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Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio appears in new Netflix show 👀

Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio appears in new Netflix show 👀

May 10, 2022

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Costa Rica and its wonders is showcased yet again in the new Netflix produced series called “Our Great National Parks”. This time, viewers embark on a journey where they can get to know the world’s most stunning natural environments, narrated by former US president Barack Obama, and featuring Costa Rica’s very own Manuel Antonio National Park. The depiction of the flora and fauna found in these mesmerizing places is caught in full colors and motion, providing the audience with a raw experience of what these places are really like when they are healthy and well.

Specifically regarding Manuel Antonio, episode 1 focusses on the importance of one of the area’s most important creature: the three fingered sloth. What is so important about these sloths you ask? Well, it turns out that the ecosystem they foster in their fur produces a specific dye that scientist have learned can be used to fight off diseases such as cancer, malaria, and superbugs. (Fernández, 2022). The narrator even refers to the park as a “pharmaceutical factory” that scientists can utilize to look out for medical alternatives to common medical issues we see in our current world.

The problem that this environment faces is in terms of the increasing effects of climate change and this all stems from manmade disasters and indulgences, meaning that it is our job to reverse the situation and act as rapidly as possible to save the natural wonders our world has to offer. It is because of this situation that the show aims to highlight in breathtaking fashion the importance of preserving our natural parks, specifically when they look so vibrant and alive when fully prosperous. Don’t forget to pay Manuel Antonio a visit in your next trip here in Costa Rica and see for yourself the famous three-fingered sloths, white faced monkeys, and unique beaches this place has to offer.

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