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Nonstop Adventure in Costa Rica

Nonstop Adventure in Costa Rica

August 19, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Life within Hacienda Pinilla has a feel like no other, As you enter the gates of the private ranch and drive through the communities 4500 acres of winding roads the overwhelming feeling of nature and the beauty that surrounds you is nothing short of breathtaking.

The only way to properly describe this feeling is that this was the authentic Costa Rica that I had been searching for. With nearly a million trees of dry forest having being planted throughout the ranch, Towering native forest and monkey filled mango trees line the communities roads. The only traffic jam here is when the cattle are being moved from one field to another and anyone having to wait have a smile from ear to ear!

It’s not until you circumnavigate the 4500-acre property that you realise it isn’t all just natural beauty but pockets of luxury can be found in every corner.

From a private luxurious beach club, gymnasium and spa to the 18 holes beachfront golf course, tennis courts, horse stables, and over 20 miles of mountain biking and walking trails, it is clear what the master plan of Hacienda Pinilla provides, a pure, safe and adventurous lifestyle is yours to have.

In creating this vision the Hacienda have protected their biggest asset, the natural environment, securing a Blue Flag from the Costa Rican Tourism Board for the cleanliness of its 6 kilometre-stretch of beaches and a White Flag for its water system. Its eco-friendly, par 72 golf course has been certified by Audubon International.

When you have to leave the ranch, the touristic hub of Tamarindo is just 10 minutes away. Here you can enjoy the boutiques, restaurants, bars, and nightlife that Tamarindo offers. The most famous Auto Mercado grocery store is located here and even a cinema will be ready in December.

In making my own family’s move to the area our first priority was actually based on the quality and availability of schools for our children, the find of the community and lifestyle at Pinilla was an incredible bonus after the fact. The area is lucky to boast some of the best schools in the country and its diverse options cater for the diverse community.

From, La Paz offers a fully accredited IB, International Baccalaureate program to the very popular CRIA, united states accredited college, and even a thriving Waldorf school, the options really reflect the success of the region and diversity of the community. In any class of 15 children, it’s not uncommon to find up to 10 nationalities all growing, learning and thriving together, that alone is the highlight of our families journey. These schools have private buses that will pick up the kids right from the communities entrance.

With a fully servicing domestic airport right here in Tamarindo and one of the countries only 2 international airports just an hour away in Liberia, it is the perfect location and gateway for both tourists and residents.

A highly regarded fully servicing private hospital here in Liberia rounded out and ticked all the boxes needed.

If you ask my wife Life at Hacienda Pinilla is simple, safe and relaxed, if you ask me life at Hacienda Pinilla is simple safe and nonstop adventure, the way Costa Rica is supposed to be!

Playa Flamingo, a Sport Fisherman’s Paradise

Playa Flamingo, a Sport Fisherman’s Paradise

August 10, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Playa Flamingo hosted a prestigious fishing tournament the last weekend in July, The Presidential Challenge. The Presidential Challenge is the premier sportfishing circuit of the Americas, and is dedicated to the conservation and protection of billfish and inshore gamefish. Flamingo hosts this fishing tournament yearly.

Playa Flamingo, located in Guanacaste in the North Pacific, has long been known for its sports fishing. It’s is one of the best places in the world to fish and anglers come from all over the just to fish the waters of the North Pacific. The Catalina Islands are one of the best areas fish and are about 40 miles offshore. Being offshore this far you will certainly see schools of dolphin swimming around your boat and you
might even see a whale!

Because of the amazing fishing here, you will find many highly qualified captains to navigate these waters and have you coming home with a catch! Some of the best boats out there are JJ Boating and the Wetass II. The Wetass II won the completion and beat out 14 other boats with 52 anglers. Many of these boats came from other marina’s throughout Costa Rica but it was the hometown Flamingo boat to win
this Competition. This was an awesome event and just another reason why Flamingo is so special.

What is exciting about being in Flamingo now is there is a new marina to be built soon. With the new marina coming real estate will be at a premium. It is already known as the “Beverly Hills of Costa Rica,” so this new marina will be great for this area and all are excited to see it happening.

At Properties in Costa Rica, we are thrilled that you choose our country for your next adventure, so if you don’t mind sharing pictures from your future trip with us, just tag us on Instagram or Facebook,@propertiesincostarica and don’t forget to use the hashtag #propertiesincostarica. See you soon!

San Jose City Activities

San Jose City Activities

August 7, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s capital

Costa Rica’s capital is often the most overlooked part of the country for travelers looking for sandy beaches or lush canopy. Few will confuse San José as the must-see part of Costa Rica when you have world famous waves, gorgeous mountains, and dense jungle into Central America’s tiny eco-jewel.

In recent years, however, the gritty metropolis adoringly called “Chepe” by the locals has taken part in some what of a revival in hopes of keeping more and more foreigners in the Central Valley. If you don’t mind the bad traffic and look past the mismatching architecture, then you may be able to find some hidden beauties amid San José’s concrete jungle.

Here are some of our favorite activities while we’re in the capital:

Museums: Not surprisingly, San José has the largest concentration of museums anywhere in Costa Rica. Some of them, like the Museum of Costa Rican Art that is attached to Sabana Park west of downtown even offer free entrance to locals and foreigners alike. The one-time airport servicing all of Costa Rica has now been remodeled to feature the best local modern art.

In the city center, you’ll find the more popular National Museum that was made from a military fortress that still bears the scars of cannon fire on its outer walls. Inside, the sprawling courtyard features the famous stone spheres that date back to pre-Columbian times. Other museums worth checking out are the Gold Museum, where you’ll find more indigenous work, and the National Theatre – although not a museum – makes for a cool tour due to its intricate interior design.

Craft beer scene: The first producers of craft beer in Costa Rica started in 2010 and ever since the industry has become unavoidable when checking out San José’s restaurants and bars. Well-established brands like Costa Rica Craft Brewing Co., Treintaycinco Brewery, and Costa Rica Beer Factory have taken over the market to give customers more of an offering the standard fare of Imperial and Pilsen.

Though the craft beer scene is still growing and sometimes hit or miss regarding quality, the tight knit group of Cerveza artisanal producers have done well in making their products readily available – whether it is a gastropub in the city’s booming Barrio Escalante or on the shelves of the local supermarkets. Established organizations like CarpeChepe offer tours that shuttle travelers around the city’s best bars, letting them imbibe without worry of driving.

Hiking: San Miguel peak, known more commonly by the Cruz de Alajuelita, and nearby peaks are popular day trips among locals looking to let off some steam. Impressive views of the city below await anyone willing to make the one-hour hike starting near Escazú. Once you reach the famous metallic cross that hovers over the city’s southern stretch of mountains, you can work your way back to peaks like Rabo de Mico, Pico Alto, and Pico Blanco.

Amusement Park: Though small compared to U.S. standards, the aptly named Parque de Diversiones (Amusement Park) is the lone full-time park in the country offering roller coasters and thrill rides. Located right off the InterAmerican Highway, the park is always a hit among kids and makes for a great day trip. But be advised it is only opened from Friday to Sunday each week when local schools are in session.

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