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8 Costa Rican Influencers That You Will Love

8 Costa Rican Influencers That You Will Love

August 23, 2022

Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an exotic country with fascinating people, bright culture, and picturesque nature. This country often becomes the place for spending vacation for people from all over the world. There are also lots of people who decide to move and live the rest of their lives in this place because of its great views and white-sand beaches.

We want to dedicate this article to discuss the benefits of visiting Costa Rica. Besides, we would like to share the pages of the most popular Costa Rican influencers who attract attention to their culture via their personal online blogs on various platforms.

Why you should visit Costa Rica

Fascinating nature and many natural parks

Costa Rica is known as a country with numerous parks that make this location very green, providing a clean environment for people. There are different types of parks you can visit. Some of them are privatized and belong to local organizations or governments, where you surely can find marvelous views, but these parks are made for tourists mostly. If you like more extreme vacations, you can boldly visit wild parks with jungles where you will find lots of various plants, insects, and animals. However, you need to explore the right behavior in jungles to keep yourself away from danger.

Active and dormant volcanoes

As the writing service Top Writing Reviews claims, Costa Rica is also famous as the land of volcanoes. Basically, it counts six volcanoes that are active at the moment, and also more than 60 dormant volcanoes. The number is really huge considering the pretty small size of the country. All tourists can take a tour of all active and sleeping volcanoes while traveling to Costa Rica. The variety of tours is quite wide and suits people who love calm climbing as well as extreme one. In addition, active volcanoes are not only for climbing. Costa Rican citizens opened SPA complexes near volcanoes where people can have natural hot baths and other various procedures which are unavailable in other locations in the world.

Costa Rican cuisine

Costa Rica has a suitable climate for growing lots of exotic kinds of fruit. There you can try foods that you will hardly find in any other country due to their complex distribution, like peach palm fruit, soursop, starfruit, and many others.

White-sand beaches

Costa Rican beaches are very clean and white because local citizens care a lot about the environment they live in. They aim to protect nature including parks, beaches, forests, etc. Costa Rica has lots of long and very picturesque beaches around the country near the Pacific Ocean as well as the Caribbean Sea. You can have a rest, try surfing, and diving to see the citizens of the water.

Top Costa Rican influencers

Now we would like to share the popular Costa Rican influencers who focus their blogs on describing Costa Rica and their life in this country. So before attending or moving to this place, you can learn about their culture and people.

Roberto López

Roberto is a micro-influencer from Costa Rica who has an online presence on two different platforms—Instagram and YouTube. He is a travel blogger who travels to different locations in Costa Rica as well as throughout Latin America to show the beauty of nature to his followers. He posts great pictures from his trips on his Instagram, but if you want to know more details about the places he attends, you can find his YouTube channel where he posts vlogs about his journeys.

The Yellow Passport Blog

This is a young woman that comes from Costa Rica. She started a travel blog several years ago and is doing really great. The direction she promotes on her personal blog on Instagram and website is sustainable travel and adventures. She adores traveling and has been to many countries in the world, but she focuses on wild traveling, picking living in a tent instead of luxurious hotels.

Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer is a top Costa Rican influencer with a huge audience on her Instagram and TikTok. Her blog doesn’t have a single direction and can be mostly related to lifestyle. She is a successful young businesswoman who shares her experience with other young entrepreneurs who want to become successful in various business niches. She is also keen on traveling, however, she prefers vacations in luxurious hotels which she also describes in her blog providing her own assessment.

Antonella Alberti

Antonella is a micro-influencer on Instagram that originally comes from the USA, but several years ago moved to Costa Rica. Her occupation is to create unique video and text content for her blog as well as to order for her clients. She shares her great experience of moving to exotic Costa Rica from busy New York, which is a good source of inspiration for people who are willing to move but are not decisive enough.

Jeffrey Karnes

Jeffrey is the owner of an exciting travel blog with a wide audience, with more than 100k active followers. His blog is really different from other travel bloggers as his blog is very informative. He travels to different countries in South America and takes pictures of rare animals. After that, he explores all kinds he managed to find and describes their peculiarities in his publications.

Giulio D’ Angelo

Giulio is another popular influencer in Costa Rica who is a photographer by profession. He commonly tries to find unique and unexplored places in Costa Rica to take photos that nobody has seen before. Despite his posts not having much text content, his blog looks very appealing to people who would love to see the real Costa Rica before visiting the country.

Sam Newton

Sam is a quite popular Instagram and YouTube blogger according to writing reviews Rated by Students, whose occupation is filmmaking. Despite not spending much time in Costa Rica, he described his experience of living and shooting in Costa Rica, in its marvelous places with pure nature. Sam captured the best moments of his recent Costa Rican journey in the videos on his blog, so check it out.

Dayana Souza

Dayana is a travel writer from Costa Rica who is tasked with teaching other people how they can escape from their boring, routine life and make their job available while traveling. It is a great source of inspiration for people who are tired of working from the place in the office and want to completely change their lives. Along with sharing traveling experiences, Dayana controls other people who turn their travel dreams into reality in the short term.

