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New Year’s in Costa Rica!

New Year’s in Costa Rica!

December 30, 2019

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New year’s in Costa Rica, just like in the rest of the world is one of the most festive and celebrated holidays. With that being said, Costa Rica has its own customs and traditional ways in which people celebrate the coming of a new year. These traditions with a mix of your own customs can create a truly eventful and unforgettable start of the new year.

First and foremost, traditionally, New Year’s is very family-oriented, a night that you spend with those who you are closest to. Unlike our North American friends, who like to spend this night out in a bar or club, Costa Ricans party at home. Unless you are in popular beach towns with tourists and vacationers; here you can find parties and events for New Year’s. But usually, you find that most bars and restaurants closed a few hours before midnight, so everyone is able to enjoy New Year’s with family and close friends. Expect a bunch of fireworks, but please be safe, especially since there is usually a lot of alcohol consumed on this night.

Some of Costa Rican traditions may seem a little unorthodox, but the average tico can be extremely superstitious about doing these annual rituals; to make sure the upcoming year brings nothing but luck, prosperity, and love.

Eating 12 Grapes at the stroke of midnight!

Costa Ricans will eat twelve grapes, at midnight, one for each month, as well as add twelve wishes for the upcoming year. This tradition can also be found in other Latin American countries, but Ticos take this tradition to heart!

Wear the color that represents your desire!

It is believed here in Costa Rica, that wearing certain colors will attract certain fortunes for the upcoming year. You can also hang ribbons of a certain color on your front door, to attract these same fortunes. For instance, wearing green underwear will bring you excess money this year. Wearing yellow will attract good luck for the year that is to come. And for those looking for the perfect romantic relationship, you wear non-other than red. People also will carry a suitcase around the block in order to bring you new travel experiences.

Water is good, great, grand!

Costa Ricans will throw water over and behind your shoulder. This is a representation of what you are leaving behind, as you look to start a brand new year, a fresh new year!

People have different ways of celebrating with those close family and friends. Some will celebrate at home. Others may find their way to the beach in order to join spectacular celebrations. Some may even attend the Fiesta Zapote, which is a week-long celebration with drinks, food, games. Whichever way you decide to celebrate here in Costa Rica, make sure you do with the ones you love, and make sure you do it the Tico way and the Kind way!


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