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May 19, 2011

Properties in Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica Investments
    Investing in Costa Rica is being done from a number of different industries. The latest large investment is coming from a number of different large hotel chains. There are also some food chains and supermarket. There is a $300 million dollar project going up in Guanacaste and also another luxury hotel in Santa Ana.

    The Guanacaste investment is coming from the hotel chain Sol Melia which will be uplifting a 381 room 5-Star eco-luxury hotel in the Paradisus Papagayo Bay. The Santa Ana new luxury hotel will be an 81 room hotel under the name of “The Studio Hotel” which will gear it’s marketing to business execs and also Costa Rica medical tourism.
    Along with the Costa Rica vacation industry seeing some investment there are other industries with Wal-Mart opening a number of new stores this year in Costa Rica and even Papa John’s Pizza which will now be competing with Pizza Hut and Dominos as Central America’s best slice of pizza.

    Costa Rica Real Estate Investing

    These are just a short list of names you might be familiar with that are investing in Costa Rica. There is much hope for the economic future here in Costa Rica. Along with all of this the sale of Costa Rica beach real estate is seeing an increase from what it has been in the last two years. It still seems like a great time to get in on the fun. If you are looking for a vacation home in Costa Rica or just a solid investment, buying in Costa Rica is still one of the best options.
    So if you are looking to spend a luxurious Costa Rica vacation or invest in some Costa Rican real estate now might be better than ever.
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  • Future Money in Costa Rica

    There is always some money to be made in the industry of tourism in Costa Rica with many people looking for adventure, biodiversity, or just a relaxing Costa Rica family vacation. There is also the solid investment of real estate which happens to be and always will be one of the safest investments because at the end of the day you will own a piece of paradise.

    This blog entry is about a different type of investment that ultimately involves land also. It is the jatropha plant of Costa Rica. When looking at this plant, it does not look like much compared to the beautiful plants of the tropics. However, it might just hold the answer to Costa Rica being one of the larger exporters of biodiesel. United Biofuels of America (UBA) is heading the idea for making an attempt of a million gallons of jatropha a day. This will be a challenge, but if it works, it will surely “bear the fruits” for the Costa Rica economy. Biofuels often face critics who say they are too expensive to produce. Another criticism is that growing food for fuel takes food away from the people that need it most. The jatropha turns out to be a plant that is not edible and will not take on as many critics as others. UBA is considered by other energy companies as one of the top 25 entrepreneur companies in the world.
    It is quick bits like this in the news and the idea that Costa Rica’s leaders of state will be hosting a conference this June 14th – June 16th for all to attend (those that will pay the $800 ticket price) to listen to some of the ideas for the future of the economy with the theme being “Accelerating the Shift Towards a Low Carbon Economy“.
    Source: The Costa Rica News
  • Costa Rica Green Building

    With the so called “green-movement” becoming more and more a part of everyday lives it is without question a part of the developing and construction sector of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a country that is known for having some of the most lush tropical biodiversity on the planet that almost everyone can agree is worth protecting. For this reason it has become a destination for ecotourism family adventures and vacation home real estate.

    Well it turns out you do not have to be living in a vacation home or visiting Costa Rica and staying in an ecolodge to experience living green. There are more and more technologies making their way into the market for everyday living and building. The new science of biomimicry is one of the fastest growing trends that architects feel will take living green to the next level. The biomimicry is basically designing homes and other parts of society around some of the concepts of nature.
    Costa Rica is the perfect country to take on the new challenges of developing in a sustainable and green form as the country has a number of sources of clean-energy, a booming ecotourism market, and the desire to be carbon neutral by 2020.
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  • San Jose: Top 5 Best of the Future
    In the British magazine of “Foreign Direct Investment” it listed San Jose as one of the top five cities of the future, making it the only city from Central America to make the top five. This was based on which cities they felt had the best opportunity for business expansion, economic development, and inward investment.

    This study was based on a total of 405 cities from the America’s. The top cities were New York and Chicago and Mexico has four cities in the top 10. The cities of Alajuela, Heredia, and Santa Ana (suburbs of San Jose) were also high on the list for being what is called the top Micro-cities. The micro-city is referring to smaller populations.
    This is a positive compliment for the city of San Jose that each day it begins to look more and more like a capital city that people from all over the world are starting to discover.
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  • Liberia Airport Costa Rica

    Guanacaste is the spot that has seem to put Costa Rica on the real estate map in the last decade. Through tough economic times and a number of other worldly test it seems Guanacaste is not settling down and the most obvious sign would have to be a $27million dollar expansion to the Liberia Airport.

    A good sign for the Guanacaste area because this means the 900 passengers that fit in the airport before will now fit 1500 and even some room for a coffee shop and food court.
    From looking at this from a real estate perspective it can only mean good things to come. If the infrastructure is improving starting with the airport and roads which are all pretty much improvements of the past then the sky is the limit for those that want to invest and give this “gold coast” a try.
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  • IPhone 4 in Costa Rica

    If you have ever owned an Apple anything you will know that they have some of the best customer service on the planet. Well it looks as if Apple is going to take the gamble and let ICE represent their customer service on the new IPhone 4. If you want an IPhone 4 it was stated in La Nacion that ICE will be distributing them and also giving the customer service.

