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Tambor Untouched Beach Paradise

Tambor Untouched Beach Paradise

July 28, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

A popular leaping off point to get from the heart of Costa Rica to the Nicoya Peninsula, Tambor is one of the perfect examples of an untouched beach paradise. The large golden beach is still relatively void of crowds and offers a little something for everyone. Unfortunately, there isn’t much opportunity for tourism happening in the town like there is in Montezuma Beach to the south. Still, Tambor is ideal for a romantic getaway or a beach-filled vacation with the kids.

Here are the best activities we’ve found during our time in Tambor:

Curu Wildlife Reserve: The environment-lovers delight is located just a short drives north of Tambor. Unlike many of the protected areas in Costa Rica, Curu is actually a privately-owned refuge that strives to protect threatened and endangered forest habitats and animal species. Not surprisingly, the area is teeming with beautiful wildlife like white-faced monkeys, peccary, coyotes, and more. Bird watchers will also be in heaven as parrots, woodpeckers, herons, and scarlet macaws are just some of the avian species commonly seen flying through the forest.

Barceló Resort: Because there isn’t much in the way of a town in Tambor, the resort chain provides a solid alternative for those wanting to stay right by the beach. The all-inclusive resort includes a large pool, golf course, and restaurant and bar. Barceló makes a great choice for families staying in the areas due to its kid-friendly entertainment.

Tour to Tortuga Island: Without a doubt, one of the best-kept secrets in Costa Rica travel books is the majestic Tortuga Island. The island just off the east coast of the Nicoya Peninsula looks like something straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean with its clear blue waters and white sand. Boat tours run daily from Tambor and don’t take long to get you to the desolate island. Included in tours will usually be lunch, drinks, and snorkeling gear.

The trip to Cabo Blanco: The nature reserve located on the southern tip of the peninsula is just a half-hour drives away and makes a great tour for those looking to get more acquainted with Costa Rican nature. Cabo Blanco offers hikes through the protected tropical jungle setting that eventually lead out to a remote beach, where you may become convinced you’re the last person standing on the planet if you stay for too long.

Take a trip to a small town called Nosara

Take a trip to a small town called Nosara

July 19, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Nosara, best known as the “no shirt no shoes” town, is the ideal place to surf and to practice yoga here in Costa Rica. Considered by National Geographic as one of the best 20 cities around the world to do surf, and according to Tripadvisor, the number 1 traveler’s choice, reviewed as the best place to go on vacations inside Costa Rica, without any doubt Nosara is a magnet for tourists.

Home to the oldest expat community in the country, Nosara will give you a very North American vibe, although you will also have the chance to live a 100% the Costa Rican experience. Everyone speaks Spanish but you’ll also find a lot of native English speakers too.

It is located on the Pacific Coast, more specifically in Guanacaste. The town consists of five beach towns: Playa Nosara, features the most calm vibe, it is not very crowded, you can enjoy paddle boarding or kayaking on its river mouth, Boca Nosara. Playa Garza, best known for its light golden sand, is a perfect spot to do some snorkeling due to the crystal clear waters, it is also considered a key spot for fishing activity. In the Garza town you can be able to relax too, and grab a bite at their local eateries. Playa Guiones, takes it all! Featuring white sands, It’s the most visited beach by tourists and it’s the place where surfers want to be, from beginners to experts. There’s also a variety of bars, restaurants and cafes, as well as yoga, pilates and surfing schools. Playa Pelada, has periods in which you could surf but the tide here is not very consistent, however, this beach is visited by swimmers, tourists interested in snorkeling or diving, if you find a boat or maybe a fisherman willing to give you a ride you can spot whales when in whale season (mating), turtles and dolphins. Playa Ostional, located in the Nosara – Ostional Wildlife Refuge, best known for its dark sands that welcome hundreds of thousands of turtles that come to nest at the shores. Many tourists come during May and November to see this awesome Mother Nature’s phenomenon called in Spanish Arribada (Arrival – English).

Nosara is also considered the safest beach in Costa Rica, people who live there try to go out of their way to make sure it stays the same way, so if you feel like walking at night on the beach it is safe to do so.

Whether you are planning to live in Nosara or visit, this place will really melt your heart. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful sunsets and while you do, make sure to share all your memories with us, using the hashtag #Propertiesincostarica on Instagram or Facebook or tag us on your photos, @propertiesincostarica on instagram.