In conclusion

Taking into account the exploration of Costa Rican influencers, we can say that all of them are really proud of the place they have been born, or they have moved to. Costa Rica is a bright and colorful country where people at their convenience know what real relaxation is.

Updated sanitary measures in Costa Rica! Check them out 👀

Updated sanitary measures in Costa Rica! Check them out 👀

August 18, 2022

Properties in Costa Rica

If you have in your plans to come and visit Costa Rica, we are going to look at a few things to keep in mind before you arrive. It is clear to say that restrictions in terms of the entrance and paperwork needed to enter the country have been modified ever since the pandemic started, and over the last couple of months the restrictions have been steadily reducing and tourism has increased once again. 

 Luckily, like the previous entry requirements released back in May, folks from all over the world can enter the country. The use of masks is still no longer mandatory (except for first line health workers or people entering hospitals of any kind) and businesses and touristic locations like Santa Teresa, Tamarindo or Jacó are all running their normal hours as opposed to what was happening during peak Pandemic times. 

The updated decree is now in full effect, having started August the 16th, and its main concern or change applies to Nicaraguan and Colombian residents who enter the country as tourists or with a transit visa as well as refugees who are residing temporarily in the United States and Canada. The new directive now changes the term of validity of Nicaraguan and Colombian passports from 6 to 3 months upon entering Costa Rica, meaning that if you are from any of these two countries and want to apply for a consular visa, previously your passport had to expire at least 6 months after applying and know this period has been reduced by half to 3, joining the other 37 nations who are in this group. For people who require the consular or restricted visa but have a standard a visa or residency (including refugees) in the United States or Canada, you can still enter the country without the consular visa but keep in mind that the document that accredits your conditions must have a minimum validity of 3 months. Regarding the term of stay, the 90 days period after entry will remain the same and this applies to all nationalities once they enter Costa Rica. We hope you find this information useful and that you can come and see what this beautiful country has to offer.


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Costa Rica’s Home Insurance Landscape

Costa Rica’s Home Insurance Landscape

August 5, 2022

Properties in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a diminutive country in Central America. Costa Rica is bordered on the north by Nicaragua and on the south by Panama, with a population of approximately 4.9 million people. The country is known for its lush tropical rainforests, stunning beaches, and unique wildlife. Costa Rica’s economy is largely based on agriculture and tourism. The country is a popular destination for eco-tourists and adventure seekers. 

Costa Rica is also home to several major multinational companies, including Intel and Procter & Gamble. The Costa Rican insurance market is relatively small, but it has been growing in recent years. Home insurance is one of the most popular types of insurance in Costa Rica. Home insurance policies typically cover damage from natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

Comparative Coverage

However, home insurance policies in Costa Rica often have high deductibles, and they may not cover all types of damage. For instance, most home insurance policies in Costa Rica do not cover damage from flooding. As a result, it is important to compare home insurance policies carefully before buying one. Be sure to read the policy carefully and understand what is and is not covered.

Costa Rican Home Insurance Types

There are two main types of home insurance in Costa Rica; fire insurance and comprehensive insurance.

  • Fire insurance policies cover damage from fires, explosions, and lightning strikes. 
  • Comprehensive home insurance policies cover a wider range of risks, including damage from theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Some home insurance policies in Costa Rica also provide coverage for personal belongings, such as furniture and electronics.

What to Look for in a Costa Rican Home Insurance Policy

When shopping for home insurance in Costa Rica, it is important to compare policies carefully. Be sure to pay attention to the following factors.


Make sure the policy you choose covers all the risks you are concerned about.


Home insurance policies in Costa Rica typically have high deductibles, so be sure you can afford the out-of-pocket costs if you need to make a claim.


Home insurance premiums in Costa Rica can vary widely, so be sure to shop around for the best price.


Some home insurance companies offer discounts for things like smoke detectors and security systems.

What to Do if You Need to Make a Claim

If you need to make a claim on your home insurance policy in Costa Rica, there are a few things you should do.

  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible.
  • Give the insurance company all the information they need, including a detailed description of the damage and any repair estimates.
  • Be prepared to pay your deductible.
  • Keep all receipts and documentation related to the damage and repairs.

Making a claim on your home insurance policy in Costa Rica can be a stressful experience, but if you follow these steps, it should go smoothly. A home insurance company can help you get your life back to normal after a disaster strikes.


Costa Rica’s home insurance landscape is diverse and ever-changing. By understanding the different types of coverage available, you can choose the right policy for your needs. With a little research, you can find an affordable home insurance policy that will give you peace of mind. In fact, home insurance is an important part of owning a home in Costa Rica. Be sure to shop around and compare policies carefully before buying one. And if you ever need to make a claim, be sure to follow the steps outlined above.

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