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Costa Rica Green Plan was presented at Stanford University

Costa Rica Green Plan was presented at Stanford University

March 18, 2019

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Stanford University has plenty of impact and influence in the way our country constantly works to preserve the ecosystem. President Alvarado chose to present to their community the new decarbonization plan. The goal is to become a green economy with the promotion of clean energies to combat climate change.

Known as one of the most prestigious colleges in the USA there are two main investigations being held in this college, Stanford Natural Capital Project and Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment were they choose Costa Rica as their study field due to the abundant natural resources and number of diverse ecosystems.

The Natural Capital Project works on researching links between biodiversity and earth observations with health and well-being. The Woods Institute works directly with banks and financial systems to optimize resources intended for the protection of the ecosystem.

Their reaction towards the plan has been very positive technical as well as inspiring. There are certainly several major changes to implement in the governments’ structure and management. Reforms include public and private means of transport, forms of energy, construction, industry and waste management. President Alvarado also states that it’s our responsibility to start working on the planet, the damage is evident and we have had extreme climate changes and natural disasters that need our attention. Alvarado was eager to present the new plan to the students who are constantly investigating and helping improve the country. His main statement during the conference was to spread de word about this plan, we must be an example for others to follow and start implementing major changes hoping to reduce deforestation worldwide. President Carlos Alvarado looks forward to other countries joining him in this new journey and this presentation is one big step.

The goal is set for 2050, 31 years from now and they tend to work with 8 strategies to achieve this inclusive economic growth and sustainable development. As for now, this initiative counts with support from the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), Al Gore, former vice president of the United States and Michelle Bachelet former president of Chile.

Costa Rica is known to be a country that carries 4% of the world’s biodiversity, this is for the sustained conservation practices through the years and hope that more countries follow the same path.

We are still missing research in Costa Rica on some but real important facts like the social, economic, health and environmental impact of livestock as an integrated way to accomplish solutions to reduce the effects of this industry in our lives and others.

We need to keep seeking and aiming for a better world and set an example for more countries to follow the same path. Each of us has an impact on the environment and the world so not only what we do, what our government does but what we eat will have a footprint and we need to seek better outcomes and best practices in order to contribute to next generations.

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