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That kind of lifestyle-fresh flowers, fresh food, fresh air - its typical for life here. Simply sit in town at our central park on a warm evening and watch the children play and people gather for a night out. Visit our Museo de San Ramon to see the changing exhibits and enjoy the open garden. Head to La Paz for fish for your own trout restaurants where you can try and get dinner yourself! They cook it right up with all the fixings, and will catch the fish in a split second (putting you to shame, of course!) if you can’t seem to get one yourself. Nature lovers won’t be disappointed with local hiking trails, zip-lines, fishing and horseback riding. We even have our own major movie theater and mall. The circus comes through town, several festivals, and the horse parade to name a few of the yearly activities. We have an excellent local music school for children and adults, art classes, Spanish classes and opportunities to teach English if you would like. Our local gym in town has a beautiful large public pool, tennis court, basketball courts, indoor gym, free outdoor exercise center will all kinds of equipment for any one to use, and a full sandbox playground. There are other playgrounds around town, a local library, and a myriad of after-school activities from Cheerleading to Karate. If you are a family looking to move to San Ramon, it truly is a wonderful place to raise children. In addition to the public schools, there are 2 high-end private bi-lingual schools, several semi-private schools for pre-school through hi-school, including a brand new Technical School. Children learn English, Spanish, French and even Chinese in some of the programs. We have our private college - the University of San Jose, and the University of Costa Rica’s Occidental campus here. These wonderful educational opportunities are part of what make San Ramon such a unique and diverse place. The cultural norm for ticos is to live at home until you are married. Many times even then, the spouse will move into a parents home and work while the grandparents care for the children. San Ramon has the added bonus of a higher education at the fingertips of the residents here, whereas most parts of Costa Rica do not. People have taken advantage of that, and continued onto higher education, yet remained here in San Ramon and helped it to grow. My eye doctor was born and raised here, educated here, went to med school and did her residency in Newark NJ, then came back. She is completely bilingual, is a wonderful doctor and is raising her own family here where she grew up. You will see this mix of all kinds of people and backgrounds, incomes and educations, all living together here and enjoying it.

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