Standing Up Paddle Boarding in Costa Rica

Standing Up Paddle Boarding in Costa Rica

July 11, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Standing up paddle boarding, best known as SUP, is a surfing derivative sport that has its origins in Hawaii. Many surfers practiced SUP, way before it became “famously known”, when waters were waveless in order to stay in good shape and physical condition and also many photographers practiced it while trying to get the right angle for a good shot. Over the past couple of years it has become the ‘it’ water sport everyone’s talking about.

Costa Rica is considered one of the best spots to do paddleboarding and there’s a variety of places in the country where you can practice it. Don’t worry if you are beginner, there’s place for everyone.The most talked about advantage Costa Rica has to offer is the weather, since it is warm enough all year around, waters tend to be mild, making any water activity enjoyable.

The Pacific Coast offers calm waters were beginners can find an opportunity to learn safely. A few of the places where you can practice SUP are: Tamarindo , Peninsula Papagayo in Guanacaste and Gulf Dulce at the Osa Peninsula. There’s plenty of paddle boarding schools with rental equipment available, so if you are a beginner maybe you could save an extra buck and instead benefit from renting any gear you need and try out a couple of lessons and see who it goes before. In addition, there’s also Lake Arenal, a place where beginners can practice too due to the calm waters and enjoy the sightseeing of Arenal volcano.

There are lots of options for surfers or more experienced paddleboarders too. Try out Manuel Antonio, one of the hottest beach destinations the Southern Pacific Coast has to offer. Tamarindo , also has a couple of beaches where you can enjoy some waves as well.

If you are looking forward to enjoy a relaxing time in Costa Rica, a new trend offered by hotels and paddle boarding schools is the practice of SUP and combining it with yoga. Many online packages feature yoga lessons on the paddleboard or even yoga retreats, SUP and accommodations. Try and search around Nosara and Tamarindo for this specific type of deals.

At Properties in Costa Rica, we are thrilled that you choose our country for your next adventure, so don’t mind sharing with us pictures from your future trip, just tag us on Instagram or Facebook, @propertiesincostarica and don’t forget to use the hashtag #propertiesincostarica. See you soon!

Best activities Tamarindo

Best activities Tamarindo

July 5, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Discover a few of the best activities Tamarindo has to offer:

Surf: Probably no activity is as popular as riding waves on Tamarindo‘s long stretch of beach measuring more than a kilometer long. If you’re a beginning rider, it might be frustrating to make your way through the crowded surf during the day. One of the best resources out there for novices is Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, known as maybe the top surf camp in all of Central America. There expert surfers like founder Joe Walsh will give you hands-on lessons and have you riding waves in less thank a weeks time. More experienced riders can always find less crowded waves in the morning, but might also want to head to nearby Playa Avellana for even bigger waves.

Tours: For those who want to take it easy, tours are offered to trek around the Playa Grande estuary north of town. Here you’ll have a chance to see the wildlife – crocodiles, monkeys, birds, and more – that inhabit the nearby area, as a professional guide takes you around Tamarindo‘s biodiverse neighbor. If you’re in the area anytime between October and March, look out for leatherback turtles, as Playa Grande boasts one of the world’s most popular nesting sites for the magnificent reptiles.

A sunset cruise is another great option after a day on the beach. A variety of companies, including Antares Sailing Adventures, offer catamaran tours that are often referred to as “booze cruises” because of their open bars. But the tours also offer guests the chance to snorkel, kayak, and swim far off Tamarindo‘s coast.

Horseback riding: Riders have the option to stroll down the beach or go into the lush mountains tucked behind the town. Normally, tours on the beach will only last a few hours and take place around sunset for a postcard image moment that is perfect for couples. Longer tours take place going into the tropical forests east of town. Other places offer tours through the small Guanacaste pueblos nearby that will give you a better feel for the amazing culture and history of Costa Rica’s second biggest province.

Zip lining: You’re not really Costa Rica until you’re screaming at the top of your lungs while flying through the jungle canopy on a zip line. Tours are offered just a 20 minute-drive from the center of Tamarindo in the heart of Costa Rica’s beautiful jungles. Most operators will offer pick up service to your hotel or home. A normal tour will last around two hours as professionally trained local guides lead you through the set of lines, where from above you can look down on the country’s impressive greenery and active wildlife.

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