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4th of July in Costa Rica

4th of July in Costa Rica

July 4, 2019

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4th of July might well be the celebration of independence of the USA; however, here in Costa Rica there are several places to go if you want to commemorate this US holiday.

Firstly, for all of you don’t know, 4th of July is celebrated because it was the date when the Continental Congress declared that the first thirteen American states were no longer bound to the monarch of Britain. Historically, July 4 was not really the date when it was signed (July 2nd) rather the day when the Continental Congress formally dated, finalized, and adopted it. The nation’s citizens thus cherish this holiday like no other because it is an emblem of their country: the land of the free.

For all of you American’s at heart, don’t forget to rehearse the “U-S-A” chant and go to the activities either in Avenida Escazú or Marino Pez Vela if you’re near the Central Pacific area of Costa Rica. In Escazú, there will be both fireworks and concerts that will feature the band Mustang 65, DJ Sweetbo, the U.S. Air Force’s Airmen of Note, and the CCCN Jazz Orchestra. Also, the activity will count with activities for kids, square dancing, and a classic cars parade. For the people in the beach, specifically those of you who are residents of Quepos or visitors to the area, there is also a celebration for you hosted by the Marina Pez Vela. For this activity, kids will be able to enjoy face painting, games and inflatables as well as traditional U.S dances. If you thought you will be hungry, don’t worry, Marina Pez Vela has promised there will be hot-dogs and apple pie.

In a broader image, the important message to be taken from all of this is the fact that liberty and freedom transcends countries. In this case, it is the expats from United States who are enjoying and celebrating this event in Costa Rica, showing as well how significant the celebration of independence is for a country but also how vivid America’s culture is here in Costa Rica.

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