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Costa Rica Sewage

September 25, 2011

Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as the green country. As the country that has the majority of it’s rainforest protected and some of the happiest people in the country. As all countries Costa Rica is not perfect and if they had one crutch in their system it would have to be the Central Valley sewage system. The good news is that they are now in the works to bring a state of the art sewage treatment plant into the country between 2010 – 2030.

For those of you in the business world this might sound like a dirty investment but it happens to be one of the best investments you will find in these times. One option would be to look for a nice piece of land in Costa Rica and build your retirement home and after that you can invest in Costa Rica’s new sewer treatment plant. They are expecting this project to cost around 2.5 billion dollars.

The numbers are not out yet but over the next 20 years having an investment in this might be one of the most solid things to think about along with investing in some land in Costa Rica.

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