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Solar Power Panels by CNFL

June 9, 2011

Properties in Costa Rica

There will be 500 Costa Rica homes given solar power panels in Costa Rica. This project is financed by the CNFL and will cost $1 million. The idea behind the project is to get in gear for Costa Rica’s goal of being the first carbon neutral country. If they reach this goal it could be an incredible accomplishment for this developing country. This is a big step for future homes in Costa Rica.

The projected is designed by CNFL setting up $2,000’s worth of solar equipment on each house. The homes will be able to use up to 400 watts of solar power. If they use less than the 400 watts then the remaining power is a net gain for CNFL and is pumped back into the main grid. If they use more than the 400 watt power it the home is charged for the extra power it uses. CNFL is basically setting renting the space of the roof, giving each home some power, and then taking what is left over. Even though Costa Rica has a good amount of rain the sun it receives is very intense. At just 9 degrees above the equator homes here in Costa Rica will be capable of absorbing a good amount of energy in a short amount of time.

Right now solar power equipment is expensive and just luxury homes will be seen with them or ecolodges but we can expect every home to be on solar power. Experts guess it will be around 3 years before panels are more affordable for each home to have. This is a positive note for the Costa Rica real estate and building industry. Clean energy on residential homes will be more and more common in the future. Places like the sunny beaches of Guanacaste should be a good spot to soak up sun energy.

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