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Explore Costa Rica with a Real Estate Eye

Explore Costa Rica with a Real Estate Eye

March 20, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

If you have ever been to Costa Rica the first thing you notice yourself doing is asking yourself if you could live here? As time moves on you find yourself feeling more and more comfortable with the questions and before you know it you have your Real Estate goggles on and everything seems like the perfect match for you and your next investment.

As you put the breaks on take it from someone that has been looking at land for 20 years in Costa Rica and has a few things that need to be taken into consideration. The first is everyone wants raw land. My first look with a real estate eye in Costa Rica is to not take a turn-key deal for granted. There is a lot to look at and although starting from scratch sounds fun in many cases someone has already done it for you and maybe even better.

A second piece of advise is to look everywhere. You will quickly notice that most of Costa Rica has pretty cool places and owning real estate in probably 70% of Costa Rica would be a desire by most. Take a good look at everything because you never know where your new adventure might take you.

Finally, when entering the real estate market in Costa Rica take it slow. You are already 20 years late on the discovery of this place so there really is no rush. Let the initial excitement of owning in a foreign country take its toll then make a proper decision based on numbers and if you think your investment can generate 5%-10% a year after upkeep.

Good luck. I have no regrets of buying in Costa Rica, although I wish I knew what I did now when I first started.

Tom Ranieri

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