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6 Things to do in Dominical

6 Things to do in Dominical

April 29, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

There is not a shortage of outdoor adventures in Dominical. This green area includes two national parks, magical waterfalls, wildlife and nature sanctuaries, legendary surfing and plenty of water activities for the novice and the pro. There are few places in the world that match the abundance of opportunity and fun families couples and friends can enjoy in Costa Rica. Only a short drive from San Jose, it’s one of the country’s favorite spots for nature enthusiasts and eco-minded people.

1. Nauyaca Waterfalls

A two-tiered waterfall that rises 61 meters (200 feet) high with a natural pool for swimming makes Nauyaca Waterfalls one of Costa Rica’s top destinations for adventure seekers. Arrive either by horseback (tour includes lunch) or hike to the waterfalls and spend the day. If you plan on hiking, the trail to the falls is very challenging and rugged but well worth it.

2. Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary where you will find over 75 animals native to Costa Rica. This non-profit organization feeds, provides shelter and veterinary care to distressed animals brought under its care. The center also includes an educational program for school children. It’s dedicated not only to the care and preservation of wildlife but also to teaching the future generations about the importance of animals and preserving their natural habitats. It’s a remarkable place to visit when traveling through Dominical.

3. Hacienda Baru

This 800-acre wildlife refuge hugs the southern coast of Costa Rica neighboring Dominical. With a diversity of habitats, primary and secondary forest, mangroves, grasslands, and beaches, you can get pleasantly lost here for hours hiking through the reserve. A cattle ranch till 1990, the owner banned hunting on the land and quickly went to work to create one of Costa Rica’s most treasured reserves. It officially became a reserve in 1995. The lodge, restaurant and zip line tours fund the property. It’s a sustainable, self-supporting venture that relies on responsible eco-tourism to protect the wildlife and ecosystem. Here you will find treasures everywhere in the over 330 species that inhabit the land. You can take one of the many self-guided hikes to spot monkeys, sloths, caiman and more or opt for the zip line tour for a bird’s eye view of the reserve.

4. Yoga

Dominical is home to one of the top yoga retreat centers in Costa Rica. The Danya Yoga Retreat and Eco-Lodge offer visitors retreats, yoga, surf, meditation and arts and crafts programs. There are daily drop-in yoga classes taught by well-regarded instructors. It’s a special place to reconnect with yourself, rejuvenate your spirit, and return to balance.

5. Marino Ballena Park

Just 20 minutes south of downtown Dominical, Marino Ballena Park attracts visitors from all over the world. Established in 1990, the protected 270 acres of land and 13,300 acres of ocean is one of the newest parks in the country. Home to the largest coral reef on the Pacific side of Central America it beckons scuba divers. The crystal clear blue waters make it perfect for snorkeling. You can also venture out to Cano Island for more scuba diving. Explore the mangroves, and spot the humpback whales during migration season. The beaches are also a favorite place to spot Olive Ridley and Hawksbill turtles. Spend hours here horseback riding, hiking, paddling through the mangroves or just laying on the beach; it’s a perfect refuge to take in the wonders of nature.

6. Surf Lessons and Surfing

In Dominical, surfs up every day of the week. One of the most popular destinations for both experienced as well as those new to surfing, Dominical offers consistent waves. With waves averaging anywhere from three feet to double overhead and a sandy bottom, it’s a top surfing destination. As a bonus, the town of Dominical extends to the beach making parking fairly easy. You can also take surf lessons and get some yoga in at Bodhi Surf School.

Escape into the wonder of waterfalls, zip-line across the rainforest canopy, explore the beaches on horseback, take in the surf and enjoy the wonder of the ocean at sunset in Dominical. It’s one of Costa Rica’s treasured spots for visitors and residents. All are welcome here.

Central Valley on the spot

Central Valley on the spot

April 22, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

So its that time again! The Costa Rican real estate market took an upswing 8 years ago and it is happening again. As many of you think – what’s going to happen? whether you are looking at your life now, in retirement, your home for vacation or even your politics – think ahead and buy a build-able lot here in Costa Rica.

1-Pick a price range that you can afford and want to be in. Anywhere from $30,000USD and up

2-Choose an area with good resale. Right now the ‘suburbs’ of the central valley are hot – and I mean that in a good way! the mountains that make up the valley have access to the city and are actually 70-80 degrees year round with no need for need A/C. Not only expats are moving there, but lots of ticos as well.

