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December 16, 2018

Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country full of nature and diverse ecosystems where we have to take the greatest benefits possible. It is a country that works with wind power with towers scattered throughout the country, there is no doubt that the people here are aware of the planet. Off-grid properties are properties that envelop and nourish a lifestyle. These are houses, hotels, or communities that can be self-sufficient, without the need of buying services from others.

Off Grid properties tend to also fall on the fact that they are powered by electrical grids, this being their only source of energy. Renewable energy is a trend now. When talking about this term some might think of wind towers, but advances in technology have allowed to install solar panels on the roofs of houses. In this way, storage systems can be used to maintain the extra energy that is produced during the day. It does not only help the environment, but it also helps your pocket! You will not be depending on the electricity service and paying a bill each month for your consumptions.

Something beautiful about the architecture of these types of houses is how they combine the building within nature. They have an intelligent design: before installing solar panels it must be taken into consideration the sun’s trajectory to take the best advantage of the energy. It also helps while considering the insulation on walls to reduce the electrical installation of fans and air conditioners: by studying the sun’s suit, it can be determined which walls of the house will receive more heat. Off Grid homes also incorporate natural light, indoor and outdoor spaces for a better effect.

There are several hotels and homes in Costa Rica that are considered as Off-Grid. Most of these are located within nature, in order to exploit the potential and natural resources. The goal is to find balance by combining a beautiful architectural product and the ecosystem. These are adaptable and sustainable homes with self-producing energy, providing the inhabitants an off the grid lifestyle. In Costa Rica, Decree No. 39220-MINAE regulates the production of energy for personal use.

We live in a society where we need others to subsist: water, electricity, food … While living off the grid you cut-off this dependency by starting with something as simple as providing your own electricity. Nevertheless, this is a lifestyle. One must become conscious of the effort that takes to produce their own necessities. It depends on your effort!

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