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Champions of the Earth award

Champions of the Earth award

September 25, 2019

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Costa Rica has always had a culture that not only respected nature, but that felt it a requirement to always protect it. In September 2019 Costa Rica was recognized by the United Nations and given the highest possible environmental honor; Champions of the Earth award.

The Central American country received this accolade due to its strong commitment to combating climate change and preserving nature. Costa Rica has come up with a devoted plan to decarbonize its economy by the year 2050 (in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals). As a nation that always felt responsible and within their actions to conserve the environment, Costa Rica has recently instilled strong governmental policies to continue its mission to protect our planet. Being able to implement these type of principles within their political and economic beliefs; has shown the world that it is achievable to have this type of sustainability.

Costa Rica and the UN hope to influence other nations to imply similar approaches in regards to protecting our environment. As most of the world seems to be heading in the wrong direction, continuing to uncontrollably release deadly emissions that rapidly cause devastating climate changes; Costa Rica is putting great efforts to make sure the effects of climate change are slowed down.

Although this is a great step that few have taken, and maybe many will take; what many of us don’t know is the greatest single cause of climate change and the greatest individual threat we have to our planet is: ANIMAL AGRICULTURE. Yes, this may be a huge surprise to all of us. The animal agriculture industry accounts for more greenhouse gases than the exhaust of cars, trucks, trains, boats combined; the whole transportation sector. When it comes to resource consumption and depletion; 55% of our water use is consumed by raising livestock for consumption. The meat industry alone wastes nearly 2,500 gallons of water to produce just 1lb of beef! Yes, these facts are staggering, but what can we do as a society and inhabitants of this conflicted world…? It is simple, the answer is to reduce meat consumption. Veganism has so many positive, impactful results in countless ways; first and foremost to save and protect animals from abuse. Another is the influence it has on improving your overall health. Why not choose to act with kindness compassion and love.

Mijael T.

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