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Costa Rica’s independence!

Costa Rica’s independence!

September 12, 2022

Properties in Costa Rica

September 15th is a special time for Ticos and Central America. What for, you ask? Well, this date marks the anniversary of the country’s independence, a very important period in its wonderful history. Dancing, school activities, and splendid food is enjoyed as a way of honoring the country’s most authentic patriotic traditions.

Even though it is a very fun and uniting time of the year, Costa Rica’s independence from Spain back in 1821 was not a simple affair, as a matter of fact, it was really until 1838 that Costa Rica became truly independent and that was when it parted ways with the Federation Republic of Central America.  Despite this, Costa Rican citizens still celebrate September 15th and recognize the significance of Central America’s victory.  One of the most important traditions that unites these countries is in fact the Torch Run, starting September 9th in Guatemala, where the Freedom Torch is carried throughout and arrives in Costa Rica to culminate the September 15th Independence Day celebrations.

Parades around the Costa Rican territory are a must, specifically those performed by regional school students. Be it dance or raising the flag routines, the streets are filled with people, especially when it’s time to sing the beautiful national anthem (at precisely 6:00 pm). Of course, there are tons of traditional foods available, ranging from ‘Gallo Pinto’ to ‘Fried Yuca and Plantain’ or if you’re feeling something sweet, ‘Arroz con Leche’ or Rice Pudding. 🤤

All these celebrations are widely available and free to the public, so if you are planning a visit to Costa Rica, follow the beat of the drums and lyres on September 15th and come enjoy the Folkloric shows, typical dancing and music that best represent Costa Rica’s values and traditions. 🇨🇷

Thank you for reading, catch you in the next one.

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13 Smart Real Estate Investing Tips from Successful Investors

13 Smart Real Estate Investing Tips from Successful Investors

September 9, 2022

Properties in Costa Rica

As the pandemic peaked and businesses stopped, many experts said that the real estate market would be one of the last to return to normal. After the pandemic, it surprised everyone with how well it had done.

The road to wealth is frequently meandering and investing in real estate does not come with a map. However, you can take steps to set yourself up for success and place yourself on the correct path. A wonderful place to start is by paying attention to the best tips for investing in real estate from experts and prosperous investors.

We got thirteen property investment advice or tips from professionals in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the industry or buying your third rental property, you must follow these steps to succeed in this industry or get a property investment service. Without further ado, let us get started.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Risk and preparation are involved in real estate investing, but the payoff can be substantial. Some of the most compelling arguments in favor of buying property are listed here. (Remember, growth in value and income is not assured. The more you know about the houses and areas you are considering, the better your odds of making a profit). Here are a few reasons people invest in real estate.

Continual Cash Flow

Owning a property increases what you receive monthly. It does not matter if you want to invest in a commercial or residential area, the potentials are high. You can lease your property to tenants. You get rent payments monthly.

Excessive Profit

You can sell your rental properties for significant profit if their value rises with time. You must choose the right real estate business to get those high profits.

Stability over Time

You can hold a property for several years while waiting for it to appreciate because it is a long-standing investment. As you wait for the property’s value to increase, you may also make a monthly income by renting out your real estate.

Tip 1 – Find rental homes in areas that are growing

Rental properties are a fantastic way to become engaged with real estate investments. Look for them in new neighborhoods. Developing communities provide tax breaks and room for growth for prospective buyers. Those who invest in real estate in upcoming areas increase their profits and ensure their revenue matches their costs.

Tip 2 – Diversify your investment portfolio

People often say that the best property to invest in is the one you already own. Even though it is essential to know the area where you are investing, you limit your opportunities to make money when you look for small areas.

If you think about investing in other cities and states, you will have a broader range of options and, in the end, better chances. Investing in a wide area also gives you more ways to spread out your money and protects your portfolio from the fluctuation of local markets.

Tip 3 – Don’t overstretch yourself

You can be highly profitable for an extended period and still go bankrupt if each rental is heavily mortgaged. You will have a decent mix of safety and stretching resources if you maintain some of your rental homes for free. If you execute it correctly, a few longer-than-expected openings or cash flow dips do not have to spell the end of your career.

Tip 4 – Conduct your research

Your reputable and compensated experts may advise you to avoid holding real estate in your portfolio altogether in many situations. They frequently offer the same stale justifications, such as being “illiquid” or “very management-intensive.” Depending on your circumstances, they may have merit, but that is not the primary justification they want you to avoid real estate.

