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Wallmart is on the brink of employing 162 workers with disabilities in Mexico and Central America.

Wallmart is on the brink of employing 162 workers with disabilities in Mexico and Central America.

June 17, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Wallmart in Mexico and Central America has decided to reach out to groups that they traditionally don’t go to, this being an indicator that the economy is finally reaching full employment. Their sub-manager of Corporate affairs, Mariela Pacheco, says they want to encourage the participation of diverse human talent, in an environment of equal opportunities in all areas of the company.

Diversity has now become a value-add for businesses and a growing number of firms are now including people with disabilities into the picture. By bringing in people who think or work differently due to their disability, companies are therefore bringing people who look at and solve problems differently. A job most times becomes a big part of someone’s identify, and therefore, it is imperative for individuals with disabilities to have the opportunity to work and help as best as they can in a business.

The vacant jobs in Wallmart are for the subsequent work positions: cashiers, cooks, shop assistants and butchers, production, drinks, groceries, backroom, bodega, area coordinators and assistants, managers, sub-managers, decorators, and store administrators.

Through their program, Wallmart without Barriers, the company has the goal of hiring 257 individuals in 2019, with 95 people already working alongside them; ultimately aiding in the reduction of the gap between employed people with disabilities and the general population.

All of this thus indicates that Costa Rica and Central America might be shifting their work paradigms and start including people who previously have never been given the chance to contribute or be an asset in a business.

Eat. Party. Sleep. Relax. Surf. Travel.

Eat. Party. Sleep. Relax. Surf. Travel.

June 12, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

Jaco beach is located at the west coast of Costa Rica and is just a 1,5-hour drive from its capital San José. Jaco beach is one of the best surf locations and might be the most developed beach city in Costa Rica. Jaco is a very popular holiday destination because of their countless amount activities and with their loosen up, lie down, party lifestyle. This is a holiday destination for families and people of all ages.

Glide across Jaco Beach

The Jaco beach has a long list of activities but surfing has to be on top of that list. The middle and northern side of the Beach is perfect for more experienced surfers. Madrigales located on the south end of the beach has a large consistent wave which makes it a great place to start learning how to surf. It is certainly possible to take surfing lessons or you can join a surf camp at one of Jaco’s surf schools. So if you’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, Jaco beach is the perfect place to start.

The Jaco Jungle adventure

If you’re looking for adventure then you have to visit the Jaco jungle. Here you can enjoy an all-day adventure including fun activities such as horseback riding, zip lines, waterfall abseiling and an all-terrain vehicle ride in a private 850-hectare river valley. This park is called ‘the park at ocean ranch’ and it has some real Jurassic park like setting.

It’s time for a fiesta

Entertainment is Jaco’s specialty and especially Jaco’s nightlife. The lively nights in Jaco are truly famous. As a matter of fact, Jaco is one of the best party and nightlife destinations! Even during the day, the people are still down for a little after party from the night before and there are plenty of bars open for business so you can just start the party early on or just sit back, relax and enjoy a drink.

Just watch and enjoy the view

From the southern side of Jaco beach up in the mountains, you can watch the city, ocean, rainforest and dazzling beach from the top. Jaco is located In the middle of the rain forest which makes it a great place to search for exotic animals and to spot birds. It is also possible to do a tour to see crocodiles in live action.

3 Incredible National Parks On Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast

3 Incredible National Parks On Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast

June 3, 2019

Properties in Costa Rica

National parks abound in Costa Rica, making nature one of the most appealing reasons to visit. Indeed, some are surprised at just how many such parks there are across what is ultimately not a very large country! And because there are so many to choose from, it can help to break things down into regions when planning a trip.

In this piece we’ll do just that, with a focus on some of the national parks alongside the nation’s Pacific Coast. We’ll look at three parks, as well as some of the nearby towns and attractions that make them suitable for a full vacation.

Santa Rosa National Park

Santa Rosa National Park is almost the northernmost park in Costa Rica, and is just south of the Nicaraguan border. From a travel perspective, it’s also quite accessible because of its close proximity to the mid-sized city of Liberia. This isn’t necessarily one of the country’s best-known cities to people visiting from abroad, but it’s one that may come up in travel research because of the range of outdoor activities people tend to enjoy there: coffee farm tours, horseback riding, Tenorio River rafting, and even a nearby volcano trek. This, plus Liberia’s own international airport, makes it a perfect place to start a vacation.

As for Santa Rosa National Park, it was actually the first natural expanse of its kind officially established in Costa Rica. This happened in 1971, and ever since it’s served as one of the most striking parts of the country to visit. Santa Rosa is home to seaside mountains, miles of lush vegetation, unique flora and fauna, and gorgeous beaches (though some of them are rocky). It’s a virtually unmatched area for sightseeing and getting in touch with Central American nature.

Marino Las Baulas National Park

Marino Las Baulas National Park is located west of Santa Cruz in an area where small towns, beaches, and even some of the country’s casinos are the more typical tourist attractions. The casinos aren’t necessarily the draws they used to be. Visitors from overseas are accustomed to such recreation at home, and the emergent online casino business in New Jersey and a few other states even has Americans growing more used to casinos. Still, there’s something fun about them on vacation; it may be nice to know there’s some indoor recreation of this sort in the area to help break up your time exploring the outdoors.

The park itself though remains the area’s main attraction, no matter what kind of trip you might be looking for. Marino Las Baulas National Park covers a fairly large area directly on the coast, and is known for its well-preserved beaches, its mangrove sanctuary, and even some of the local wildlife. You can spend most of a vacation here lounging on a gorgeous stretch of sand, but be sure to take a tour of the turtle (“baulas”) conservation areas as well!

Corcovado National Park

The first two parks discussed are farther north, but it seems only right to cover a more southern option as well – and Corcovado National Park doesn’t quite get enough attention. Located very close to the Panama border, it effectively comprises the bulk of the Osa Peninsula. As such it’s somewhat more remote than the options mentioned above – though it should be noted that even given this distinction, it’s only about a four-hour drive from San José.

Because Corcovado National Park is somewhat more remote, a vacation there can be a little bit more planned as well. That is to say, this park isn’t meant for casual sightseeing or beachside lounging, but rather for a pre-planned, organized trip. Most start such trips at Sirena Ranger Station, which is effectively a lodge where people can either take day trips out into the park, or, with an advance booking, stay overnight. From this station, guests in the park can enjoy hiking trails, access to the nearby coast, and a lush surrounding habitat where the local wildlife – including monkeys, exotic birds, and the like – is often on full display.

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