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FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018

June 16, 2018

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Four years have passed, four years of anxiously waiting to celebrate this soccer party that paralyzes the entire planet. The 2018 World Cup is already here!

32 teams from the five continents seek eternal glory by becoming the World Champions. For this occasion, the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup will be played in cold Russia,​
but thousands of fans will be warmed up with their passion, their joy, and the love for their country or the one of preference. A worldwide spectacle worth watching.

Although Costa Rica is located more than 12,000km away from the host country, the feeling is strong and the passion is evident. Whats the atmosphere here? A party all month long.

People go to work with flags and their team​ ​jersey, restaurants and bars are always full and the transmission of the games is a must,​families and friends gather eagerly to see “La Sele” (Costa Rican team nickname), commercial centers install big screens and offer promotions for spectators to watch the games, on the corner of the street you’ll find people selling flags and t-shirts of different countries, motivating to encourage the national team.

The past world cup Brazil’s 2014, was a new but unforgettable experience for “Ticos”. An extraordinary performance by the tricolor team unleashed the madness of the 5 million Costa Ricans since the selection was first of the so-called “Group of Death”. Winning to previous world champions like Uruguay, Italy, and England.

But the deed wasn’t over yet… During the round of 16, the national team faced Greece winning in penalties. A game where the heart beat faster within each minute, a game with a drama that not even a script by Steven Spielberg could surpass it.

The madness in the country was unimaginable, hundreds of thousands of people gathered celebrating at the Fuente de la Hispanidad, a historic roundabout with a water fountain on its center. Creating an image for the history that comes.

A country that was criticized by everyone, with negative comments during the first rounds, with no faith in them, a country able to win to the giants. An unimaginable situation for this passionate country. Costa Rica was worldwide news during this World Cup, and Keylor Navas was able to win his transfer to Real Madrid, actually known as one of the best goalkeepers in the Europe League.
Unfortunately, Costa Rica was eliminated by the Netherlands in the quarterfinals, also by penalties. But that defeat did not leave any merit to the national team that was received as heroes on their return to our country. The airport was full, people with flags and banners waiting for the players, the ones that made this dream possible.

For this 2018 World Cup, looks are on the Costa Rican team after the great role played in the previous edition. Costa Rica shares group with Switzerland, Serbia and one of the favorites to be crowned as champion, Brazil. It is hoped that with the help of Keylor Navas “La Sele” will be able to emulate what was achieved four years ago and thus be able to leave the country high.

Soccer is one of the sports that generate the most passion in the world, and Costa Rica is not the exception. It unites people, it unites a country. A month where every Tico or foreign is able to celebrate and be proud of the country where they live. Tthousands of Ticos will follow the National Team during the three matches of the group stage and so will the “Pura Vida” be present in Russian lands.

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