You do not pay stockbrokers to invest in real estate. They have no incentive, no commissions, and no work to do. That is, except they wish for you to buy a pricey, non-traded REIT, in which case you will immediately understand their genuine motives. You must conduct your own research to determine the future cash flow in the real estate industry.

Tip 5 – Consider renting a single-family home

Your best chance of finding the right tenant is with single-family homes. Everyone would like to have a home of their own. Some people cannot or do not want to own property.

Tip 6 – Have several escape routes in mind

Another tips for investing in real estate is to never purchase a home unless you have several departure options. Consider flipping as an example. By purchasing properties with substantial quality numbers, you can reduce your risk factors if you are starting or do not have much spare money.

If you are investing in flips and the market collapses, but the property might generate a negative or level cash flow if rented out, you will lose a lot of money. You can either create wealth by maintaining them as rentals or reduce your risks when things go wrong by flipping starter homes.

Tip 7 – Contact escrow to complete your deal

When you start escrow, the deal is not yet finalized. If you are purchasing off-market, the seller may be a little worried about the transaction and if everyone involved is a real estate agent.

Introduce yourself and let them understand that you will draft the paperwork as soon as the escrow/title firm contacts them. The seller will feel more secure because of the third-party confirmation.

Set the anticipation up front that you would check in on the situation regularly during the escrow term and be sure to do so.

Tip 8 – Learn about your market

It is crucial to research and get expertise in your chosen market before making a real estate investment. You can recognize the current market situation and make plans if you are well-informed on current trends, including any drops or gains in average rent, crime rates, income, and interest rates.

Constantly estimating and anticipating market changes will make you a more successful real estate investor.

Tip 9 – Expect vacancies

You want to prevent a vacancy gap in your cash flow unless you have significant finances. The only way to achieve this is to add it to the cost of transporting the asset. Most property owners must assume that not every month of the year will bring in money.

For some, that translates into a 2% decrease in sales, while for others, it may represent a 10% decline. The trick is to evaluate the property and the renter type and then account for the revenue shortfall you should anticipate yearly.

Tip 10 – Think about investing in non-traditional real estate

Never forget that buying single-family houses or apartment complexes can both be profitable real estate investments. You might make investments in warehouses, industrial space, storage facilities, and office buildings. These all bring in rental income.

With a triple-net lease, where the tenant is responsible for basic insurance and paying the property taxes and upkeep, you might be able to lower total costs when renting offices and industrial facilities. Your investment then generates consistent cash flow with minimal out-of-pocket costs.

Tip 11 – Think of your investments as businesses.

Investing in real estate is a business; like any other business, it needs to be carefully planned, carried out, and managed. People who are good at every level run the best companies. It is one property investing tips you should never forget as a newbie.

Those who do not realize this will have trouble or even fail. No matter how big or small you want to do your real estate investment service, you must run it like a business to succeed.

Tip 12 – Create a budget and a timetable 

A general rule of thumb to apply if you are a new investor is to reserve at least 50% of your budget. When you renovate properties, one problem can often lead to another, and your expense usually ends up being greater than you had planned.

A leaky pipe, for instance, might need to be replaced, the mold damage cleaned up, and the drywall replaced. The same rule applies regarding timeline: if you have a 60-day deadline, plan on the project taking 90 days. Additional costs result in additional time.

Tip 13 – Buy cheap

A dividend-paying stock and real estate investing are comparable. The return on investment depends on how inexpensive you purchased the item. However, you must consider the return on investment. 

You can spend little money to purchase a modest home in a dangerous area, but you will not make much money from it either. Therefore, focus on acquiring land or an off plan rather than a house. As the year progresses, you buy cheaply, save money, and get more.


Those who are serious about their financial futures would consider real estate an efficient portfolio. One of the best ways to get the financial independence you want is to become a successful real estate investor.

Real estate investing tends to yield more cash flow than the stock market. However, you must exercise caution and listen to real estate investment advice from professionals. With these tips for investing in real estate, you can get started without becoming a statistic of those who have filed for bankruptcy.

Author Name: Liran Koren

8 World-Known Costa Rican Writers

8 World-Known Costa Rican Writers

September 5, 2022

Properties in Costa Rica

Based on our research for this article and many writing reviews from the custom service Best Essay Education, the majority of Costa Rican writers dedicated their whole lives to fighting for human rights, women’s rights, their freedom, and a better place to live in.