3-Schedule a trip with a trusted realtor who can show you different areas, such as San Ramon, Grecia, Naranjo, or a company with Realtors in several different areas you are interested in. many Realtors here will help you with more than just buying a lot so it is worth using a good one with a reputable company.

4-Find the lot that works for you and buy it! Yes, its that simple here. Due diligence is already half done on lots with Properties in Costa Rica, so we can close in as early as a few days if nothing new has come up.

  • Bring your passport and license
  • Have 10% of your budgeted purchase price ready to put down in escrow
  • Sign a Limited power of Attorney to your realtor, friend or family here to ONLY sign the closing documents if the Closing will happen when you are not here and you are not able to come back.

5-Build right away or wait – there are many good companies and builders in the mountain areas. don’t pick one yourself, find one through references from your realtor. Don’t let the few bad stories trump all the successful building stories that don’t make the headlines.

6-Furniture – One of the hardest things for my expat clients to believe is that we have good, quality furniture and household items here. Sure – you can fill up a container in the states and ship to for 10,000. And honestly, if you are building 3 or more rentals and need to furnish them all, you may save money doing it that way. but furnishing one or 2 homes, better, put that money into the CR economy, and buy the items easily right here and have them delivered to the house for much less than shipping them from the US.

7-Move! or vacation, or rent, or sell. Just like any other part time home or investment property. If you use it, great! Welcome! Don’t move? Rent or sell, or do both. This is a little slice of Paradise, and we people always want to come enjoy it. The weather is great, we are close to everything, literally. I can day trip to the beach, or a volcano, or a huge mall with Forever 21 and Benetton. Costa Rica’s allure isn’t going anywhere!

So if you are thinking of buying a lot here as a backup plan to build later, I say do it! And do it now.

K. Rubens

5 Reasons why Living in Guanacaste is Good for your Health

5 Reasons why Living in Guanacaste is Good for your Health

April 5, 2017

Properties in Costa Rica

Guanacaste is a mayor touristic destination in Costa Rica. People seek their pristine beaches, surf spots, and retreats to stay for a holiday or even entire seasons. Many visitors become locals after a couple of times of visiting the area, others do not think it twice and just move. Maybe a reason why they do this is because Guanacaste provides a better living environment than the one they enjoy at home. Some reasons researchers point out about why living in Guanacaste is good for your health are the following.

The food, Costa Rican food is fairly mild, fresh fruits and vegetables are very important in the mix and rice and beans are a staple of most Costa Rican meals. In Guanacaste the diet is traditionally based on products derived from corn such as tortillas, corn bread, corn soups and other meals using this ingredient. Only until resent years, there was no fast food restaurants or big chains in the area, and the life style here just focuses more on slow food than the fast one. On top of this, several producers and food businesses choose organic ingredients or even, grow them by them self.

The climate, living in a warm climate definitely favors those who have bones or joints conditions. Also the heat of the sun affects our endocrine system, endorphins are the natural chemicals in our body that make us feel relaxed and less stressed. Climate has a direct influence on our state of mind.

The air quality is essential to achieve balance in the body through the oxygen. You may only need one or two liters of water per day, but you need 13,000 liters of clean air per day. Guanacaste is isolated from factories, which makes possible a very high air quality. Properties closer to the beach coast in areas like Tamarindo, Flamingo, Potrero, have also other great benefit, sea air. Have you ever thought why you always sleep better after spending the day on the beach? Sea air contains healthy negative ions that increase our ability to absorb oxygen. The levels of serotonin in our body is also balanced by negative ions. Serotonin, is another body chemical that is linked with mood and stress, because of it and endorphins is that you feel more relaxed and with more energy after a holiday at the coast.

Sea water is also a factor, the sound of waves alters wave patterns in the brain calming you into a deeply relaxed state. Just relaxing in this way can help rejuvenate your mind and body. Researchers also show that floating in water makes blood divert around from our lower limbs towards our abdominal region. Fresh blood being pumped around the body brings more oxygen to our brain which makes us more active and alert.

Last but not least, the The Pura Vida lifestyle. This Costa Rican slogan says it all, enjoy life. It isn’t a secret that living in the country side far from the rush and hustle of the cities improves your lifestyle. In Guanacaste life can definitely be enjoyed like this slower and without too many complications. Proof of this, is the area of Nicoya nominated a blue zone by Dan Buettner and his team. They study communities around the world, in which the elderly live with great strength and vigor until a record age. Let yourself live a healthier life and come to Guanacaste. As the old Spanish says “en el mar la vida es mas sabrosa!”, or “Life by the sea is more delightful!”.

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