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Updated sanitary measures in Costa Rica! Check them out 👀

Updated sanitary measures in Costa Rica! Check them out 👀

August 18, 2022

Properties in Costa Rica

If you have in your plans to come and visit Costa Rica, we are going to look at a few things to keep in mind before you arrive. It is clear to say that restrictions in terms of the entrance and paperwork needed to enter the country have been modified ever since the pandemic started, and over the last couple of months the restrictions have been steadily reducing and tourism has increased once again. 

 Luckily, like the previous entry requirements released back in May, folks from all over the world can enter the country. The use of masks is still no longer mandatory (except for first line health workers or people entering hospitals of any kind) and businesses and touristic locations like Santa Teresa, Tamarindo or Jacó are all running their normal hours as opposed to what was happening during peak Pandemic times. 

The updated decree is now in full effect, having started August the 16th, and its main concern or change applies to Nicaraguan and Colombian residents who enter the country as tourists or with a transit visa as well as refugees who are residing temporarily in the United States and Canada. The new directive now changes the term of validity of Nicaraguan and Colombian passports from 6 to 3 months upon entering Costa Rica, meaning that if you are from any of these two countries and want to apply for a consular visa, previously your passport had to expire at least 6 months after applying and know this period has been reduced by half to 3, joining the other 37 nations who are in this group. For people who require the consular or restricted visa but have a standard a visa or residency (including refugees) in the United States or Canada, you can still enter the country without the consular visa but keep in mind that the document that accredits your conditions must have a minimum validity of 3 months. Regarding the term of stay, the 90 days period after entry will remain the same and this applies to all nationalities once they enter Costa Rica. We hope you find this information useful and that you can come and see what this beautiful country has to offer.


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