Thanks to a bigger impact on different audiences, Costa Rican writers had a very important task to spread their culture and traditions all over the world via their writings, to get the world acquainted with their lifestyle, and to save these writings as a history of their nation. Further, we are going to make you familiar with the most outstanding past and current Costa Rican writers who spent their entire life spreading the word about their native land.

Carmen Lyra

Carmen Lyra, which is not the real name of this writer, has become the first worldwide known and popular writer that comes from Costa Rica. Carmen had a very challenging path to build a face in the world of literature. From an early age, she was a teacher and had the opportunity to publish some articles in local newspapers. In her native country, she couldn’t develop her knowledge and skills, so she went to England to continue her education as a teacher, growing her outlook and meeting popular writers. Carmen was writing novels and tales primarily for kids, where one of the most known books has become Cuentos de mi tía Panchita – the collection of tales and short stories for kids published in 1920.

Carlos Luis Fallas

Carlos Luis Fallas is included in the list of the most globally popular Costa Rican writers of the 20th century. The writer was a multifaceted personality who became an outstanding contributor to Costa Rican politics as well as literature. The majority of novels written and published by Carlos, among which are Mamita Yunai and Gente y gentecillas are based on his own life experience where he tells about the hardest and the most successful periods of his life.

Alda Facio

Alda Facio is a widely known public figure from Costa Rica who has been fighting for women’s rights for her entire life. She became an important person in canceling violent laws applied to women in numerous countries in the world. Her writings are surely dedicated to investigating the rights of women and humans overall and were mostly published in newspapers or thematic magazines to reach a broader audience. She wasn’t afraid to judge the Costa Rican law system and tried to do her best to change it and provide the inhabitants of Costa Rica with more freedom in different areas of life.

Quince Duncan

Quince Duncan has become the first globally popular Afro-Caribbean writer that comes from Costa Rica. Despite the challenges he met living in the east of Costa Rica, Quince was always focused on his education and personal development. He tried numerous professions like a teacher, scholar, and priest but finally decided to stop in the writing sphere. Talking about the specifics of his writings, he was keen on writing short stories mostly based on true information about the citizens of his native city, its traditions, culture, people, etc. He aimed to share the ancient history of his nation with the entire world.

Eunice Odio

Eunice Odio is a Costa Rican writer whose main specialization is poetry. Her poems describe everything that happened to her during her life. The writer has changed numerous places of living in the search of inspiration. Born in Costa Rica, she became a journalist and decided to spend several years in Guatemala and then the USA. Thanks to her connection with local newspapers, lots of her poems were published in different editions, which made her a globally popular writer. The constant change of locations and traveling was her primary inspiration to write poems and tell people the truth about the countries she used to live in.

Fabian Dobles

Fabian Dobles is a writer from Costa Rican who managed to combine different spheres of activities including writing, politics, and social movements. By using his novels, he tried to tell the wealthy politicians and people from other countries about the poverty in Costa Rica, how people suffered and what help they need from the government and the entire world. His writing was dedicated to criticizing the current government and its attitude to the simple working class.

Luis Chaves

Luis Chaves is related to the modern flow of Costa Rican art and literature. Due to numerous reviews from the writing service Trust My Paper, this Costa Rican writer is supposed to be the most successful and globally known novelist, whose writings have been spread across various countries. Luis has changed to numerous countries and continents for the purpose of looking for inspiration and sharing his art and his culture with others by translating his writing into different languages including English, German, Spanish, and others. Thus, his novels were recognized and awarded by the National Poetry Prize and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio de Ascoli Piceno.

Carlos Salazar

Herrera Carlos Salazar Herrera is another great Costa Rican writer who had to make much effort to become a popular writer. From early childhood, he was sending lots of his novels to different publishing houses, editors, and newspapers to get the opportunity to share his art with others. Thanks to his hard work, he succeeded to develop his writing hobby into a real profession, where he became a professor of writing at a certain Costa Rican university to share his skills and knowledge with students who are keen on writing. Carlos dedicated his entire life to writing and sharpening this skill.

To end up

We tried to include the writers from the past as well as the present to show how Costa Rican literature changed and what goals the writers were following. Hope our compilation inspired you to learn more about Costa Rica and its rich culture from the great novels and poems of Costa Rican popular writers.

Written by Lafond Wanda

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