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You may even find your overall health improves with your move to San Ramon. Just the weather alone is a large part of that, enabling you to be outside, enjoying the fresh mountain air, and eating fresh local food. If you look at the map, we cover a very large area from 1500 to 5000 feet above sea level, from the central town of San Ramon to the base of Lake Arenal, along the Cordillera de Tilarán. For the most part, Ramonenses enjoy a constant climate of 70-85 degrees year round, with no need for a/c or heat. But San Ramon is made up of micro-climates. Depending on how high, how low, and how exposed you are (in a valley or on the side of a mountain), depends on which hi or low you will live in when it comes to the weather. As a general rule, we have a rainy season and a dry season. But each is not as distinct as the name would suggest. Our rainy season is probably 1-2 months of intense rains for much of the day, but rarely for all of the day. The rest of the rainy months are a mix of clouds, rain, sun, and some of the most beautiful times of year you will have here in Costa Rica. It is also know as our Green Season. It is when the world is cleansed by the rains, flowers are in full bloom, fruits are starting to grow on the trees, and birds are migrating through the skies and singing in the trees. Even the butterflies are out in full flight. You will see clear skies and vistas from the rains pushing out the clouds and mist. At times the weather will be quite cool in the mountains. During the dry season, we also have a windy season in December and January. If you live in town, or in some of the areas just outside of town (San Rafael, Santiago, San Isidro), you are more protected by the surrounding hills. You will not feel these winds as intensely, and it will be warmer year round. You may still have beautiful views, but not the large fincas and properties of 15 acres that you will find in the upper hillsides and mountains.

The homes will also be a little closer together as most ticos live close in to the the main city. Head to the upper elevations and you will find homes farther apart, air will be slightly cooler, sometimes a little cloudier as you are directly in los nubes path, but the heights also afford some of the most spectacular views of the mountains and Pacific Ocean (Berlin, Magallanes, El Empalme, San Pedro). Head further towards the Pacific Coast, either along the highway or through the mountains, and naturally the temperatures go up as your elevation goes down (Rio Jesus, Campañeros, Piedades). These areas are for folks who like it a nlittle warmer, using fans during the day and a light sheet on the bed at night. Head north and you are in the area of the famed Villa Blanca Resort and Los Angeles Cloud Forest, also a main part of San Ramon, supplying the rivers and Quebradas with waters that feed into the Caribbean in the east. If you are looking for farmland, or misty Scottish like summers with green lush landscapes as far as the eye can see, this is the area for you. As you are starting to see, if the intense heat of the beach or other parts of Costa Rica is not for you, San Ramon has a temperate climate just right!

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