    This should be interesting and personally if I was an owner of one of the new IPhone 4’s which someday would be nice I would probably get on line or call one of Apple’s 800 numbers. Nothing against ICE but do you really think the customer service of an IPhone 4 fits into the daily agenda of the many things ICE has going on?
    I will say though on a bit of a more positive note for ICE I have always been impressed how the tech support in your local ICE office has quite a bit of knowledge of the many different brands and types of cell phones that come their way. I am a blackberry guy and they have been able to do everything needed so I guess we should give them a chance with the I Phone 4 before we make any assumptions that it might be too much for them.
    Properties in Costa Rica
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  • Messi in Costa Rica

    Many of us watched the opening ceremonies to the new stadium in San Jose which much anticipation of seeing the most decorated soccer player on all the planet. Lionel Messi from Argentina and his national team were invited for a friendship game in San Jose in the new stadium against Costa Rica’s “La Sele”. To the surprise of many Messi did not even play in the game but spent his time on the bench watching the second string team of Argentina battle for a 0 – 0 tie game against Costa Rica.

    Why did Messi not Play?

    I am not your average sports daily writer but with the buzz around Costa Rica of why Messi did not play I thought I would break it down to simple economics. If you were watching the game you noticed before the game even started that there were commercials for “Real Madrid vs. Barcelona” which is a very important game that is being played in Spain next week. Unless you live on Mars you probably know that Messi plays for Barcelona and Barcelona pays Messi a lot of money. Just to give you an idea of why Messi did not even for a second consider playing you might want to take a look at these numbers of what he was making during that game for sitting on the bench.
    Barcelona Pays Messi:
    Daily Pay: $49,600
    Hourly Pay: $6,204
    Paid per Minute: $102
    This is what we call a serious investment and by Messi not playing Barcelona was just protecting their investment like any good business would do. It is unfortunate that we did not see Messi play against “La Sele” but when you deal on the professional level as Messi does you have to realize that: professional is defined as – engaged in a specific activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than a pastime.

    Don’t worry thought I think Costa Rica will beat Argentina in the next world cup in Brazil and I am sure Messi will play then.
  • North Face Costa Rica

    If you have been to the Multi Plaza Mall recently you might want to make your way down to the very end of the new section. Here you will find one of the most fastest growing brand names that has arrived to Costa Rica. The store of North Face is in the Multi Plaza Mall now and it is doing very well.

    The North Face brand is one of the more common outdoor brands in the USA and produces quality clothing, bags, and shoes. You can even buy a tent if you are looking for one or just get a rain jacket for the soon to come rainy season here in Costa Rica.
    There are many new stores in Costa Rica and this is one that the country of Costa Rica was missing. Being a place of outdoor beauties they were lacking the outdoor apparel stores which Columbia is now also competing for the market with North Face. The Multi-Plaza Mall is located in Escazu and the North Face store is located on top floor at the exit of the new extension of the mall.
    Interested in Real Estate in Escazu?
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  • Best time to Visit Costa Rica

    You might know that one of peoples first question is when is the best time to visit Costa Rica. If you are shopping for real estate in Costa Rica you will want to come see it during it’s best moments and on that note you also might be interested in what your property looks like in the so called rainy season of Costa Rica.

    Here in the tropics you will have a pretty solid dry season from January to April and then after those months you are looking at a 2 hour shower in the afternoon. The heavy rainy months are during September and October.
    These rainy months can vary depending on what part of the country you are looking at. The Guanacaste area as become one of the more popular areas because of it’s lack of rain. This gave everyone the idea of beautiful beaches and lots of sunshine.
    In recent years though with the construction of the new highway and the improvement of the coastal highway many investors have decided to make the central and southern zone down by Dominical their area of searching for real estate. You might get a few more inches of rain a year but having evergreen plants as compared to deciduous plants of the Guanacaste area is worth to many the sacrifice of just a few less days of sunshine throughout the year.
    If you are interested in shopping for Real Estate just let us know and we will try and give you the best idea of the many different micro-climates of Costa Rica and it’s tropical weather. All in all what you hear most is that Costa Rica is the eternal spring and if you are coming for a Costa Rica family vacation or to shop for some real estate the enternal spring is hard to beat.
  • Buying Property in Guanacaste
    If there was ever a better time to buy property Guanacaste I think many that know the area would say it is NOW! The tourism has gone up by 23% from last year which is an astonishing number. What is happening is there are still people that have some pretty good deals for sale in Guanacaste and now is the time to make that investment before everyone catches on to the idea that Guanacaste might be getting it’s second wind.

    Where to buy in Guanacaste

    It all depends what you are looking for when you are deciding what to shop for in Guanacaste. There are a number of different places you can shop. The airport of Liberia lets not forget is just less than an hour on good roads to the town of Tamarindo. The Tamarindo area is a bit crowded and very developed and is often used as a place for people on their Costa Rica family vacation. It is still a great spot and great investment if that is the vibe you are looking for. Also you can find a number of beaches that run along the peninsula of Guanacaste such as Playas del Coco, Playa Potrero, Playa Conchal, and Playa Flamingo just to name a few. All of these beaches are beautiful in their own way

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