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How Costa Rica is becoming a safe-haven for pets of vacationers and locals

How Costa Rica is becoming a safe-haven for pets of vacationers and locals

December 4, 2019

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Over the years Costa Rica has made an enormous effort to protect the rights of companion animals, especially those on the streets without a home. The amount of support that includes shelters and animal clinics have duplicated over the last decades solely on the concept of protecting our furry friends. Also satisfying to animal lovers, the amount of dog parks and gourmet food available for pets has had a significant change for the better as of late. When it comes to our companions at home or strays that are or were on the street, Costa Rica has made huge strides to make sure all the necessary requirements to properly take care of these beautiful animals are met.

Costa Rica has had a steady increase in the number of hotels that are becoming pet-friendly in order to cater to a new generation of pet owners who do not want their companions to miss out during family trips. This approach is beneficial in a few ways. First, this route allows those who care dearly for pets, in general, to be able to give their furry friends an enjoyable experience that they would normally miss out on. On the business side, this gives hotels a more broad amount of potential clients that again, deeply care for their pets and their happiness.

The key to providing a pleasant pet-friendly experience is to be naturally passionate about pets and those who own pets; to care for their contentment, their activities, and the general well-being of the animals. In actuality, just allowing a family to be able to bring their pets without restrictions is the biggest gift you can give the family and their companion.

In Playas del Coco Guanacaste, for example, Hotel Chantel welcomes guests who wish to bring their canine and feline companions along. Ground transportation for pets to Hotel Chantel from the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport is very accessible and manageable for all pet-owners. In Esterillos beach, Rancho Coral is a lovely, cozy hotel that sits steps from the beach. They are complete pet-friendly, allowing you to take your pet to the beach during your stay. Other pet-friendly hotels include; the 4 Seasons Resort in Papagayo (no pet fee), Selina in Manuel Antonio, The Sheraton in Escazu (no pet fee), Arenal Lodge (no pet fee). Many more are not mentioned, but it is important to know that there are dozens all over Costa Rica.

In terms of animal rescue, Costa Rica has one of the most famous Dog Sanctuaries in the world. Territorio de Zaguates (Land of the Strays) is a Dog reserve, where over 900 stray dogs have been welcomed. This refuge is a redefined, top-class animal shelter that has miles of open space, lush fields, and even certain indoor areas for sleeping, eating, and bathing. Here, visitors can see hundreds of dogs running free, up and down the grassy hills. All dogs are welcomed, with no restrictions whatsoever. Here any visitor can adopt a dog. With all types of breeds are available, and even unique hybrids can be found. We also encourage those who can, to donate to the cause of maintaining these wonderful creatures. Please visit for more details.

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