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What to expect for Easter in Costa Rica

What to expect for Easter in Costa Rica

March 23, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Catholic country, so when it comes to easter we are talking about one of
the most important holidays of the year. This year, 2018, the holy week starts from
March 26th to April 1st, being Thursday and Friday the only holidays by law.

Nevertheless, the celebration begins earlier since most of the people and institutions
take the entire week off.

If you live in the Central Valley you will be gratified to notice how empty the streets are.
Some people will pack up their families and head out to the beaches, both to the
Caribbean or Pacific coasts, while others will prefer the mountains. Nevertheless,
expect to have an entire week of full traffic when leaving San Jose. In addition, on the
highway you will always find ambulant salesmen on the street, offering mangos, chips,
and peanuts through your car window.

Traffic police will be in service. Please don’t be using your phone, don’t speed while
having a continuous yellow line and don’t exceed the speed limit under any
circumstance. At this time of the year, they tend to be more cautious and attentive to all
of the infractions.

Some things to take into consideration before starting this holiday: most businesses
might have shortened hours or be totally closed from Thursday thru Sunday, especially
banks. Liquor cannot be sold legally on Thursday and Friday. If you want to have a cold
beer at the beach or your sunbathe while having a favorite cocktail you might have to buy
the alcohol previously.

On these days you will be able to appreciate the Catholic traditions at its fullest. The
streets will be full of religious parades. You’ll be surprised to see children and grown-ups
walking down the streets, dressed up with tunics, carrying a cross and singing church
songs, even at the beach with the extremely warm temperatures. Sunday is when
churches are full, and people then head to their homes to celebrate Easter with family or
close friends.

The long hours of waiting in the car and the previous preparation for this week of
Catholic celebrations will be worth it once you are relaxing near the translucent ocean or
hiking through the beautiful mountains.

Let’s talk about financing in Costa Rica

Let’s talk about financing in Costa Rica

March 19, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

A very popular hobby among those who like to browse the internet or peep in to magazines is to daydream about the wonderful joys and places that they would love to own or experience…

Walking with your couple to the market to buy exotic fruits for breakfast.

That sunbath in the company of scarlet macaws in Uvita.

Dining in some sophisticated restaurant on a tophill enjoying the city lights.

Showing your children the march of the leaf cutter ants towards their dwelling under the shade of a kapok tree.

Receiving some extra money from the rent of your apartment in Costa Rica.

The fact is that when we´re back in reality our wallet tell us a different story. Good news is that more and more sellers are starting to include financing options to smooth the way down to the prospect´s goal. The formulas are different but what they have in common is that makes easier to the client the first step towards ownership.

The first possibility is always to appeal to the bank: A mortgage over the property you’re buying is always a valid solution, however, sometimes in Costa Rica is difficult for a foreigner to be subject from a local bank to credit. Interest rates tend to be higher compared to options back home. This rates are around 9% in United States dollars for a long term loan.

Another approach is to knock the door for private financing. Options are broader, terms are more flexible and the possibility to offer collateral Real Estate in the United States or Canada is also part of the game. Yet, this alternative might be better for those who are familiar with this instruments and also have enough leverage for this operations.

Last but not least, owner financing is also available for many of our listings. A scenario where both parts of the property crossroads help each other to round up a good business is possible. Rent to buy options, the chance to move in a spectacular home with a downpayment and then paying the rest under the most convenient terms for both parts, is definitely the most exciting formula when financing is needed.

Don’t wait more for the good times to come, they might be already reachable with some help, here in Costa Rica.

Guanacaste: A Paradise for Expats in Costa Rica

Guanacaste: A Paradise for Expats in Costa Rica

March 16, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

Guanacaste is a province located in the Nicoya Peninsula , including also the Papagayo Peninsula, and expanding up to the frontier with Nicaragua in Peñas Blancas. It is known for the enormous beaches and the diverse natural parks, as well as the luxurious infrastructure with all the modern amenities that attracts thousands of expats. A very dry tropical forest with all the attractions that one can imagine. You will find extreme sports as bungee jumping or canopy, as well as scuba diving with sharks and giant stingrays. But if you rather lay on a beach with the sound of the ocean, the endless beaches will please you with the calm and own space, as well as a tranquil boat ride with whale and dolphin watching.

