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Why You Should Buy A Vacation Home Rental as a Real Estate Investment

Why You Should Buy A Vacation Home Rental as a Real Estate Investment

June 9, 2022

Properties in Costa Rica

Real estate is a popular and often safe way to start investing, and when it comes to real estate investments, a vacation home can offer a lot of personal and financial benefits. With current housing rates being at an all-time low in an incredibly active market, it may be the perfect time to consider investing in a vacation home to rent out. From creating another source of income and building equity, to simplifying your getaways and planning for retirement, owning a vacation home rental has great potential for rewards. If you’re considering adding a new property to your real estate portfolio, here are the top reasons why you should consider buying a vacation home rental as your next real estate investment.

Great Income Potential

When you buy a vacation home and rent it out, you can easily create a short-term rental revenue stream. The income from your rental home can supplement your normal salary, allowing you greater income potential. Short-term vacation rentals also typically have a higher return on investment than long-term rentals in metropolitan markets. While the cap rate for a long-term rental is usually around 4-5%, short term rentals often have a cap rate of 10% or higher, making a vacation home a potentially lucrative real estate investment.

Home Appreciation

As with most smart real estate investments, your vacation home is likely to appreciate in value over time, especially if you make smart choices when it comes to renovations and refurbishing that can increase the value of your home. That way if you do decide to eventually sell your home, you have the potential to make a hefty profit.

Personal Getaway

Owning a vacation home allows you to have your own personal getaway home. While you may want to rent your home out most of the year, you can carve out time to visit while it’s empty for an easy and affordable vacation that can even save you money. 

Market Opportunity is Endless

While successful long-term rentals usually exist near major cities, vacation homes can be scattered all along with the globe, even in more secluded areas with vast income potential. Whether you’re looking to invest in a beach home, mountain home, or a cabin in the woods, there are endless opportunities and bound-to-be renters who will likely find your vacation home the perfect getaway. 

Build Equity and Reduces Homeowner Costs

Having multiple revenue streams and building an income property portfolio is an important investment goal for the majority of second homeowners. However, owning a home can come with many expenses such as mortgage payments, utilities, insurance fees, property taxes, HOA fees, and maintenance costs. Owning a rental property has great potential at counterbalancing these homeowner costs from the very beginning, even for first-time buyers. Consistent rental income can cover these monthly homeowner expenses and even help pay off the home in a shorter time than if you had chosen to live in it, allowing you to eventually create a nice profit from the rental. Vacation rental owners may also be eligible for specific tax deductions which can also help increase your potential income. 

Plan for Retirement

Whether retirement is a few years away or a few decades, owning a vacation rental can help you plan for a stress-free future. When choosing a vacation home to rent out, it’s important to think about where you may want to retire — a beach, in the mountains, or in your favorite city. As you move closer to retirement, the amount you may owe on your vacation home will be smaller or may even be completely paid off, allowing you to eventually make it your own home.

Sustainable Properties in Costa Rica

Sustainable Properties in Costa Rica

October 3, 2016

Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its sustainable initiatives and for having a lifestyle which is close to nature.  Throughout the country one will find 27 protected national parks, with wild secondary and primary rainforest, mangrove lined waterways and protected cloud forests.  Solar powered homes, fresh water sources, organic farming and off the grid land parcels, make up a variety of properties which are integrated into the local communities. The country is one of the first in the world with the goal of carbon neutrality and residents share like-mindedness toward conservation of the countries natural beauty.

In July and August of 2016, Costa Rica ran on 100% renewable energy from a combination of hydro-electric power, wind, solar, and geothermal. Homes which are living off the grid are becoming an easier and more economic option with constantly evolving energy storage and institutional support. The movement towards living in an ecologically sustainable way dominates much of the country’s culture and community initiatives are constantly growing to meet the needs of local towns.

