade. Establishments are now interested in offering to their customers a complete experience, and this experience has been connected to sports and facilities that are made to incentivize a healthy and fun lifestyle. This is the case for tennis, and different courts can now be found from San José up to the Guanacaste Region, where you can enjoy playing with your family & friends while relaxing to the soothing sounds of the forest and its fauna. Here in Costa Rica, you’re able to find two different types of courts, predominantly hard and a few clay ones in the new Santa Ana Country Club.

In terms of competitions, perhaps you’ve heard of an important one that is played every year at the Costa Rica Country Club: “La Copa del Café”. First started 56 years ago, this junior tennis event is held each year at the country club and is included in the International Tennis Federation (ITF) program, meaning there are excellent players to be seen. Unfortunately, due to lack of sponsoring and the pandemic as a whole, the tournament was canceled and will take place in 2022, where hopefully the maximum capacity of 25,000 people can attend and enjoy this wonderful experience. Through this tournament, the game of Tennis has become more than a sport and for Costa Ricans and ex-pats, it has turned into a social event where the sport is celebrated and friends are made. If you are looking to learn and get involved in the Tennis world here in Costa Rica, don’t hesitate in doing so! Until next time.

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