An enormous advantage of Guanacaste for expats is that about one hour away from the most astonishing beaches you will find the international airport Daniel Oduber Quiros in Liberia. Here you will be able to rent cars and find your way to the beaches easily. You won’t have to worry if you need constant medical care, another benefit of Liberia is it’s closure to one of the leading public hospitals in the country: Hospital Clínico San Rafael Arcángel. Here, you will notice the contrast between the modern infrastructure and a newly built highway, moving into a typical farmer’s city, where cow exhibitions and auctions turn into a local party.

In Guanacaste, you will find plenty of affordable luxury beachfront houses and apartments, gated communities with golf courses and private pools. Something to consider is that electricity is one of the largest expenses here since A/C is almost seen as a requirement for comfort. Tamarindo, one of the most populated beaches, offers an international gastronomic experience, as well as all the typical foods that you can find just around the corner.

The beaches are a year-round attraction to locals and tourists. The warm climate can be compensated with the shadows of the palm trees and the serenity of the sea. The hot climate will be sometimes turned into a necessary rainy day, mostly during the rainy season (May through November). Here the golden sand meets the transparent pacific ocean while the wildlife begins to appear. If you lay down under a tree, open your eyes and appreciate the monkeys and sloths that will approach your area in search of food. Toucans and pages will emerge during mornings and afternoons for the perfect pictures with the sunset. Don’t find it strange if you find little turtles hatching out from the eggs trying to reach the ocean, especially in the months of September to August.

Modern amenities will be combined with ease and tranquility while watching the sunsets at 5 PM. Making new friends, and living the “Pura Vida” way of life you will be able to mix business and pleasure. A big expat community lives here already, with testimony that the “Tico” are the friendliest people, with the best food and the best beaches, waiting will welcome you in Guanacaste!

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Facing Climate Change in Costa Rica

Facing Climate Change in Costa Rica

March 8, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

All evidence suggests that climate change is already affecting the whole planet, jeopardizing some of our most valued places. Coastal erosion, warmer temperatures, and stronger meteorological phenomena are some of the consequences that are no longer a threat but part of the reality that we have to face as a species.

When media and most of the people talk or mention about this issue, the first pictures that come to our mind are polar bears and melting glaciers. However, in our tropical context is possible to point many of the effects of this process. The good news is that some action is being taken.

An interesting approach is coming from the Ministry of the environment. The biological corridor program objective is to identify areas that are important to manage in a sustainable way, allowing species to move from one area to another looking to warranty their existence for the years to come. The land in this areas stays in private hands but the productive activities are consequent with conservation. This not only helps the wildlife but also becomes a strategy against global warming, as more CO2 is captured since more forest area is grown.

The coasts are also an important target. For example, in Uvita a NGO is looking to help local fishermen to use sustainable techniques to have a healthy ecosystem. Along with this effort, they are encouraged to complement their income with tourism services. The result is a better environment and the protection against global warming effects in an indirect way.

Our treasured beaches in the south Pacific are being protected already, and the great news is that similar programs are running in other beach paradises in Costa Rica.

We know that these efforts need to be accompanied by individual measures as some of the problems we are experiencing according to the UN are in direct relations to Livestock one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems, so please inform yourself and read more about this.

Nevertheless, we are happy to hear that efforts are taking place. More efficient energy use and the use of renewable sources is something that is not new to this nation.

It is difficult to adapt and embrace change, but this country is moving in the right path to conserve the most important places to face this at the same time that prepares wisely for the inevitable. Make compassion choices and stay in the safe side for your Real Estate investments!

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