The options for construction of sustainable homes is also evolving, with focus on using materials like bamboo, earth and locally resourced hardwoods, optimization of natural airflow, orientation with the sunlight and minimization of toxic materials.  Building in tune with the natural forest and terrain with little impact on the surrounding ecology is not only “eco-friendly“, but it allows an owner to truly experience all the jungle flora and fauna have to offer, proving a living experience which is rarely found in this world.

Throughout the country, there are thriving sustainable communities where people can purchase land and build a home. One of the many examples is Finca Bellavista, which is a sustainable treehouse community. This is a reflection of one type of construction one can utilize here in Costa Rica.  Through the use of natural materials and focusing on the integration with nature, one creates an unforgettable retreat.  Not only that, this Finca covers 600 acres in the Southern part of Costa Rica’s lush rainforests, protecting the natural resources found within.  The best thing about Costa Rica is there are many opportunities for a private property which encompasses these same values.

For investors who see the value in protecting nature, there are properties which can generate a return.  Green hotels, yoga retreats, or eco-adventure destinations, these businesses tend to thrive in a country focused on ecotourism.  In 2015, an estimated 2 million tourists generated over $2.45 billion in revenue and accounted for 12% of the country’s GDP.  Sustainable rural tourism is an example of ecotourism which is growing in popularity due to its environmental initiatives and support of local economies.  Private wildlife refuges which can provide guests with an unforgettable experience and put them up front and center with the wildlife of Costa Rica in their natural environment are a priceless commodity in this world.

The beauty of investment in this country is; if you are looking for something that meets luxury standards while also supporting carbon neutrality, we have it. If you are looking for something a little more rustic, truly immersed in nature, you can find it here as well. Costa Rica in all its diversity supports a wide variety of preferences and lifestyles. The country and its people strive to remain in balance with the natural world and if you share this philosophy, you too will find a place in this important movement.

Sustainability and Costa Rica

Sustainability and Costa Rica

June 28, 2016

Properties in Costa Rica

As one of the most biologically intense countries in the world, Costa Rica has long been known for attracting people craving a more self-sufficient way of life. As one of the first countries in the world to be 100% powered by renewables, it serves as a mecca for those seeking to live in harmony with nature. The natural environment and climate is conducive to a sustainable lifestyle. Year after year people who want to grow their own food, be energy independent and have their own independent water supply move here. This trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon either.

From farms to eco-retreats to to permaculture to micro farms, there is a large, enthusiastic, committed community for sustainable living and green design here. The country is known for its eco-tourism, and it’s a major industry for this small country. As a country, Costa Rica was the first in the world to run 100% on renewables. What this trend reflects is a desire among the locals as well as incoming expats to simplify their lives. It’s about downsizing, simplifying in style, and living in harmony with nature. People crave a high quality life at a slower pace and Costa Rica delivers on that desire. The country’s commitment to the environment and protecting biodiversity means it supports the sustainable lifestyle new residents seek.

Costa Rica’s climate makes it conducive to living sustainably and the year round near perfect weather simplifies energy needs because the country does not experience large fluctuations in temperatures throughout the year. In addition, the climate also supports year round agriculture, which makes it easy for locals to grow and produce much of their own food. There is a lot of rich land available, and the relatively young housing stock means that homes tend to be simple yet built with current materials, and can easily be adapted.

Self-sufficiency is part of the culture. People purchasing property and homes here want to take more control of their lives and be able to manage their resources for a number of reasons. For some it’s simply about reducing cost of living, and for others, it’s forged through a deep commitment to living a more sustainable lifestyle, and for others, it’s about a lifestyle choice that allows for more independence. The available housing inventory offers plenty of attractive options for those seeking partial self-sufficiency to those seeking 100% self-sufficiency.

The fact remains there are a number of issues attracting North Americans and Europeans to Costa Rica. Self-sufficiency is a rich part of the culture and history; it’s not an idea people are struggling to grasp and adapt to as is the case for much of North America.These expats seek a simpler more balanced life, and Costa Rica is conducive to a self-sufficient lifestyle. It’s a top international destination when it comes to living a sustainably and finding a home to achieve that goal.

