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Wallmart is on the brink of employing 162 workers with disabilities in Mexico and Central America.

Wallmart is on the brink of employing 162 workers with disabilities in Mexico and Central America.

June 17, 2019

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Wallmart in Mexico and Central America has decided to reach out to groups that they traditionally don’t go to, this being an indicator that the economy is finally reaching full employment. Their sub-manager of Corporate affairs, Mariela Pacheco, says they want to encourage the participation of diverse human talent, in an environment of equal opportunities in all areas of the company.

Diversity has now become a value-add for businesses and a growing number of firms are now including people with disabilities into the picture. By bringing in people who think or work differently due to their disability, companies are therefore bringing people who look at and solve problems differently. A job most times becomes a big part of someone’s identify, and therefore, it is imperative for individuals with disabilities to have the opportunity to work and help as best as they can in a business.

The vacant jobs in Wallmart are for the subsequent work positions: cashiers, cooks, shop assistants and butchers, production, drinks, groceries, backroom, bodega, area coordinators and assistants, managers, sub-managers, decorators, and store administrators.

Through their program, Wallmart without Barriers, the company has the goal of hiring 257 individuals in 2019, with 95 people already working alongside them; ultimately aiding in the reduction of the gap between employed people with disabilities and the general population.

All of this thus indicates that Costa Rica and Central America might be shifting their work paradigms and start including people who previously have never been given the chance to contribute or be an asset in a business.

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