Wondering What is the Best Place to Buy a Vacation Home in Costa Rica?

Wondering What is the Best Place to Buy a Vacation Home in Costa Rica?

March 20, 2015

Properties in Costa Rica

by Andrés Murillo

It’s no secret that Costa Rica is quickly becoming one of the top destinations where expats from United States, Canada and Europe want to buy property, either as a vacation home or as a full-time residence. But although Costa Rica is a relatively small country, its coasts, cities and beach towns are as diverse as can be, leaving many prospective property owners wondering, “Where should I buy?“.

Truthfully, it’s hard to go wrong when buying property in Costa Rica, but through the years people has discovered what we consider the prettiest, most idyllic beach town, located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, near the international airport and close to a seemingly endless list of incredible eco-tourism opportunities. Tamarindo, Costa Rica, is being recognized as the best beach town in Costa Rica to buy your vacation rental home.

Let’s clarify that vacation rental home, what we mean is that you can buy a property in Tamarindo, Costa Rica primarily for your own vacation use, but also rent that property to other vacationers when you’re spending time in your home country… You can actually enjoy your property for vacations PLUS it is paying itself and even better: it is generating real income after expenses!

Here are just a few of the main reasons why owning a vacation home in Costa Rica will not only provide you and your family with unparalleled entertainment, but is also an extremely sound investment in terms of resale:

– It’s close to Liberia International Airport. At just 45 minutes from the international airport in the city of Liberia, Tamarindo is easily accessible. Finding a shuttle, a rental car or a taxi to take you from the newly renovated airport to your doorstep is not only a breeze, it’s very affordable.

The tourism is unmatched. World-famous waves, beautiful estuaries, dormant volcanoes, miles of clean beach, great shopping, excellent food and outdoor activities are right at your doorstep. Tamarindo is one of the fastest-growing towns in Costa Rica, touristically speaking, meaning you’ll never be in short supply of incredible experiences to take advantage of.

A return on investment that’s virtually guaranteed. Anyone from this town will assure you that land values in Tamarindo have increased steadily over the years. It’s almost unheard-of that a property might sell for less than its purchase price. Tamarindo is a highly desirable place to live and vacation, and for you that means resale prospects.

Tamarindo has one of, and maybe the, strongest vacations rental market in all the Pacific Coast

Strong vacations rental market. Tamarindo has one of, and maybe the, strongest vacations rental market in all the Pacific Coast… That said, you could expect an excellent return on your investment while you can also enjoy the property with your family and friends. Depending in the property and its location, properties can be returning between a 4% to a 10% after ALL expenses (property taxes, HOA fees, utility bills and maintenance expenses).

Key to all is: 1. Having a proper marketing program for your property and 2. Hire the right property management company – Ask for advise and we will provide it.

There are incredible deals to be found on vacation properties. Despite a spike in popularity over the last dozen or so years, land values in Tamarindo are fairly low, making it a very viable option for homebuyers looking to purchase a second, or vacation, home in Tamarindo.

The variety is endless. Tamarindo housing types are as varied as any town or city. Tamarindo is home to multi-million dollar estates with panoramic ocean views, luxury ocean view condos, and quiet homes located off the beaten path. You’ll likely find that whichever type of vacation home suits your tastes, the prices will compete with anything you might find back home.

Great people and excellent infrastructure. Costa Rica is anything but a third-world country. Instead, it is very well developed, with excellent roads, great cellphone reception, and reliable electricity and water service – especially in Tamarindo.
Further, the people who live in Tamarindo, both the locals and the expats who have already made their full-time or part-time homes here, are extremely friendly and welcoming to newcomers. In Tamarindo you can find a real multicultural mix with residents from ALL over the world living in this small beach town.

Once you see the supreme natural beauty that Tamarindo has to offer, we’re certain you’ll be as convinced as we are that it’s by far the best place to buy a vacation property in Costa Rica.

Contact Properties in Costa Rica today so we can begin finding you your dream vacation home in Tamarindo, or wherever you’re dreaming of.




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